UTB celebrates women with third ‘Take On The Pearl’ campaign

By Edwin Muhumuza

Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) joined the rest of the world in celebrating the International women’s day, by offering a tourism trip to six women to Murchison National Park.

This ongoing campaign is meant to encourage Ugandans to tour their country through the digital campaign dubbed Take on the pearl with love.

According to Sandra Natukunda, the senior Public Relations Officer, “It is part of our domestic tourism campaign but this time round we dedicated it to women.”

The group included two winners Tamara Nanfuka and Joan Hiring who each brought along two friends ; Zena Gram, Aminah Nakakande, Brenda and Viola Nina.

On 6th March,2021, they started the day with breakfast at Sambiya River Lodge followed by a morning game drive in the southern park, swimming, relaxing and taking nature walks followed by a boat cruise after lunch and a candle lit dinner at night.

“When they told us that we were going for a game drive, I did not know that we were going to see the animals up close, I even feared that the lions could come close and eat us but the game rangers were so nice and assured us they wouldn’t. I have a lot to tell my family when I return home,” Joan Hiring narrated.

‘We observed that Ugandans like to travel in groups that is why the winners were asked to invite a couple of friends.’ said Natukunda

The campaign is all about sharing the beautiful sights, natures’ sounds, attractive flora and breathtaking fauna in the country.

“The first day was fun as I have never traveled this far from home so I kept on looking at the scenery along the way, am tired but excited about the long weekend ahead,” said Aminah Nakakande, one of the friends to the winners.

In order to get the winner the public to share a picture of themselves in a tourist destination and the one with the most engagements on social media won the trip.

According to UTB, the campaign aims to create awareness and also educate Ugandans on the various tourist spots around the country; with emphasis on What? When? How? Who? And Where to Travel.

Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area, hosting 76 species of animals and 451 birds and the Murchison Falls, also known as Kabalega Falls, lies Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert. At the top of Murchison Falls, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, before flowing westward into Lake Albert.

The third day of the trip was highlighted with a picnic in the wild including open discussions about women and, to devise means to help those whose rights are being abused.

“As women we go through a lot, these days we are both the mothers and fathers since men have neglected their roles in a home. I am therefore very grateful to UTB for bringing me on such a trip which has been the highlight of my year so far,” Tamarah Nanfuka one of the winners of the trip exclaimed as she gave details about the picnic.

“March is internationally recognized as a women’s month, and as UTB, we would like to use this month to appreciate the mothers of the nation. Therefore, using our current digital campaign Take on the pearl with love, to do this is a bonus for us, and we look forward to having more winners,” said Claire Mugabi the Marketing Manager UTB.

Day 3 of the trip ended with performances from Dance Master Academy of Northern Uganda who performed the Bwola dance, Dingi-Dingi, Laraka – Raka and Ajere dance amid excitement.