Minister reads a fresh list of people detained in Makidye

By Alice Lubwama

The Minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo has presented a list 177 names of missing persons before parliament.

He said that these people were mainly detained in Makidye barracks and some in police cells.

The list has the names of the suspects, the place, date of arrest, and brief remarks why one was arrested.

However, MPs demanded for a comprehensive list of the abductees and the kind of offense they committed claiming that many people are missing in their constituents yet there not part of the list the minister tabled before parliament.

Kira municipality Legislator Ssemujju Nganda said he sympathizes with the minister of Internal affairs Jeje Odongo because the first time he was not in a position to account for the whereabouts of some people but miraculously he came back with a list.

Ssemujju says with the minister coming up with a list shows that Government admits having kidnapped the people.

Obongi county legislator Kaps Fungaroo said the minister should specify when these people were arrested either before or after the elections, the particular detention centers, so that people can know exactly where they can find their relatives.

Kilak County MP Gilbert Oulanyah said when the minister was briefing the president, he mentioned that there were 313 people who are under detention, surprisingly today the minister is bringing the names of only 177 persons. He also mentioned that out of 316 persons, 55 were under known detention centers and the rest were not known and it’s the reason the president directed the minister to come up with the list and they were about of the people missing.

“My concern is why today you’re coming with only 177 yet the other day you deceived Ugandans that you had 318 persons.” Oulanya said.

Masaka municipality mp Mathias Mpuuga said the minister’s list is not exhaustive, since many from the list he got from their relatives were not part of what the minister presented before parliament.

Last week the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga asked MPs to produce their own lists after the minister had failed to bring the names of those who were kidnapped.

Kadaga said parliament would use the list from the relatives of those who have kidnapped to task the Government on their whereabouts.

Real estate bill sent back to committee

By Alice Lubwama

Parliament has referred the Real estate Agency bill 2020 to the Physical Infrastructure committee for urgent scrutiny. This is after the Ministry of finance, failed to grant Richard Okoth Othieno a certificate of the financial implication despite him having requested for it since September 2020 .

Richard Okoth Othieno who is also the mover of this bill says if passed into an act it will streamline and aid the real estate growth in the country.

The bill was sent to the committee after the minister failed to grant the mover a certificate of financial implication.

“The request for a certificate of financial implication as required under section 76 (1 ) Of the public finance management act was communicated to the minister of finance on 23rd of September 2020 right Hon speaker to date the minister of finance has not issued the certificate.” said Otieno.

Under the rules of procedure of parliament and the public finance management act, the certificate the is deemed to have issued from the date of request,if mandatory 60 days elapse without the minister granting the certificate.

Oulanyah said that since ministry of finance failed to grant a certificate of financial implication for the Real Estates Agency bill for a long time, it would only be fair to send the bill back to the committee.

Othieno adds that most of real estate agents make money through commission for services rendered in the sale and purchase of properties in a largely unregulated sector.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Uganda currently has a deficit of 2.1 million housing units and is expected to reach three million by 2030. The deficit, data shows, will further expand to eight million units, of which 2.5 million will be in urban centers in two decades.

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Female MPs call for more political appointments

By Edwin Muhumuza

Female legislators under their umbrella body, the Uganda Women Parliamentarians Association (UWOPA) have urged president Museveni to appoint more Women in leadership positions in his sixth term of office.

Chairperson UWOPA and MP Budaka district, Kamugo Nassiyo says the president should first of all maintain women leaders in heading ministries such as lands, environment, energy, and health, Education, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), the Presidency and Trade.

Their remarks come ahead of commemorations to mark the international women’s day under the theme ‘women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.

‘We request him to retain such big positions to be specifically for women and also ask him to consider appointing more women in Key decision making positions as we continue to advance gender parity in policies and development’, Nassiyo remarked.

The Population of Uganda as at 31st December 2020 was estimated at 45.7 million with 23.3 million females and 22.4 million male and there has increasingly been an increasing trend in women participating in politics, leadership and governance and in the just concluded election, Nancy Kalembe came 8th out of 11 presidential aspirants while Nabillah Nagayi Ssempala came second in the Mayoral polls, breaking the glass ceiling in a male dominated position.

According to data from the electoral commission, a total of 173 women representing 32.8% were elected and out of the 529 Members of Parliament.

This milestone, however, was attained during the COVID-19 lock down, as many women and girls’ rights were violated, rate of teenage pregnancies and early marriages soared and in Acholi sub region alone a total of 4062 cases of teenage pregnancies have been recorded in six out of eight districts within the first five months of the pandemic

Having women in leadership positions is empowerment for the girl child ,but Kamwenge Woman MP, Azirwe Dorothy Nshaija attributed family responsibilities and lack of funds to why less women were able to be elected in the just concluded elections. This amid calls to have a female speaker in the August House again.

