NWSC aborted water project leaves many in Rwahi stranded

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation-NWSC is on the spot for abandoning the extension of water services to Rwahi Trading centre in Kayonza sub county in Ntungamo district. Rwahi trading center is popular for onion growing.

It is also hosts various institutions among them four primary schools, five churches and a Mosque. In April 2016, NWSC embarked on the extension of water services to Rwahi trading centre. The corporation asked residents to allow them lay pipes through their land.

In some areas the pipes were laid. However, the employees of NWSC withdrew from the project under unclear circumstances leaving more than 1000 residents who had applied for the water stranded. Currently, residents depend on a single shallow well and dug out ponds for water.

James Tumukunde operates a restaurant in Rwahi Trading center.
According to Tumukunde, they were excited when NWSC embarked on the extension of water services to the area. He however, says to his disappointment NWSC abandoned the project without any communication to the intended beneficiaries.

Loyda Mashemere, a resident along Nyamiyaga road in Rwahi trading center, says at the start of the project they were told they would have piped water by June but to date nothing is on the ground. Stephen Sabit, the LC II chairperson Katooma Parish, says the only two water wells that were serving the community broken down.

Ely Niwandinda, the Health Assistant Kayonza Sub County, says the situation in Rwahi trading center is pathetic. According to Niwandinda, residents have no option but to struggle for the little unsafe water available.

Niwandinda says they have been engaging NWSC to resume the works.

Nicholas Asiimwe Mwamba, the Kayonza sub county LC 3 chairperson, says the issue of water in Rwahi trading center and the neighboring areas is a serious challenge.

Barnabas Musimenta, the NWSC technical advisor Muhanga branch, says the Rwahi water project hasn’t been abandoned. According to Musimenta, NWSC suspended the works after realizing they need a booster pump to serve the new clients.

Musimenta says work will resume when they receive the booster pump from NWSC headquarters probably before the festive season.






Uganda Police and NWSC champion the green environment campaign

The Uganda Police Force Kapchorwa area officers and the Municipality leadership joined NWSC for a tree planting activity at Kapchorwa Boma Grounds.
The exercise is part of NWSC’S ongoing campaign to green the environment.
Speaking at the tree planting activity spearheaded by the Young Water Professionals Uganda Chapter, NWSC MD Dr.Eng Silver Mugisha urged Ugandans to give back to the environment by planting trees and protecting water sources.
“Issues of climate change can no longer be left to the experts only. We all have a part to play.,” Dr.Eng Silver Mugisha.


By Yonna Tukundane

The ministry of water and Environment has commissioned public water points to serve the people of Kapchorwa.

Minister Sam Cheptoris says the public stand posts will serve between 500-1000 residents in Market Place, Laketet and Apokwe villages within the municipality.

NWSC took over the area 3 months ago and has embarked on water supply stabilization plans to improve supply reliability and quality of water to the area.

"I have set an example and encourage you my people to follow suit. Let's not lose our lives and spend heavily paying hospital bills yet we can buy a jerrycan of water at 50shs each" Hon Sam Cheptoris 
“I have set an example and encourage you my people to follow suit. Let’s not lose our lives and spend heavily paying hospital bills yet we can buy a jerrycan of water at 50shs each” Hon Sam Cheptoris


NWSC employees survive being lynched Kabale

National Water and Sewerage Corporation-NWSC is feuding with residents of Kamwezi Sub County in Kabale district over five gravity water flow schemes. The gravity water flow schemes are found in Kyogo, Kyabuhangwa, Kashekye, Rwenyangye and Kigara parishes.
The schemes were established by World Vision, a nongovernmental organisation in 2000 to help communities access safe water. Last month, NWSC took over the schemes in a Shillings 500 million project with authorisation from the sub county leadership.

The move drew angry protests from residents saying they were not consulted before the decision to hand over the schemes to the water body was reached. They are demanding compensation from NWSC installs pipes through their land.

Last week, a team of NWSC officials from Kabale who had gone to survey the route for laying the pipes in Kyabuhangwa parish narrowly survived being lynched by residents. Patrick Kamaniini, a resident of Kyabuhangwa Parish, says that he just saw people from NWSC with machines surveying his land without his permission.

According to Kamaniini, NWSC has to first compensate them before installing pipes on their land. Augustine Twabakazi, a resident of Kyigara parish says he is opposed to the takeover of the schemes because NWSC has a record for overcharging their customers.

Twabakazi says that they are comfortable with the Shillings 2000 they have been paying monthly for maintaining the scheme, insisting that there is no reason why NWSC should interfere with that arrangement. Kedres Turiburahe, a resident of Rwenyangi parish, says they were not sensitized about the takeover of the schemes.

However, Tedson Niwagaba, the Kamwezi Sub county LC III chairperson says they asked NWSC to take over the schemes because they had broken down and need to be upgraded. According to Niwagaba, sub county authorities petitioned government to take over the Gravity water flow schemes last year after registering several cases of water borne diseases like typhoid and Diarrhea resulting from the consumption of unsafe water.

Lenny Otai, the Kabale area Manager NWSC, saying it is only a small portion of the community opposed to the takeover because of ignorance. He however, says they will continue with the planned work, since the sub county authorities are the ones that requested NWSC to take over the schemes. He says once they complete installing the pipes, they will sit down with all stakeholders to discuss the costs of water.


Stock enough water- NWSC

By Patricia Osman

Kampala residents are being advised to stock enough water and use it sparingly as water supply will tomorrow be interrupted. Uganda’s national water utility the National Water and Sewerage Corporation warns that water supply in the capital will be  interrupted tomorrow Saturday the 11th of June 2016.

This development follows a planned power shut down by Umeme at the NWSC Gaba sub-station from 8am to 5pm as Umeme engineers will be carrying out works to improve power supply at the stations. Officials at the NWSC say the entire Kampala water service area will be affected for the whole day.