Pastor Yiga released on bail, asked to follow guidelines against COVID19

By Sania Babirye

MwangaII magistrate court has finally released on bail Renowned city Pastor of Revival church in Kawaala Pastor Augustine Yiga after spending one month and seven days in Kitalya government prison.

Grade one magistrate Timothy Lumunye ordered Pastor Yiga to deposit two million not cash after ruling that the suspect had presented substantial sureties including a one Richard Kimbowa and Denise Kato. He also presented a medical report to prove that he suffers from diabetes.

His bail hearing was granted via a video visual link.

He however warned Pastor Yiga from commenting or giving his opinion on COVID-19 either to his followers in church or the media saying this will automatically lead to cancellation of his bail and he was also ordered to comply with any security guidelines and laws intended to stop the spread of COVID-19.

He returns to court on the 25th of June for further mention of his case.

Pastor Yiga was remanded on the 30th of March to Kitalya government prison on charges of doing an act likely to cause the spread of COVID19.

Pastor Yiga pleaded not guilty to the said charge but the magistrate referred ruling on his bail application after his supporters refused to respect the social distancing directive to fight spread of corona virus by filling up the entire courtroom.

The magistrate further warned that if his followers do not adhere to the said precaution again, he will not rule on his bail application until they do so .

Prosecution states that on the 27th of April 2020 while at his church in Kawaala and before reporters of several Television stations, Pastor Yiga alias Abizayo uttered words to mean that there is no Corona virus in Uganda and Africa well knowing that such words are likely to spread the infection of Corona virus which is dangerous to life.

Pastor Augustine Yiga is said to have further alleged that the alleged deadly virus was just a common flu that has been existing in African countries for years.

Police says his utterances are undermining the government’s effort to fight the spread of the virus.

Pastor Yiga clams he is a Virgin

Friends close to Pastor Yiga have whispered to us what transpired in their conversation with the youthful pastor of Kawaala. According to his close friends, Yiga said that he was a virgin and has never had sex in his entire life.

“I know the devil is using that woman to attack the good work of the Lord. But like David, even though I pass through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil. I will overcome. By the spirit of God, I am a virgin and I don’t even know how sex tastes,” said Pastor Yiga.

Pastor Yiga is being accused of raping a woman, impregnating her, infecting her with HIV and failing to look after the woman and their baby boy.

Pastor Yiga’s statement comes weeks after Desire Luzinda, the 25-year-old mother told our scribes that she too was a virgin.

Pastor Yiga is also involved child neglect were the High Court in Kampala came to a standstill on Friday for about ten minutes as renowned city pastor Augustine Yiga looked for a quick way out of court premises to avoid journalists.
This unfolded after the man of God had appeared before the Executions Division of the court on accusation that he had refused to remit monthly maintenance fee of Shs150,000 to a woman he allegedly raped and fathered a child with as she had gone to be prayed for.

Brenda Nalubega, 27, is the woman who was allegedly raped by pastor Yiga of Revival Church Kawala and she was present in court to follow the proceedings.
However, pastor Yiga through his lawyer Faizal Muralila strongly denied failing to provide the monthly Shs150, 000 to Ms Nalubega to cater for his child. He produced before court a payment schedule that he has been making at Nabweru court as proof until July, 28 this year.

Source:big and the daily monitor