People power supporters granted bail

By Sania Babirye

Makindye magistrate court has granted bail a journalist together with eight people power supporters who are charged with holding an illegal assembly.

These include Bwayo Moses a videographer attached to a UK based film production company; Southern films who was shooting the said video.

They have been ordered to pay 300,000 cash while their sureties have each been ordered to deposit 5 million shillings not cash and ensure that the suspects report back to court on the 15th of April 2020.

These are charged with staging a video shooting at Nsambya police/UPDF barracks illegally on the 24th of last month.

These had been released on a police bond by the Kabalagala police station but when they went to report back to fulfill their bond conditions on Wednesday last week, they were instead arrested and charged.

They however pleaded not guilty to charges of holding an illegal assembly before grade one magistrate Jude Okurutu and remanded them to Luzira until today.

Prosecution states that Bwayo and the other accused including 6 women were singing songs that were interpreted to be promoting subversion of the government of Uganda .

Police , Bobi Wine point fingers at each other over death of people power supporter

By Robert Segawa

Police and Kyadondo East member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi are accusing each other of releasing a false report regarding the death of Ritah Nabukenya.

Nabukenya who was involved in a fatal accident on Monday morning was a well known staunch people power member.

Bobiwine and his group have since attributed her death to the police patrol vehicle which allegedly knocked her near Nakawa market opposite Nakawa central division office.

However, police says the victim died from crush injuries that were caused by double Bodaboda accident which involved two motor cycles.

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga in a statement released today says police motor vehicle registration number UP4841 was driving along Naguru road behind Nakawa Market. In between it was over taken by speeding Bodaboda that was carrying another passenger. unfortunately it come into the path of an oncoming Bodaboda from the opposite direction resulting into head on crash. According to the police statement, the boda boda that carried the victim fell down in the collision infront of a police patrol car, the other boda boda staggered and sped off the scene.

Police findings indicate that the deceased was putting on a black light trouser with a cream blouse and there was nothing like red cap or T shirt associated Bobiwine’s People power.

However, Kyadondo East legislator is still accusing police of covering up it’s crime against humanity.

Police arrests Bobi Wine, transfer him to Nagalama Police

By Robert Segawa
Police has arrested and transferred to Nagalama police the leader of the People power movement, Honorable Robert Kyagulanyi and several other members of the party as they commenced consultations for the 2021 presidential election.

According to the police spokesperson Fred Enanga, 16 people have been arrested and detained at Kasangati police as they proceeded to Our lady of Good counsel play ground Gayaza where the consultative meeting was scheduled to take place.Among these are three Honorable members of Parliament. Enanga identified those arrested with Hon Robert Kyagulanyi as Hon Latif Ssebagala, Hon Asuman Basalirwa together with 13 others . He says these have been held for interrogation.

Police was forced to fire live bullets and tear gas to disperse the gatherings as it effected the arrest.

During a press briefing at police headquarters Naguru Enanga said, “the meeting is supposed to be in a closed venue or a Hotel not open space like Our Lady of Good counsel play ground.”

Last year electoral commission okayed Hon Kyagulanyi to go on with his consultation meeting in a hall not open space.

The sixteen people arrested will be charged with not obeying lawful orders and participating in unlawful meeting.

People power group unveils a team of coordinators

By Moses Kidandi

People power Movement has officially unveiled its regional coordinators country wide.The coordinators will disseminate the people power ideology across the country.
The coordinators will establish district structures as the people power movement prepares to take part in the next elections.

The political group running under the leadership of Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu has also disassociated its self from rumors that they intend to back up any specific candidate.

The regional coordinators will be entrusted with the duty of building and strengthening networks within the regions and recruit new members to join them.

