Mayor Lukwago blames City Hall break-in on insiders

By Robert Segawa

Kampala Lord mayor Elias Lukwago has tasked the acting executive director Kampala Capital City Authority to explain the three break ins at City Hall.

On 11th June, five computers were stolen, on 9th August, seven computers were still vandalized with aim of destroying vital information.

In today’s council meeting the acting Executive director Engineer Andrew Kitaka clarified that Investigations on the three incidents were handled by Kampala metropolitan police. The six authority employees and police officers who were on duty on the respective days are now under interrogation.

However, Lord mayor Elias Lukwago insisted that the breaking is done by insider’s, the motion was supported by the Lord councilors Doreen Nyanjura, Bruhan Byaruhanga, and Moses Okwera among others.

IGP Okoth asks bodaboda cyclists to be vigilant

By Robert Segawa

The inspector general of police Okoth Martin Ochola has tasked the director CID Grace Akullo to send teams to Kasese in the double murder of cyclist who are murdered over the weekend who include murdered from Kasese and one in Butambala.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga says this while addressing the press today at police headquarters Naguru.

Those who were murdered in Kasese include Tumusime Francis who was stubbed, Kyoya Ronald who was also stubbed and Ssenzira John Alex who was struggled at Butambala.

Those who were killed at Kasese are murdered at Kijjamanyi village and bodies were dumped at scenes of crime, where he noted that police is trying to establish another criminal gang that’s targeting cyclist.

He has urged Boda boda cyclist to be vigilant not to ride to distant area’s which they don’t know, working late hours, and should try to network with their colleagues on different stages.

He says that the territorial police is trying to give them more man power by deploying the homicide team and Flying squad that are going to work together to get the bottom of the case.

Police to send out recruitment team at the end of the month

By Robert Segawa

The inspector general of police Okoth Martin Ochola is to flag off 25 recruitment teams country wide to recruit 5000 People into police.

Addressing the press today at police headquarters, the police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that the teams will be flagged off on 29th of this month and will recruit for the period of one week.

Enanga says that those to be recruited include 4500 probational police constables and 500 learner assistant inspectors of police IP those to be recruited under Forensic directorate, ICT directorate the entry point is strictly diploma’s.

He adds that the process of recruitment is by rule and merit, warning all those who want influence the recruitment by relatives, agencies, among others will be dealt with.

He emphasizes that only senior four certificate holders will be allowed, with hand written application, LC 1 letter, signed by DISO and RDC’s with national ID’s. Three passport photo’s possession of ID of schools attended.

He further warned those with criminal records will be definitely screened them out.

Enanga further advised the applicants that deadline for receiving applications will be on 29th July to 4th Aug at the district where the interview will be conducted and asked them to mark the date clearly.

New digital system to help police keep track of traffic offenders who fail to pay penalties

BY Robert Segawa

Uganda Police has today launched an automated digitized Express penalty Scheme ( EPS ) which will involve immediate electronic issuing of penalty tickets to road offenders once they are arrested.

The new Express Penalty Scheme launched today will now have the traffic police officers move from manual process of issuing express tickets to road offenders especially drivers to an electronic process who will then pay the charges in the Bank on URA account.

Speaking at the event Naguru police headquarter the director of traffic police AIGP Dr Steven Kasiima says that the Electronic EPS process is intended to cut on cost for implementation to correct anomalies that come with human error by respective traffic officers.

He further adds that the EPS system commenced in 2002 in four district’s include Masaka, Mukono, Mpigi and Luwero in pilot study before it was strolled out country wide.

Kasiima says since it’s exception the scheme has had several challenges like offend driver’s have thrown away printed tickets and evaded payment along with poor handwriting by some officer’s that driver say they don’t understand.

He says the electric system will do away with all these anomalies.

Dr Steven Kasiima noted that they have so far trained a total of 1400 traffic officers have been trained in this system and they have distributed 135 computer’s and all the necessary equipment and mini printers to the trained traffic officers

During the launch of this system at police headquarters Naguru, the Deputy Inspector General Of Police Maj Gen Sabiiti Mzeei the system will help the traffic police to track traffic offenders who fail to pay the penalties.

