The church to lead prayers for peace

By Robert Segawa

The orthodox church of Uganda, Namungoona is leading prayers for peace as the country nears the general elections next week.

Last week the Uganda Joint Christian council announced 3 days national prayers and fasting for the country to have piece throughout the general election.

The chairperson of council and also Arch Bishop of Kampala diocese Dr. Ciprian Kizito Lwanga said the prayers will be led by the Catholic, Orthodox Church, and church of Uganda.

Father Nicholas Bayego the parish priest of St. Nicolas Cathedral Namungoona has prayed for transparency to prevail throughout the electoral process by not intimidating any body, bribe them or force them to what’s illegal.

He further added that there is life beyond the general election as the service is still on going.

The church of Uganda will lead prayers for peace at Namirembe Cathedral on Wednesday.

Bobi Wine meets EC after failed attempts at peaceful consultative meetings

By Deo Wasswa

Leader of the People Power group Honorable Kyagulanyi, and other 2021 Presidential aspirants today met the Uganda electoral commission.

The meeting that was held under heavy police deployment lasted almost six hours.

It is upon this background that Hon. Kyagulanyi and his top members in People Power held a press conference at the their headquarters in Kamwokya . The leadership team at People Power shared the outcomes of the meeting;

According to People Power,some of the the key things agreed upon, was minimal interference of the Uganda police, they also asked Uganda police to stop deploying officers without uniform or name tags. They also asked that police maintains their role of keeping law and order and this should be done without sidelining with the ruling party.

In the meeting Bobi wine has also denied having led any processions as alleged by police operatives.

It was agreed in the meeting that People power goes ahead with consultative meetings too without situations similar to those witnessed in the past three failed meeting attempts.

Minister Rwamirama applauds Koreans for their peace keeping efforts in South Sudan

By Alice Lubwama

The Government of Uganda has commended the Korean Government for contribution towards the relative peace in South Sudan.

While officiating the cerebration’s of the National foundation day and armed forces day for the Republic of Korea, the minister in charge of veterans affairs in the ministry of defense Bright Rwamirama said the Korean forces have greatly contributed to the peace keeping operation in South Sudan by repairing peace roads which will have significant impact in lives of south Sudanese and the economy.

The Korean Embassy in Uganda has gathered Koreans in Uganda to celebrate this important day as it is also celebrated in their home country. This year’s celebrations were held at the Sheraton, Kampala Hotel.

Uganda hosts Africa’s largest refugee population about one and a quarter million people, with two-thirds fled conflict in South Sudan.

About National Foundation Day in Korea
Go-Joseon (also called Choson) or Old Korea (2333 – 206 BC), was the first Korean kingdom. According to legend, it was founded in southern Manchuria in the basins of the Liao and Taedong Rivers.

The legend goes that Prince Hwan-ung had left heaven to rule the earth. In the kingdom, there was a bear and a tiger who prayed to the prince that they wanted to become human. He said that if they stayed in a cave for 100 days only eating mugwort and garlic they would become human. The tiger got bored and left, but the bear completed the 100 days and became a beautiful woman. She and Hwan-ung bore a son called Tangun Wanggom, When Tangun grew up, he built a city at the present site of Pyongyang (now the capital of North Korea) and called his new kingdom Go-Joseon, meaning ‘morning freshness’.

Judging from Chinese records, the state of Go-Joseon as a political entity could be described as a kingdom at least by the beginning of the 4th century BC. This roughly coincides with the advent of the Iron Age in Korea.

Go-Joseon went into a period of decline, but it was revived in the 2nd century BC as Wiman Joseon.
Some Korean records combine Wiman Joseon, Gija Joseon, and the initial Go-Joseon as periods of one Go-Joseon

Sudan Ambassador , minister Mugoya meet to discuss plans for peace and regional security

By Moses Kidandi

The Governments of Uganda and Sudan have agreed to jointly work together to implement all the decisions reached by the two respective Presidents during the recently concluded interactions.
Uganda and Sudan agreed to ensure that the Democratic Republic of Congo holds peaceful presidential elections this December, Support the Re-union of Ethiopia and Eritrea and maintain Peace and Security in the region and also give support to South Sudan Peace Agreement that was reached to.

This was agreed during a meeting between the Assistant Under –Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, Her Excellency Ambassador Ilham Ibrahim Mohamed
Ahmed who paid a visit to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador, Patrick Mugoya on Wednesday at Foreign Affairs Headquarters in Kampala.

On her part, the Under-Secretary from Sudan promised to work very closely with the Government of Uganda to strengthen the Relations between the two Countries.

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, Ambassador Patrick Mugoya further welcomed Her delegation to Kampala and said that it was a great opportunity between
the two countries to improve Political, Economic and Social status of the people of Uganda and Sudan via Improved Peace and Security in the whole region.

The meeting was also attended by Sudanese Ambassador H.E Abdel Bali H. Kabir and Uganda’s Ambassador to Sudan H.E James Kinobe today 5th December 2018, Uganda and Sudan will start negotiating areas of Cooperation and signing of a Joint Ministerial Commission Memorandum of Understanding will take place on Friday, 7th December 2018 at Speke Resort Munyonyo.


By Alice Lubwama

Members of parliament from Acholi sub region want government to come up with a clear plan of reducing poverty and accelerating development in the region.

The law makers say that though the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan -PRDP for northern Uganda had contributed a lot in the resettlement process, a lot needs to be done to enable people adequately access basic services in the region.

One of the members also Lamwo woman MP Molly Lanyero says that government should formulate another comprehensive development framework for northern Uganda.

She made the remarks during a meeting where the new executive of Acholi parliamentary caucus was unveiled, professor Morris Ogenga Latigo is the new chairperson replacing Reagan Okumu.