Day 2: Kadaga swears in, seeks 3rd term as speaker

By Alice Lubwama

67 Members of Parliament have been sworn in this morning during the second day of the ceremony and among them, is the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga also Kamuli woman MP.

After taking oath, Kadaga said that she was planning to submit her documents to the NRM electoral commission to express interest for the office of the speaker seeking her third term in office.

Kadaga also said that if elected the speaker of the 11th parliament she will make sure that the construction of the new chamber is completed to ensure all members of parliament can comfortably carry out their duties.

The Central Executive committee of the NRM party on Monday directed all members of the NRM party who are interested in contesting for the post of the speaker and deputy speaker to take their documents to the party’s electoral commission.

Buyanja county and also minister for finance Matia Kasaija was also sworn in today.

Kasaija advised Ugandans to take advantage of government programs to fight poverty rather than continue involving themselves in the system of hand to mouth.

He said in the coming term, the Government will ensure people engage in economic activities that will bring in money in order to reduce poverty;

“He said that when people are poor there easily manipulated, they cannot look after themselves well and eventually they will die early.” Kasaija said.

Tororo north MP Geoffrey Ekanya said their commitment as opposition will be to design a new frame work to move the country forward , he said the method they have been using in the past seem not to have delivered them.

“We have to design a strategy that will promote east African integration, and transition similar to what the people of Tanzania and Kenya did negotiating with President Nyerere out of power, if don’t do that , we hate what happened in Libya, Congo , Somalia and other countries.” he said

Ekanya said they will need to reach out to the NRM so that they know that they are time is up and they guarantee them peace and stability beyond president Museveni.

10th Parliament officially bows out

By Alice Lubwama

As the country prepares for the swearing in of President Elect Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhabura Museveni on Wednesday, the 10th Parliament will also tonight officially be closed.

The dissolution of the legislative arm of government comes just a week after the President officially wound up cabinet sittings to prepare for the new term of government.

The dissolution of the five year term of legislators of the 10th parliament will be followed by the swearing in of the new office bearers of the 11th parliament who are expected to take oath beginning the 17th -20th may 2021.

Although the speaker Rebecca kadaga had earlier indicated that the legislative arm would close business on Friday this week the speaker realized that there will be no minister to attend to the demanding business of the house.

Kadaga used the same opportunity to remind the new legislators to follow the swearing in programme earlier issued in which on three people are expected to accompany each legislators as the parliament moves to observe Standard Operating Procedures.

She has also warned the new members of parliament coming for swearing in not to carry the whole village from the constituencies to parliament .

The 11th parliament will have 529 members of parliament.

Government passes tobacco control bill

By Alice Lubwama

Parliament has passed the Tobacco Control (Amendment) Bill, 2020 scrapping taxation on processed tobacco restricting it on the unprocessed leaf for export.

The Vice Chairperson of the finance Committee also Packwach District Woman Representative Jane Pacuto in his report to Parliament said that the tax measures are meant to restrict the export of raw tobacco leave by foreign companies that process it in neighboring countries and later bring it back to Uganda for sale.

She argues that levying tax on unprocessed leaves will create more employment for the local farmers and also generate revenue for the country of about 20 Billion shillings.

MP Patrick Ochani asks government to reinforce SOP

By Alice Lubwama

Apac Municipality MP Patrick Ochani has appealed to the Government to re-enforce the standard operating procedures for COVID-19 especially social distancing if the country is not to seriously suffer the second wave of the virus.

Speaking to journalists at parliament the legislator said that when the pandemic started Government was strict on the SOPS but right now there is a lot of reluctance especially in downtown Kampala where people are so congested yet without the masks.