‘In the previous parliaments we have seen the speaker being female and she has articulated her role therefore we advocate for the reappointment of a female speaker in the 11th parliament.’Nshaija said, adding that want president Museveni to appoint women in the position of vice president and Prime minister on grounds that there is an imbalance in how the three arms of government are run, with only males at the helm.

Woman MP for Koboko District, Baba Diri Margaret, representing persons with disabilities(PWDs) noted that there is need for civic education and facilities for interpreters for PWDs in the future elections because they were left out and just went to vote anyhow.

The parliamentarians have also appealed to government to implement laws regarding elimination of violence against women including, the prevention of trafficking in persons Act 2009,the Domestic Violence Act 2010,the prevention of Female Genital Mutilation Act 2009,Sexual Offences Bill 2019, Succession Amendment Bill 2018 and the Marriage and Divorce Bill 2009.

Parliament approves 292 billion supplementary budget amid protest from some members

By Alice Lubwama

Parliament has passed a supplementary budget worth UGX 292 billion for different government agencies amid protests from some members objecting the approval of 12 billion meant to compensate six individuals.

On Tuesday , Parliament suspended the passing of this budget after receiving information that the chairperson of Uganda land commission Beatrice Byenkya Nyakayisiki was not in agreement with the request because the commission was not aware of the people to be compensated in Bunyoro.

The legislators also queried the criteria that was used to identify the beneficiaries of compensation.

But the vice chairperson of the budget committee Patrick Isiagi informed parliament how they had thoroughly scrutinized the matter and decided that the money be approved to have those who were affected by the evictions in Bunyoro compensated .

The minister of lands Betty Kamya however, noted that other people will be considered prompting the speaker Rebecca kadaga to ask her to table the list of all people that need compensation.

Parliament also passed the 18.5 billion shillings meant to purchase the COVID-19 vaccines although the minister of health Jane Ruth Aceng told members that her ministry didn’t know the exact cost of the vaccine..

External recruitment firms condemn the manner in which parliament is ignoring them

By Deo Wasswa

The Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA) is stressed by parliament delays to come up with good laws to streamline proper monitoring framework of Ugandans working abroad especially in the Middle East.

According to Carol Baine, the secretary general at UAERA who claims that experts in the labor sector have submitted quite a number of proposals in parliament on the matter but the parliament is dead silent on it.

On 18th January 2021, the chairperson of UAERA Baker Akantambira went to Saudi Arabia to assess the situation. He says what he found was disheartening.

In his statement, he noted that the rent for shelter for 47 girls expired on 31st December 2020 and some girls have been sleeping under a tree outside the embassy for over two weeks and their offices in Saudi Arabia and Uganda are not responsive.

“I have met two depressed girls at our Embassy who have run mad due to sponsor abuses and lack medical attention. The job order processing system is down for lack of money to renew the licenses and servicing. He adds that if job orders must be processed, we must finance the Embassy because they used their money to look after our girls.

In an interview with Capital Radio, Carol Baine noted that UAERA intervened and has secured a shelter for them. “Let it be known that there is a contract that these girls must adhere to, and once they breach the contract they run away and become homeless
but as we speak now there is no girl sleeping on the street because we have secured a shelter for them,” she said.

Lawyer Semakadde says there were loopholes in Crane Bank receivership

By Deo Wasswa

City Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde says Bank of Uganda and its legal advisors are wrongly interpreting the financial institutions Act by moving a head illegally to liquidate Crane Bank.

According to him, there are two court rulings already from the High Court commercial division and the Court of Appeal which all pin Bank of Uganda for wrongly interpreting the financial institutions Act and misusing the Act while managing the banking institutions in the country.

Semakade further notes that apart from the two courts, parliament of Uganda also investigated Bank of Uganda on the closure of seven banks where Crane bank was the last one and its findings are clear and pointing at the Central bank for illegally closing these local banks.

He noted that there were loopholes on receivership of Crane Bank in the last court decision. Bank of Uganda sent a statutory manager to manage the bank and make a report but did not wait for him to submit his findings because officials in Bank of Uganda used police to seize Crane bank while Katimbo was upcountry and they took away crucial documents including land titles some of which have since gone missing.

The lawyer noted that from there, BoU chased away Mr Katimbo and the first thing they did was to sale the bank at a friendly price to dfcu bank.

According to Ssemakadde, the law can give some individuals in an institutions powers but explains those individuals can use the law to enrich themselves like using it to undermine orders among others.

He says that Dr Sudhir Ruparelia refused the issue of individuals misusing the law and decided to seek court redress. He has been registering court victories on different occasions adding that after the recent one he decided to go to the registrar of companies to seek for re-ownership of his bank which was illegally taken over by the central bank.