Maj Gen Sabiiti Mzeei also noted that will help police to effectively monitor road offenders to avoid future road carnages as well as supervising the operation of their traffic officers on duty.

Bajjo to be charged with inciting violence against the president

By Sania Babirye

Music promoter Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo events is at Buganda road court waiting to be arraigned and officially charged with inciting violence against the person of the President and offensive communication.

Bajjo is being accused by police of distributing a video through social media and according to police, Banjo was calling upon people to engage in an up raising against President Museveni and his government.

According to the charge sheet, Bajjo is said to have committed two offenses at various places within Masaka, Ibanda and Kampala.

On Saturday Bajjo was arrested immediately after he addressed a press conference in which he announced that he was going to organize a nationwide a marathon in support to Kyadongo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu to help Bobiwine raise money which he has allegedly lost following blocking of his concerts .

On the 17th of June the Uganda police spokes person Fred Enanga issued a press statement.

According to the said statement, the Special Investigation Directorate under the Criminal Investigations Directorate has taken over inquiries into the case of incitement to violence through social media by Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo Events.

The case relates to the comments he made in “Luganda” local language and circulated online.

When translated, Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo events warns H.E. The President of their plans to oust him before the year 2021, and further warns the military of similar plans to oust the President, and indicates with confidence how he had people backing him.”

The suspect consciously ran the risk of being charged for inciting violence, treason or misprision of treason, since the law protects the honor of the President as a democratically elected leader.

The Security Forces wish to warn all individuals and groups, that posting videos glorifying violence using undemocratic means is an infringement on the law.

We therefore, advise the public not to share such videos. As law enforcement agencies, we also pledge to work constructively with all stakeholders to understand the dangers of incitement to violence.

We are also aware of attempts by those who patronize the suspect to divert the attention of the public and investigators from the major investigation, by dragging the person of the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP), into the arrest of Andrew Mukasa.

We want to put it clear that the private car number plates indeed belong to our sister agency who logistically supported the police operation. Such number plates when the situation demands, can be used to achieve tactical or operational results. The DIGP last used those number plates in May, 2018, while appearing before the Parliamentary Appointments Committee.

He has since been allocated an official police vehicle and now has no attachment to those private numbers plates. The investigations will continue and the suspect will be handled in accordance with the laws of the country,the statement read.

Police officer remanded for redefiling a victim

By Sania Babirye
A police officer attached to Mawanda road police station has been charged and sent on remand at Luzira government prison for defiling a defilement victim while in police custody.

The suspect is identified as 29 year old PC Samuel Okot.

He has been arraigned before city hall court grade one magistrate at City Hall Valerian Tuhimbise who did not allow him to say anything because he is charged with a capital offense that is only tried and bailed by the High court.

He has now been remanded to Luzira prison until the 20th of June 2019 as investigations into the case continues.

Prosecution states that on the 25th of May 2019 at Mawanda road police station in Kampala district, police constable Okot performed a sexual act with a 16year old girl while she was a victim of defilement held under the police custody.

Human rights activists urge police to respect human rights

By Daudi Zirimala

The Uganda human rights commission chairperson Meddie kaggwa has cautioned all security personnel especially police that it’s not an optional but a constitution obligation to observe and respect human rights and freedoms in the performance of their duties.

Kaggwa says ,article 20(2) of the constitution states that the rights and freedoms of the individual and groups enshrined in this chapter shall be respected, upheld and promoted by all government organs ,however there seems to be impunity in the way some police personnel disregard human rights particularly so in highly politically charged situations like electoral periods and demonstrations.

Kaggwa says they have got so many scenarios where police consistently topped the respondents in complaints of human rights violations such as torture, cruel, inhuman treatment, deprivation of the right to personnel liberty among others.

