Tear gas and rubber bullets fired as Malende picks nomination forms

By Sania Babirye

Tear gas and rubber bullets have been fired by police at the people power movement headquarters in Kamyokya as police tried to arrest Shamim Malende a people power member who had gone to pick her nomination form for the Kampala woman MP seat.

According to police, Malende the people power supporter flouted standard operation procedures by gathering a group of people to escort her to the party headquarters to pick forms.

As a result, police tried to arrest her however, she was protected by her supporters who charged at police forcing police to fire teargas and bullets to disperse the angry youths.

Malende later forced her way into the party offices escaping arrest.

She has described the incident as uncalled for but not surprising saying that they are used to the unprofessional conduct of the police .

She however says that she will not be intimidated .

Malende will be battling for the seat with among others FDC’s Dr.Stella Nyanzi who has already been nominated by the FDC party to stand on the party ticket.

The seat is currently being represented by estranged FDCs Nagayi Nabilla who has not yet expressed any intentions to stand again.

Man arrested for assaulting police officer at check point

By Sania Babirye

A 28 year old Teacher who allegedly assaulted a police officer while resisting to be checked at a check point has been arraigned before Makindye magistrate court and charged.

The suspect is identified as Kayonga Simon a resident of Kyanja in Wakiso district.

He has however denied the said offense of assault and has been remanded at Sentamu prison for two weeks as investigations continues.

Prosecution states that on the 3rd of July at Salaama road police check point in Kampala district, the suspect assaulted Angom Semmy a police officer who was acting in the execution of her duties

Arcade traders arrested

By Sania Babirye

A joint security team has surrounded and arrested five leaders of arcade tenants, including former Makerere university researcher Stella Nyanzi as they were preparing to address a news conference about closure of arcades as a result of Covid-19 lock down.

The press conference had been organized by Godfrey Katongole the chairman of Kampala city traders association held at Nakasero market.

The joint team of security officer’s led by Commander operation at central police station Ivan Nduhura.

Stella Nyanzi who also runs a side business in one of the arcades together with leaders of arcade trader have been taken to the Central Police Station to record statement.

Man arrested for nearly murdering his girlfriend

By Robert Segawa

Police in Jinja this morning have arrested 26 year’s old man for allegedly cutting his girl friends throat for suspecting her of having an affair with neighbor.

Kiira region police spokesman Abbey Ngako says the suspect was arrested from Jinja referral hospital.

Ngako adds that the suspect is a resident of Walukuba Masese division had gone to the hospital to visit the victim identified as Joyline Okurut who reported him to doctors who alerted the police for his arrest.

Okurut further told police that, she over powered him after stubbing her in the neck using sharp knife.

The suspect will appear in courts of law on charges of attempted murder.

Police to arrest those participating in the noise protest

By Robert Segawa

Police authorities have directed Environment department and regional police commanders across the country to arrest members of the public who will participate in opposition planned protest today.

Opposition political Forces on Monday while meeting in Wakiso launched the campaign in which members of public are required to make noise against government short comings in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

The police spokesman Fred Enanga says the campaign works against the noise control regulations.

He further adds that all police territorial commanders have been alerted about the campaign and will work closely with officials from NEMA to ensure that culprit are arrested and charged in courts of law.

Police ordered to release man detained for trying to sell Kira Police land

By Sania Babirye

The Uganda police chief IGP Martin Okoth Ochola has been ordered to unconditionally release Everest Munvaneza who is allegedly accused of grabbing part of Kira police land immediately.

The said suspect is a land and estates dealer and is said to be held in illegal detention without charge for more than the mandatory 48 hours .

Makindye court chief magistrate Prossy Katushabe made the order after a successful habeas corpus application filed by Munvaneza’s advocate Elisha Bafirawala to have the suspect produced dead or alive.

According to the application, the suspect was arrested on the 27th of April 2020 and continues to be detained without being produced in court .

An affidavit sworn by Munvaneza’s wife Sarah Kyomugisha, her husband was summoned to report to Criminal Dnvestigations Directorate head offices Kibuli on the 27th of April 2020 where he was arrested and later detained at Kabalagala police station where he continues to be held illegally.

Police deployment tightens in Kiseka market as spare part shop owners insist on opening

By Robert Segawa

There is heavy deployment around Kiseka market after a number of traders opened their shops claiming that the president had given them a go a head to operate in his speech last night.

Police field force unit, military and local defense personnel are stationed at check points and deployed around Kiseka market shops amid tension between traders and security.

