Students ask that media houses to allocate more study time

By Alice Lubwama

Makerere University College of computing and information science has urged the Government to put in place measures to support effective study and learning during the lock down and other future pandemics.

A survey conducted in four districts across all regions including Kyenjojo, Sironko , Mukono and Nakapiripirit, on how students were able to access study information during the lock down showed that 23.7 % students were mainly using print study materials, 34% used television while 51.5% used radios.

The survey also indicated that 84.9% indicated that the learning materials had inadequate content, inadequate explanations, subjects were not balanced and insufficient media time.

While releasing the findings, the head of department Library and information science Makerere University, Dr Joyce Bukirwa said that the main challenges constrained the students from accessing information, included lack of nearby libraries, high cost of data bundles and OTT tax, failure to find relevant information, insufficient lessons among others.

Bukirwa said that in order to overcome the challenges, the students suggested that the government should the cost of internet bundles and OTT. They also suggested that community libraries should be established for them to access the necessary information to supplement their studies .

Students, especially those coming from very rural districts want the lessons on radio and televisions allocated more time. They also would wish their parents reduce the domestic work to allow more time to study.

Food activists demand for regulations of junk food consumption

By Sania Babirye

A Human Rights Organization named Center for Food and Adequate Living Rights,(CEFROHT) has dragged government to the high court in Kampala over what it has been termed as failure by government to regulate the advertisement and consumption of junk food by children which has affected their health.

Through Dalumba and Company Advocates, Kabanda David, the Executive Director of (CEFROHT)wants court to issue orders compelling government to regulate laws in regard to marketing, sale, importation and subsequent consuming of junk foods to children.

According to documents filed in court,they claim many children are suffering noncommunicable diseases such as cancers, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity due to the failure by government to monitor the sale and marketing of junk foods.

They say that if government restricts the constant marketing and advertisement of junk foods, it will reduce their intake there by protecting then from the said increasing diseases brought by as a result of their increased consumption.

The organisation further claims that they carried out a research in 2019 and discovered that 95% of children in Kindergarten Schools are consuming sweetened beverages and fast foods which is bought and parked by their Parents.

They are suing the government through the attorney general jointly with Uganda Communication commission.

The said suit is going to be heard in the 16th of March before Justice Andrew Bashaija.

Parents send son to jail over disrespectful behavior

By Sania Babirye
A 24 year old man Vian Rukundo  has been sentenced to  18 months in Luzira  jail  for destroying his parents juice blender out of anger .
Rukundo’s  Ngishiro John asked City hall court grade one magistrate Beatrice Kainza  to hand his son a deterrent punishment over bad behavior and wrong habits.
 The magistrate ruled that the punishment should send a strong warning against children who disrespect their parents. Court heard that on 26thDecember 2016 the convict broke into two pieces their juice blender after asking his mother for 10,000 shillings which she did not have.

Parents are fearing or ashamed.

By Wasswa Deo

Parents countrywide have been urged to offer their necessary support in implementing the National Adolescent health policy in the country by adding their voices to speak out and create awareness about Sexual and reproductive health care to their children.

The call is made by Uganda health marketing group-UHMG, anon government organization that strives to provide essential, affordable health care solutions to all especially to the youth.

According to Marietta Katende, programs officer at UHMG, parents need to play their part in influencing adolescent in decision that they make.

She says many parents are fearing or ashamed of talk to their children about sex related information, forgetting  that even their silence influences adolescent in the decisions that  the make.

Marietta made the remarks during Uganda Health Marketing Group and Media dialogue on how the two parties can work best to archive the goals of Voices for Health Communication Campaign, a new campaign designed to raise awareness around the youth’s needs for sexual and reproductive health care in Uganda anchored on the National Adolescent Health Policy, a progressive but unimplemented policy.


Man suspected of poisoning own children

Police in Iganga district are holding a father accused of poisoning his two children. The suspect is 40-year-old David Batwaula, a resident of Kasozi village in Makutu Sub County in Iganga district. Batwaula was picked up on Sunday in connection with the death of his two children, 9-year-old Bosco Batwaula and 14-year-old Dorothy Batwaula.

Sofia Nabusi Nalongo, the Officer in Charge of Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department at Iganga Central Police Station, says the lifeless bodies of the children were found lying on a mat by other children who had gone to play with them. She says the children have been staying with their father since he broke up with their mother.

Nabusi says the bodies have been handed over to Iganga hospital for postmortem, adding that the suspect will be charged accordingly. Adam Dilese, the LC1 chairperson Kasozi village, says Batwaula has been mistreating the children.

“Sometimes he could even starve them,” Dilese said.  He however, says the suspect had changed his behavior when a team of children affairs officials and International Federation of Women Lawyers-FIDA Uganda led by Mwosi Mugabi intervened.