He notes that they need to discuss the disappointing trend and devise ways of ensuring that such complaints reduce as expected and this can be done through engaging each other.

This is at the opening the high level retreat of the Uganda human rights commission and Uganda police force at Munyonyo.

However the inspector general of police Martin Okoth Ochola refuted the allegations that police is still the leading offender of violations of human rights against people including journalists, saying those are individual acts not the institution.

He says the Uganda Police Force for effective discharge of its mandate with respect to human rights the institution has put in place remarkable progress in the infrastructural development in respect of suspects accommodation by eliminating bucket system in all newly constructed police stations.

Speaking at the opening of a High level retreat for Uganda Human Rights Commission and Uganda police Force Top Leadership,the Inspector General of Police Okoth Ochola said that the force is working tireless to eradicating human rights abuses by understating ,appreciating and internalizing their own challenges and implement recommendations that will facilitate proper policing.

According to Okoth Ochola, they have also conducted several human rights trainings for police officers on various laws such as the Anti-Torture act and Public Order Management Act however they still face challenges of chaotic and complex policing scenes especially during political confrontations and civil obedience that at times promote direct attacks against police officers.

Taxi driver remanded for attempting to knock down a police officer

By Sania Babirye
A taxi driver who tried to knock down a Traffic police officer after being stopped for routine check up has been charged and remanded to Luzira prison.

The suspect is identified as 43 year old Byakatonda Godfrey a resident of Luzira in Nakawa division Kampala district.

He has been arraigned before Buganda road court grade one magistrate Robert Mukanza who charged him with Driving in a manner dangerous to the public contrary to section 110 (1) of the Traffic and Road safety act of 1998.

He was also charged with Driving without a valid driving permit contrary to section 35 (1) and 176 (1) of the Traffic and Road safety act of 1998.

He has however denied the charges and remanded to Luzira prison until next month for hearing of his case.

Prosecution states that on the 22nd day of May 2018 at about 17:30hours at radio one along Dustur street in the District of Kampala did drive a motor vehicle Registration number UAZ 331K Toyota Hiace on the road in such a manner that might have been dangerous to the public housing without having no regard to all the circumstances of a case by trying to Knock a Traffic police officer.

He is also said on the same day and hour in the same place was driving the same vehicle without a valid permit.

The brief facts of the case states that the accuse drove the said car carelessly and dangerously and when police officer attached to Kampala Metropolitan police Kagwa Peter stopped him and ordered him to park on the sides for check up, hr instead sped off and tried to knock him and other road users.

The police officer is said to have reached the ignition switch and managed to stop the car leading to his arrest.

He returns to court next month for hearing of his case.

There has been slight reduction in crime says IGP

By Robert Segawa

The inspector general of police Okoth Martin Ochola has urged Members of the public to continue working together with Uganda Police in the fight against crime which will boost the country’s economy and development.

The IGP Ochola said this the launch of the annual report of year 2018 where he pointed out a total of 238,746 cases reported compared to 252,065 cases registered in 2017 reflecting a decrease in crime by 5.2% .

He says that 4.5% of all crimes were committed along the highways, 47.7% were in urban centers while 47.8 % were committed in rural areas.

He adds that cases of defilement, thefts, rape, Burglaries and murders have been more rampant in rural areas while robbery, common assaults, and Aggravated assaults are common in urban areas.

He further adds that 73,035 cases were taken to court reflecting an increase of 66,626 cases that were taken to court in 2017; with convictions totaling to 22,263, while dismissed cases are 11,121 in 2018.

Ochola further says 239,484 persons were victims of crime of whom 143, 880 were male adults, and female adults were 60,648 , while young boys are 10,772 and girls were 24,184 victims.

In her part as Director Criminal Investigation Directorate AIGP Grace Akullo has identifies leading crimes in 2018 as Common assaults, Defilement, domestic violence and fraud obtaining money by false pretense among others compared to 2017.

Grace Akullo says that 29,735 were registered, and defilement with 15,366 cases, domestic violence 13,916, followed obtaining money by false pretense with 12,313 cases among others.