The traders claim that since the president directed garages to open then shops selling spare parts should also be opened.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesman Patrick Onyango says traders are opening their shops are doing so illegally.

He further adds that during President Museveni’s address, there was no mention of opening spare parts shops, he also added that Kiseka market is not a garage.

Police arrests Buwembo over hunger strike

By Sania Babirye

Police has today arrested a Rubaga South voter Habib Buwembo for holding a hunger strike at the high court headquarters in protest of the failure by the court of appeal to determine an election petition he filed in 2016 challenging the victory of his area MP Kato Lubwama for luck of academic qualifications.

Today, Buwembo stated that he will be under going a hunger strike at the high court headquarters until the chief justice Bart Katureebe intervened in his matter to have his case determined.

He further stated that he was going to hold his hunger strike alone to avoid police arresting him on charges of holding an illegal assembly, however, police arrested him and is currently being held at CPS.

In July 2019 drama ensued in the court of appeal after three justices led by deputy chief chief justice Alfonse Owiny Dolo denied ever making a ruling in an election appeal by Kato Lubwama without hearing the case.

The denial came after the same court of appeal Justice Cheborion Barishaki on the 28th of may announced a judgement date on the matter, but Buwembo objected to the said ruling on grounds that the judgement was illegal because court can not rule on a matter it had never heard
The deputy chief justice denied the said date calling it an error and announced that the case will be heard before a judgement is made.

In the said filed appeal, Kato Lubwama is challenging High court judge Margret Oguli Oumo’s decision to grant a Rubaga south voter Habib Buwembo to file an election petition challenging his victory due to lack of the requisite academic qualification out of time.

The the said appeal was first heard in July 2017 by the now retired former deputy chief justice Steven Kavuma, Helene Obura and Cheborion Barishaki.

However, Buwembo filed an application asking justice Kavuma to be excused from the case due to impartiality and biasness.

Ssemakade had argued that justice Kavuuma will not be partial and objective while hearing and determining the appeal with other two justices.

However in a ruling red by Deo Nzeyimana the court of appeal deputy registrar , justice Kavuma declined to step aside from the case saying litigants do not have a right to determine which judicial officers should hear and determine their cases

Justice Steven Kavuuma then heard the matter until he retired as deputy chief justice and forwarded the file to the now deputy chief justice Dolo.

In the appeal Kato Lubwama is challenging High court judge Margret Oguli Oumo’s decision to grant a Rubaga south voter Habib Buwembo to file an election petition challenging his victory due to lack of the requisite academic qualification out of time.

Through his lawyers led by Asuman Basalirwa, Kato Lubwama wants court of appeal to dismiss the high court ruling and the election petition which Buwembo has since filed against him challenging his victory .

Justice Oumo granted Buwembo’s application on grounds that evidence brought in court proved that Kato Lubwama indeed lied to the Electoral commission when he claimed that he possessed a valid 0’level certificate from Old Kampala SSS well knowing that it was not registered by the Uganda Registration services Bureau.

Buwembo claims that he has since then learnt that Kato Lubwama scored result 7 from UCE which could not be relied on to sit mature age entry exams to be admitted for a diploma in Music Dance and Drama at Makerere University.

Justice Oguli noted that fraud was a serious allegation that cold not be merely exhausted through investigations since these matters pertaining an MPs qualification was of a great national importance.

The judge also ruled that it took Buwembo seven months to discover the said fraud since UNEB clarified on Kato Lubwama’s academic papers on the 10th/October 2016 hence filing this application on the 12th/October 2016 calling for him to have can extention of time for filling the application.

By law an election petition must be filed within 30 days after an MP is gazzated.

In his defense, Lubwama says the judge has no powers to extend time set by Parliament, and allow Habib Buwembo to file an election petition to challenge his academic qualification.

This is Kato’s response to the application his Voter Buwembo filed out of time, seeking for 30 days to hunt for 500 signatures supporting his election petition, intended to throw Lubwama out of the 10th Parliament.

His lawyers led by Asuman Basalirwa informed presiding Judge Magret Oguli Oumo that the law governing Parliamentary elections is good law, because it confirms the principal of separation of powers; therefore enlarging time with no enabling provision permitting court to do so, would be judicial legislation.

He then invited Justice Oguli to be bound by the decisions of her brother justices in the High court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme court, who have extensively considered the same application and all came to one conclusion that time set by parliament cannot be extended.

Buwembo dragged Kato to court claiming that Kato Lubwama lacks the minimum academic qualifications to be a member of parliament having failed his Uganda Certificate of Education examinations.