Full list reads


1. WestNile;
Hon Kasiano Wadri(Team Leader)
Hon James Acidri
Hon Oguzu Lee
Habib Asega
Asara Night

2. Acholi;
Hon Lucy Akello (Team Leader)
Hon Gilbert Olanya
Hon Anthony Akol
Olenga Anthony
Okema Santos

3. Karamoja;

Hon Adome Bildard (Team Leader)
Ayen Bonny
Lopolo Mukulu
Ponyu Badru

4. Lango;
Hon Jonathan Odur (Team Leader)
Moses Okot P’Bitek
Okello Blick
Isaac Okae

5. Teso;
Hon Susan Amero (Team Leader)
Ojangone Anthony
George Okoit
Amato Immaculate

7. Tooro;
Kakuru Thomas (Team Leader)
Innocent Tukundane
Hanifa Said
Nyakato Hassan

8. Ankole;
Hon Mbwatekamwa Gaffa (Team Leader)
Kakama Moses
Lucas Muhangi
Muhanguzi Kateera Lubega Muzamir

Ayebare Jasper Musherura Daniel
Tuhimbise Rhoda
Byamukama Godfrey

10. Sebei;
Pastor Satid (Team Leader)
Chemonges Benjamin Kwoyen
Chemisto Kubai

11. Bunyoro;
Hon Barnabas Tinkasimire (Team Leader)
Nyakato Asinas
Amanyire Rogers
Asiimwe Grace

12. Bugisu;
Hon John Baptist Nambeshe (Team Leader)
Anthony Wameli
Wetaka Abas
Sam Mali
Robinah Nadunga

13. Busoga;
Hon Asuman Basalirwa (Team Leader)
Hon Paul Mwiru
Mercy Walukamba
Bigirwa Moses
Basakana Hannington

14. Bukedi;
Hon Nabulindo Agnes (Team Leader)
Hon Catherine
Sanya Wycliff
Mukasa Abdullah
Yusuf Mutembule

15. Rwenzori;
Hon Winnie Kiiza (Team Leader)
Hon Robert Centenary
Wakibanahi Joram

Ndungu James

16. Kampala Metropolitan;
Hon Medard Ssegona (Team Leader)
Hon Wakayima Musoke

Naluyima Betty
Samuel Lubega Mukaku

17. Greater Luweero;
Hon Lutamaguzi (Team Leader)
Hon Brenda Nabukenya
Nanyanzi Shifa
Former Luweero Mayor
Sekabira Lawrence

18. Greater Mubende;

Hon Patrick Nsamba (Team Leader)
Hon Kalwanga David
Kawuma Digo
Kabuye Frank

19. Greater Mpigi;
Hon Muwanga Kivumbi (Team Leader)
Aisha Kabanda
Hillary Kiyaga(Hilderman)
Teddy Nambooze
Sadam Gayira

20. Greater Mukono;
Hon Lulume Bayiga (Team Leader)
(Mayor of Mbiko, Kiwanuka Abdullah
Patriko Mujuko

21. Greater Masaka;
Hon Mathias Mpuuga (Team Leader)
Hon Sewungu Gonzaga
Hon Florence Namayanja
Dr. Abed Bwanika
Katerega Muhammad

22. Youth Wing;
Hon Francis Zaake(Team leader)
Angella Namirembe(Deputy-Central)
Bosmic Otim(Deputy-North)
Sasi Marvin(Deputy-West)
Mariah Natabi(Deputy-East)

23. Institutions;

Roy Semboga (Team Leader)
Muhumuza Umaru
Milkah Nabacwa
Tunduru Jonathan
Magulu Mpagi

24. Women Wing;
Flavia Kalule (Team Leader)
Hon Robinah Ssentongo
Hon Anna Adeke
Nusifa Nakato
Aturinda Agnes

25. PWDs
Pastor Robert Mpala Isabirye (Team Leader)
John Luwago
Kisimizi Nuhu

26. Arts & Entertainment;

Nubian Lee (Team Leader)
Ronald Mayinja
Flavia Namulindwa

27. Informal Sector;

Nyanzi Fred Ssentamu (Team Leader)
Nnazzinda Sifa
Okello Richard
Ande Kibirige
Muwanguzi Andrew

28. Diaspora;
Arao Ameny (Team Leader)-US
Belinda Atim-UK
Ali Mawale-SA
Pamela (Sweden)

Other party leaders speak out of DP coalition

By Robert Segawa
Following the formation of DP Bloc which was sealed by signing the Memorandum of understanding between DP and three other opposition political parties on Thursday, several political players have reacted.