“When the pandemic started Government made the effort to sensitize people and communities were really worried of COVID and were observing the sops but at the moment they are reluctant.” said Ochani

“As a leader I have been encouraging people in my constituency to observe the SOPS and go for vaccination at whatever function I go to.” he added

He also encouraged fellow parliamentarians to ask people to go for vaccination so as to minimize risks in communities

Parliament to select people for the operationalization of Islamic banking

By Alice Lubwama

Parliament will be sending 14 names from the Muslim community to the ministry of finance planning and economic development to be considered to sit on the council that will operationalize Islamic banking in the country.

This is after Kawempe North Member of Parliament Latif Ssebaggala this afternoon presented a list of 11 people whom he said are qualified to sit on this council urging the ministry of finance to set up this council immediately to enable interested Ugandans benefit from Islamic banking during these difficult times.

The minister of finance Matia kasaija had attributed the delay to operationalize this kind of banking with interest free loans in the country due to absence of competent people to monitor it’s implementation.

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga in response informed parliament that she has also received three names from the community and says they will be added to the 11 identified by the Muslim community.

Finance Minister tables 41.2 trillion budget for next financial year

By Alice Lubwama

The minister of finance Matia Kasaija has tabled a budget of UGX 41.2 trillion for next financial year 2021/2022 before the budget committee of parliament.

According to the proposed budget governance and security will take the lion’s share, each getting UGX7.7 trillion.

This Will be followed by human capital development which will take UGX6.8 trillion , integrated transport infrastructure and services will take 3.9 trillion, agro-industrialization will take 1.4 trillion and ,regional development UGX1.2 trillion.

The budget also shows that domestic refinancing will take UGX8.5 trillion, domestic arrears UGX 400 billion while interest and amortization will take 6.7 trillion shillings.

Matia Kasaija said that in the next financial year they plan to promote inclusive and sustainable growth, accelerate industrialization, and maintain peace and security and human capital development.

In the next financial year’s budget they plan to invest 490 billion shillings to promote the parish model in which the government plans to spend 39 million shillings at every parish to promote inclusive and sustainable growth.

According to the minister, they have decided to bring together all the current revolving funds for development like the youth livelihood fund, and women entrepreneurship program among others and created a parish model which they will use to assist Ugandans to develop.

The MPs however were not satisfied with the proposed model wondering whether they have not just changed names which made the minister of finance Matia Kasaija to ask them to allow him bring the details on how the new model will work on Thursday.

Parliament tasks internal affairs to probe into Ugandan driver’s deaths in South Sudan

By Alice Lubwama

Parliament has directed the foreign affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa to make a report about the reported killings of Ugandan lorry drivers and businessmen by suspected South Sudan Rebels inside the south Sudan territory .

This after Koboko Woman Member of Parliament Margret Babadri narrated a death ordeal of more than 10 Ugandans who were killed by assailants and others left naked in a series of ambushed enroute Juba.

Babadri told parliament that the unknown motive of the killings is breeding insecurity in Koboko and other boarder areas thus asking government to take immediate action.

She also asked government to explore diplomatic avenues through the ministries of Foreign affairs to see to it that the killings are mitigated before they spill over to other highways to Juba.

In response the State Minister for internal affairs Obiga Kania noted that the government has learnt about the killings through its embassy in South Sudan and was still studying the matter .

Obiga said that his ministry would report to parliament once they are get the necessary details.

Lango sub region legislators front Jacob Oulanya for speaker-ship

By Alice Lubwama

Members of Parliament from the Lango sub region elected in the 11th parliament apart from Cecilia Ogwal have endorsed Jacob Oulanyah for the position of speaker of parliament.

Addressing the media in Kampala today, the lawmakers led by Kampala minister Betty Amongi said that they believe Oulanyah has been well mentored by Kadaga to take up the mantle and steer parliament.

The MPs say they value the contribution made by the current speaker Rebecca Kadaga and would not want her to be an ordinary Member of Parliament instead they are appealing to president Museveni to appoint her as the vice president of Uganda.

