Small businesses thrive around Namugongo as pilgrims continue to arrive

By Robert Segawa

Namugongo is now a sea of human activities as crowds of pilgrims in hundreds continue to flock the martyrs’ shrines a day before martyrs day celebration.

Motorists can no longer access the road to Namugongo because they have been banned in order to give way to the pilgrims.

A combined force of both military and police personnel including plain clothed officers has been deployed in and outside the shrine to provide maximum security.

Transport fares have been hiked since motorists used feeder roads to access Namugongo shrine. Transport from Kampala to Namugongo has been 2000 but taxis are now charging between  3500 to 4000 .

A number of traders have also  shifted their businesses to Namugongo bringing their services closer to the pilgrims.

Meanwhile, Father Jude Ssemambo the chairperson organizing committee for this year’s celebrations said all set for martyrs day tomorrow and asked believers to keep time adding that players of both shrines will begin at 9.30 am and expect to conclude players at 1pm.

Security in Namugongo tightened as pilgrims continue to flock in

By Robert Segawa

Security at Namugongo martyr’s shrine has been tightened ahead of Uganda Martyrs  celebrations  that will be held on the 3rd June.

According to Kampala Metropolitan police commander Frank Mwesigwa, police and crime preventers patrol the area at night to ensure that people and properties are safe.He adds that police has also identified black spot areas where people are usually robbed and have deployed effectively.

Residents are vacanting their homes and renting them out to business people who are anticipating a boom in sales of their various products as people continue to flock into Namugongo.A single room in Namugongo now costs UGX50000- UGX100,000  while double room ranges from UGX150000-UGX300000 .

Lodges, hotels and guest houses in the area have also shot up their prices to UGX 400000- UGX700000 for a period of four days.