Ssemakadde added that the actions of BoU to rush to liquidate Crane bank out of fear and panic without waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court is an act of contempt and disrespect of courts.

Kaka fails to show up for vetting

By Alice Lubwama

The former director general of ISO kaka Bagyenda has not showed up for vetting before the Parliaments appointments committee.

Kaka was supposed to appear before the committee for vetting after his appointment as the ambassador for Angola together with Hassan Galiwango the former NRM finance Director was appointed as Uganda’s ambassador to Kenya.

One of the members on this committee also Nakaseke south Member of Parliament Luttamaguzi Semakula says that Kaka sent them a text message saying he was not feeling well although he had planned to task him on his earlier actions as the head of ISO when he undermined parliament during its investigation on safe houses.

However, the Former director finance and administration Hassan Galiwango at NRM secretariat says that his interaction with the committee went well and if approved he will try to ensure the trade barriers between the two countries are reduced.

Police to take man who took lifeless head to parliament for mental check

By Robert Segawa

Police has said they are going to check the mental status of the man who was arrested with a human head at parliament on Monday.

According to the CID spokesperson Charles Twine, investigation detectives are going to take Joseph Nuwashaba, 22 for check up to determine his mental status.

Twine added that detectives will also find out whether the suspect was working with other people and the other murders he could have participated in before the Monday incident.

Police noted that a DNA test has already proved that the head Nuwashaba was found with belonged to the headless body discovered in Masaka of a 5 year old Faith Kyamagero, a daughter to pastor Charles Ssenyonga of Kyamulibwa in Masaka city.

Twine noted that the parents also identified the head as that of Kyamagero and police has handed it over to them for burial.

Lyomoki pledges to continue sleeping at Parliament

By Edwin Muhumuza

Workers MP Sam Lyomoki has vowed to continue sleeping at parliament until when amendments in the NSSF amendment bill 2019 are passed.

Sam Lyomoki notes that even though the speaker refused to listen to his concern over the delay to pass the bill, when she said that the ministers for finance were not around, he has again promised to sleep at parliament if the minister of finance doesn’t table the amendments on the floor.

Some of the amendments in the new 2019 NSSF amendment bill which were passed by the parliamentary committee of fiancé which MPs ask parliament to pass they want workers to access 20% of their midterm NSSF savings for all those who have saved for at least 10 years and when they are 45 years and above.
The parliamentary committee on finance report on the above bill notes that people with disabilities who lack gainful employment or fail to generate income, and are unable to make contributions to the Fund for a period of not less than one year, would also be allowed to access up to 75% of their contributions upon application.

Recently when members of the parliamentary committee on finance met President Museveni over the matter, he advised them to critically analyse their proposals so that they are based on fact and not sentiments.

He also plainly rejected changes in the NSSF Amendment Bill 2019 intended to allow members mid-term access to their savings, saying it would collapse the National Social Security Fund.

Since then the fate of the bill has not been clear and has attracted concerns from other stakeholders.

This afternoon, the visibly angry legislator slammed the table in expression of his disgust in the speaker and the minister of finance, noting that even though parliament has gone into recess, when it resumes business, he will not allow any issue to be debated on the floor until the NSSF amendment bill is sorted.

He in fact wants the speaker of parliament to question the minister of finance and economic planning Hon. Matia Kasaija to delegate the responsibility of re-tabling the bill to one of his state ministers if he is absent.

Meanwhile, the Workers MP, has refuted allegations that he is politicking after his move to sleep at parliament attracted criticism adding that such critics have a low level of thinking because since it is election time he would have been campaigning but instead has chosen to become the workers’ mouthpiece in parliament.

Mukitale wants candidates to raise debate on why Uganda has failed to reach middle Income status

By Alice Lubwama

Bulisa county legislator Mukitale Birahwa appeals to candidates aspiring for all leadership positions to use the campaigns to raise debate on why the country has failed to meet the middle income status.

Mukitale says that the Government of Uganda through the ministry of finance promised that the country will be able to attain middle income status by 2020 but with COVID 19 pandemic it’s not possible.

He now wants those who want to be elected into leadership in the forthcoming elections to give solutions on what should be done to sustain the economy.

The World Bank clas­si­fies coun­tries with Mid­dle In­come Sta­tus as those whose cit­i­zen’s av­er­age in­come is be­tween USD 1,000 to 12,000.

According to the State of Uganda Population report 2019, more than half of the population is younger than the age of 15 and this translates into a high dependence ratio. This in turn places significant pressure on families which would have spent on profitable ventures that would have increased the country’s GDP growth rate.