Oyam North MP Betty Amongi said they are not supporting Oulanyah because he comes from the North but they are looking at the qualities he has and the written rules of parliament which dictate that the speaker should only serve for two terms.

Amongi added that for the two terms Oulanyah has served as deputy speaker, he has convinced them that he can relate across the board and he is intelligent to steer the house across political divides and across political linage.

Dokolo south MP Okot Ogong says that they requested Oulanyah to stand down for Kadaga in 2016 in order to allow Kadaga serve a second term, the least they can do now is support him. He has also asked the leadership of his NRM party to find him a position which fits her like the position of vice president.

Oyam woman MP elect Santa Olum said that as a woman, she recognizes the tremendous role played by Kadaga in parliament and she should be moved to another position bigger.

“Such investments should not be put to waste and if I had the authority and power , I would make her vice president so we can have a woman as number two in the country.” Olum said.

Minister reads a fresh list of people detained in Makidye

By Alice Lubwama

The Minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo has presented a list 177 names of missing persons before parliament.

He said that these people were mainly detained in Makidye barracks and some in police cells.

The list has the names of the suspects, the place, date of arrest, and brief remarks why one was arrested.

However, MPs demanded for a comprehensive list of the abductees and the kind of offense they committed claiming that many people are missing in their constituents yet there not part of the list the minister tabled before parliament.

Kira municipality Legislator Ssemujju Nganda said he sympathizes with the minister of Internal affairs Jeje Odongo because the first time he was not in a position to account for the whereabouts of some people but miraculously he came back with a list.

Ssemujju says with the minister coming up with a list shows that Government admits having kidnapped the people.

Obongi county legislator Kaps Fungaroo said the minister should specify when these people were arrested either before or after the elections, the particular detention centers, so that people can know exactly where they can find their relatives.

Kilak County MP Gilbert Oulanyah said when the minister was briefing the president, he mentioned that there were 313 people who are under detention, surprisingly today the minister is bringing the names of only 177 persons. He also mentioned that out of 316 persons, 55 were under known detention centers and the rest were not known and it’s the reason the president directed the minister to come up with the list and they were about of the people missing.

“My concern is why today you’re coming with only 177 yet the other day you deceived Ugandans that you had 318 persons.” Oulanya said.

Masaka municipality mp Mathias Mpuuga said the minister’s list is not exhaustive, since many from the list he got from their relatives were not part of what the minister presented before parliament.

Last week the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga asked MPs to produce their own lists after the minister had failed to bring the names of those who were kidnapped.

Kadaga said parliament would use the list from the relatives of those who have kidnapped to task the Government on their whereabouts.

Real estate bill sent back to committee

By Alice Lubwama

Parliament has referred the Real estate Agency bill 2020 to the Physical Infrastructure committee for urgent scrutiny. This is after the Ministry of finance, failed to grant Richard Okoth Othieno a certificate of the financial implication despite him having requested for it since September 2020 .

Richard Okoth Othieno who is also the mover of this bill says if passed into an act it will streamline and aid the real estate growth in the country.

The bill was sent to the committee after the minister failed to grant the mover a certificate of financial implication.

“The request for a certificate of financial implication as required under section 76 (1 ) Of the public finance management act was communicated to the minister of finance on 23rd of September 2020 right Hon speaker to date the minister of finance has not issued the certificate.” said Otieno.

Under the rules of procedure of parliament and the public finance management act, the certificate the is deemed to have issued from the date of request,if mandatory 60 days elapse without the minister granting the certificate.

Oulanyah said that since ministry of finance failed to grant a certificate of financial implication for the Real Estates Agency bill for a long time, it would only be fair to send the bill back to the committee.

Othieno adds that most of real estate agents make money through commission for services rendered in the sale and purchase of properties in a largely unregulated sector.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Uganda currently has a deficit of 2.1 million housing units and is expected to reach three million by 2030. The deficit, data shows, will further expand to eight million units, of which 2.5 million will be in urban centers in two decades.

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