She pointed out Kampala south division, Kampala north division, West Nile , Albertine region, Elgon region, Kampala East division,Busoga north and Sezibwa as the leading regions where crime has been committed to have increased in the same year.

In his part as Director of traffic and road safety AIGP Dr.Steven Kasiima reports that a total of 3,689 died in road accident in a total of 3,194 fatal accident s registered in 2018.

Dr Kasiima says their has been a slight increase in the number of people who died by 5.4% compared to the people who died in 2017 totaling to 3,500 lost their lives.

He adds that serious accidents were 6,085 and minor accidents were 30,526 in 2018.

He says that the causes of accident are due to reckless driving, over speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, careless pedestrians and vehicles in dangerous mechanical condition among others.

He adds that 199,785 penality tickets were issued out to indiscipline driver’s of which 15.6 billion have so far been paid while 18 billion shillings is to be paid by defaulters.

Corruption charges against Bakaleke suspended

By Sania Babirye

The corruption charges that were slapped on the now turned police commissioner dissenter and fugitive Siraje Bakeleke have been suspended until he is arrested. The charges against Bakaleke and 8 others have been temporally suspended by the Director of Public Prosecutions Mike Chibita.

The letter discounting proceedings against the 9 was written and signed by the DPP on the 24th of May 2019 and today a state prosecutor attached to the Anti-corruption division of the High court has presented it before anti corruption court Grade one magistrate Moses Nabende .

Bakaleke is jointly charged together with six other senior police officers including: Innocent Munezero, Nuwagaba Innocent, Robert Asiimwe, Amanya Junior, Babu Gastavas Kenneth Zirintuusa and a lawyer Paul Mugoya and Samuel Nabeta.

These charged with the kidnap and defrauding of over 415000 US. Dollars from three Korean nationals.

His co accused were arraigned in court in August 2018 and pleaded not guilty to the offense and have also since then been granted bail by the same court .

However, despite court summoning Bakaleke since then to appear in court to take plea to the charges, the senior police officer is nowhere to be found.

This forced magistrate Nabende in October 2018 to issue a national warrant of arrest for the troubled police officer ordering any Police officer to arrest him on sight for defying several court summons but this remains to be seen also.

The Uganda Police did also state that they did not know the where about of ACP Bakeleke and have since then suspended the former Kampala South Police commander and declared him a wanted person on the run for deserting his work.

Bakaleke is charged with 12 counts of Abuse of office and conspiring with others to steal 1.4 billion shillings (415000 US Dollars ) from three Korean investors in February 2018.

State prosecutor Harriet Ongomu informed court that on the 17th of September, Bakaleke was been dully served through his lawyer Senguka Robert and Nakachwa partners yet they all failed to show up in court with no communication.

On the 11th of September, High court judge Musa Sekaana also dismissed an application by Bakeleke in which he wanted court to stop his trial in the anti corruption court on grounds that the DPP can not prosecute him when investigations were still on going.

On the 5th of September 2018, Grade one magistrate Moses Nabende issued summons against ACP Bakaleke and other 6 police officers serving in different ranks to appear before him and plead to charges of kidnapping and wrongfully confining the three Korean nationals from whom they defrauded 1.4 billion shillings .

Bakaleke’s co accused include Innocent Bunezero, Innocent Nuwagaba, Robery Asimwe, Amanya Junior, Babu Gastavasi, Mugoya Wanyoto Paul and Nabeta Samuel,

These are charged with arbitrary directing the wrongful arrest and confinement of three Korean Nationals.

These are said to have committed the offense between the 4th and 11th of February 2018.

These are facing 12 counts of abuse of office, conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to commit a felony.

After the assassination of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Bakaleke told moaners that he believed he was next inline to be assassinated by people he dud not name and although police gave him security it only lasted for a day after they deserted him.

His whereabouts still remain unknown and the Uganda police has also intensified the search for him to be prosecuted.