Buwembo further contends that according to the document signed by Uganda National Examination Board, Kato obtained result 7, and therefore did not qualify for the award of a certificate.

In December 2017, High court Judge Margret Oguli Oumo granted permission to a Rubaga South voter Habib Buwembo to file an election petition against his area MP challenging his academic qualifications in not less than 30 days.

This after Justice Oguli ruled that there is unchallenged evidence on court record showing that Kato Lubwama lied to the Electoral commission that he possesses a valid certificate of O’level from Old Kampala SSS yet the same is not registered by the Uganda Registration services Bureau.

Buwembo says he has since learnt that Kato Lubwama scored result 7 from UCE which could not be relied on to sit mature age entry exams to be admitted for a diploma in Music Dance and Drama at Makerere University.

The judge noted that fraud is a serious allegation that cannot be merely exhausted through investigations since this matters pertaining an MPs qualification is of a great national importance .

The judge’s decision to enlarge time within which Buwembo can file an election petition was based on the fact that Buwombo proved that it took him 7 months to discover the said fraud UNEB having clarified on Kato Lubwama’s academic papers on the 10th/October 2016 hence filing this application on the 12th/October 2016.

Court then ordered that Buwembo has a proper case and that Kato Lubwama and the Electoral commission should pay him costs of this application.

But in the same year, the Court of Appeal issued an interim order staying the hearing of an election petition against Lubaga South MP Paul Kato Lubwama in the Highcourt.

Justice Cheborion Barishaki ruled that there are serious judicial issues that must be first investigated by the Court of Appeal before the lower court can proceed with hearing of the election petition filed by Buwembo.

The judge was in concurrence with Kato Lubwama’s lawyer Caleb Alaka that there are serious inconsistencies on the question of extension of time within which an election petition can be filed in the High court.

Alaka presented to court a number of High court decisions in which four judges declined to enlarge time fixed by parliament (30 days after an election) to file an election petition while 2 other judges have gone a head to extend this time.

It’s against this background that justice Barishaki halted the hearing of Buwembo’s election petition which had been fixed for the 2nd of March 2017 by Justice Margret Oguli Oumo until three justices of the Court of Appeal pronounce themselves on the matter.

Barishaki noted that there might be a miscarriage of justice if the petition proceeds in the High court since Kato Lubwama maintains that the said petition against him is illegal.

Buwembo on the 2nd of January 2017 filed a petition questioning Kato Lubwama’s academic qualification saying he is unfit to be an MP.

Two suspected of beating an old woman have been arrested

By Robert Segawa

Territorial Police in greater Bushenyi has so far arrested two suspects who form part of a group of people that allegedly assaulted 66 year’s old woman suspecting her for being a witch doctor.

This comes after a video of helpless elderly woman Identified as Maria Kyomugisha went viral on social media showing her being canned by two people while capturing her on video.

Addressing a news conference at police headquarters in Naguru, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga noted that it is believed that on 1st March 2020 the suspects found the 66 year old Maria Kyomugisha in a plantation of one Lukia Atuhungire in possession of a bird skull at Kyakabizi Shell in Bushenyi district and assaulted her by canning and later took her to police where police released her on police on charges of criminal trespass

But Fred Enanga noted that after the video which shows her while being canned went on viral Social media territorial police in greater Bushenyi launched the hunt for the suspects and two of them who includes Atuhungire Lukia and the owner of the plantation and Vicente Kamukama were arrested as they look for the prime suspect identified as Keith.

He maintained that police is currently investigating two files which includes that of criminal trespass which opened up on Maria Kyomugisha and that of assault which was opened up on the suspects which assaulted her

Police says construction in the city is obstructing CCTV cameras

By Robert Segawa
Police has reported slight success in investigating crimes in Kampala with the help of footage captured by CCTV Cameras despite some challenges like power outage and constructions which disrupt their operations.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga noted that by December 2019 a total of 296 cases registered with in Kampala were successfully investigated and culprits arrested with the help of CCTV Cameras and 123 vehicle’s conflicted in criminal incidents were impounded

Enanga says that they are seeing a reduction in crimes especially in Kampala were cameras where erected but he says that they are working with the city planners to see how they can minimize the disruption of the underground fiber optic cables due to their constructions which is making the cameras fault at some point .

Enanga also noted that they can not use CCTV camera in areas of Clock tower and other areas construction of the Kampala flyover project is happening yet these areas are hiding places of criminal elements.