The Democratic party, Social Democratic party ( SDP) , People’s development party ( PDP ) and Truth for justice ( TJ ) leaders appended signatures on an MOU agreeing to work together to strengthen the Democratic Party to lead the cause of Regime change.

Recently the president of SDP Mike Mabike, the president of PDP, Abed Bwanika, Lubega Walter Mukaku of TJ among others announced that they were returning to the Democratic party to be part of it’s rebuilding.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at Hotel Africana in Kampala DP president Nobert Mao announced that DP was no more disunited .
At the function, PDP president Abed Bwanika and Kyadondo East member of Parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine on top of calling for opposition unity attacked opposition player’s particularly the Forum for Democratic change ( FDC) and it’s former presidential candidate Col Dr Kiiza Besigye for working to undermine the opposition unity steering public debate.

The DP Bloc has since suggested the opposition election campaign strategy for 2021 dubbed “One to one model. On top of proposing to field a joint presidential opposition candidate against NRM, the strategy proposes opposition fielding joint candidate at parliamentary and local government levels depending on each parties strength.

Mukono Municipality MP, Hon Betty Nambooze, advised the opposition to desist from waging war against fellow opposition player’s and walk the talk of unity.

She urged the opposition not be diverted from the real enemy of democracy,who is Museveni and NRM and waste time in opposition in fighting.

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda the opposition chief whip in parliament who doubles as FDC spokesperson, says FDC doesn’t have time to discuss the programs of other opposition player’s but they are concentrating on internal party programs intended at liberating the the country from dictatorship.

Meanwhile the NRM party spokesperson Roger’s Mulindwa disclosed that the opposition can attempt to form the coalition but at a certain point they will disagree

Mulindwa adds that the opposition is struggling to form a coalition against president Museveni and the NRM was a sign that individual players are weak to cause change.

He retaliated that as NRM they are just waiting for the right time to front their candidate and Ugandans will decide.

President of Justice Forum and MP Bugiri municipality, the opposition should stop labeling and smearing each other, but focus at United opposition which many Ugandans are yearning for.

He adds that it’s only United opposition which will deliver victory to Ugandans. He pledged that JEEMA will work with the DP block through constructive engagements along side other opposition player’s to achieve regime change.

The signing ceremony was among others attended by General Mugisha Muntu who is about to launch a new party Alliance for National transformation ( ANT), former DP president Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi who called for unity among the opposition.

Pastor Male defends Bobi Wine’s Tuliyambala engule song re-edition

By Deo Wasswa
Pastor Male Solomon has noted that the Bobi wine song ‘Tuliyambala engule’ has actually come at right time and the people in government especially President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni must spare some time and listen to the song, internalize the massage and guide the on how to come up with fitting solutions to the problems facing Uganda today.

According to him, the song actually is communicating the country’s problems like lack of justice in the country, increased use of tear gas against innocent Ugandans, insecurity in the country, lack of democracy, discrimination among others.

“I call up on president Museveni to sit down and listen to the message in this song so that no one continues to mislead him that the song is bad.’’ Pastor Male added.

He also noted that those pastors who have come out to condemn Hon. Kyagulanyi for singing this song should stop it because what he is communicating in the song is truly happening in the country.

“When Bobi Wine sings a song, how does it become evil, one Pastor Sempa has never composed that song, two it was never composed by born again, three the person who composed that song died around 300 years ago.” Male argued.

According to him, His excellence always quotes the Bible but he has never started a church neither being in the ministry. He reads scriptures for his political aspirations but none of single clerics has ever come out to tell president that you are a politicians stop quoting the Bible.

Recently when asked about the meaning of the song, Bobi wine responded that the song is trying to unearth the massage that whatever problems one goes through, after the struggle these problems go and victory comes.

The Tuliyambala engule song was composed and launched at in October at Bobi wine’s concert held at one love beach Busabala. However the song come into video recently featured by other musicians such as Irene Ntale, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Irene Namatovu, Kiyaga Hiraly(Hilda Man) among others.