Kawempe hospital receives washing and drying machines for new born intensive care

By Alice Lubwama

Plan international Uganda has donated a washing and drying machine worth 9 million shillings to the newborn intensive care unit of Kawempe regional hospital.

Handing over the equipment to the director of this hospital Dr Nehemiah Katusiime the head of programs at plan International Uganda Greg Lavender said the donation is made to reaffirm the organization commitment towards working with the Government in strengthening the health service delivery to reduce child mortality.

“We urge the facility to utilize the equipment very well to meet the goal of saving the lives of the new-born children in Uganda”. Greg said.

The Neonatal specialist at Kawempe hospital Dr Margaret Nakaketo says the machine will help them to reduce on the infections among the premature and sick babies, since mothers have been mixing baby clothes with other dirty linen.

“Infection control is paramount in the management of babies, so this machine will help us to wash and dry the clothes any time and the babies will always have clean linen.” added Nakaketo

Nakaketo also intimated that infections have been a big problem for the unit where mothers come in with all sorts of clothes which are dirty to carry in their babies but with the machine, they will be able to buy their own linen and give it to every mother.

In Uganda, 14 out of every 100 babies are born preterm and complications of premature account for about 29% of neonatal deaths.

The sustainable development goals call for the end of preventable maternal new-born and child deaths by the year 2030, but neonatal mortality remains a big problem in Uganda contributing up to 45% of overall deaths among children less than five years of age.

Justice Batema asks parliament to pass the sexual offenses bill

By Alice Lubwama

High court judge David Batema has asked parliament to enact the sexual offenses bill in order to criminalize minor acts like sexual harassment.

While launching a report on girls and young women experience of sexual harassment by plan international Uganda in Kampala today, Justice Batema said that once sexual offences are criminalized the courts will give punishment which will deter others from such harassment.

The report shows that women and girls don’t report cases of sexual harassment to the authorities because they are not believed and fear to be judged.
The report also indicates that 84% of cases on sexual harassment reported to the authorities such as police do not get adequate responses.

Speaking at the same function the country director plan international Uganda Grey Lavender said that the research was done across a number of cities in the world with the aim of creating safer cities for girls and women.
He said that the safety of women and girls in Kampala city is still wanting with reports of young women and girls being kidnapped and abducted.

He now calls government to invest in providing gender sensitive education and training to police around issues of street harassment and how to respond to sexual harassment cases an initiative his organization will support.
Lavender also called for more investment in street lighting and security cameras to support the girls and women get evidence of sexual harassment on the streets.