President Museveni sued over “another rap” song

By Sania Babirye

President Yoweri Museveni has been dragged before the commercial court by a local Musician Richard Kaweesa for allegedly stealing his song “Another Rap” which he used in his 2010 presidential campaigns and later acquired copyrights to the song.

Kaweesa is also suing President Museveni together with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau for failing to carry out due diligence before illegally registering and granting President Museveni copyright adding that he produced the said song using a few Kinyakore words that were contained in the president’s speech of the 9th of October 2010 at Statehouse.

Democratic Party’s Deo Hasubi Njoki declines job offered by Museveni

The Democratic party Busia LCV by election candidate Deo Hasubi Njoki has declined the Uganda human rights commission Job offer by president Yoweri Museveni. Njoki who was nominated on 6th November on DP ticket and is backed by other opposition political parties as a joint candidate announced the the decision to day during the weekly party press conference in Kampala.

He confirms that he received the a copy of the letter which president Museveni addressed to the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga appointing him as the commissioner of Uganda Human rights commission.

Njoki says he wrote a letter to the party leadership informing them of what was going on.

He added that after consultations with the party leadership he has decided to turn down the offer of the job he would have preferred because that’s what he studied resolving to serve the people of Busia.

Njoki announced that he is returning to Busia to start campaign and DP will win the election.

The DP party president General Nobert Mao noted that the letter Njoki wrote to the party was linked to media by members of the party leadership and this resulted into bashing of the party including members of other opposition political parties.

DP Party President Nobert Mao - PHOTO BY Robert Segwa for Capital FM
DP Party President Nobert Mao – PHOTO BY Robert Segwa for Capital FM

He warned president Yoweri Museveni to leave DP and Njoki alone sighting that DP has invested heavily in Njoki. He noted that they are heading to Busia to and they will be Joined by other opposition leader’s in campaigns noting that they will win and Museveni will be ashamed.

The elections for Busia District LC V by elections are set for November 28th 2018. The campaign manager DP Florence Namayanja member of parliament Bukoto East assured for a land slide victory on 28th November as he called for further support.

Early this year Justice Andrew Bashaija nulified the election of NRM candidate Ouma Adea and ordered fresh elections for Busia LCV. This was after petition by Deogratious Nkoki DP candidate saying Adea was bared from holding public office for a period of 10 years when he was convicted by the anti corruption court for abuse of office and corruption.

Two finance ministry officials nabbed over corruption claims

Two senior officials in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development have been arrested.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Finance Ministry Spokesperson, Jim Mugunga, says the officials were picked up in a Police operation at the Ministry headquarters this morning in relation to an ongoing investigation.

Mugunga however, falls short of mentioning the names of the officials and what the investigations are about. URN has since learnt that the affected individuals are Michael Ogwal, an Economist and Geoffrey Turyamuhika a Commissioner.

In a message on his official twitter handle, President Yoweri Museveni notes that “I have been briefed by the police about the arrest of two senior officials in the Finance Ministry who were taking bribes from investors.”

Adding that, “I thank the security agencies for acting swiftly. This is Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo and we shall be harsh on public servants guilty of corruption.”  According to information obtained from Police, the Finance ministry asked the Special Investigations Department to investigate allegations of bribery by some officials.

Police swung into action, which led to the arrest of the two officers.




Sack the minister- Democratic Party

By Robert Ssegawa

Democratic party have tasked president Museveni to sack minister for water Ronald Kibuule over the miss conduct over the security female guard at Mukono Stanbic bank.

Kenneth Paul Kakande DP spokesperson says that the government has on several occasions agitating the public to be security conscious regardless of one’s status.

He says that Kibuule’s actions can’t not be accepted in today’s Uganda and that if possible he should resign before being sacked and that also he should be counselled and dp is willing to free counselling services. Track

Democratic Party wanted police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi to parade Kibuule like he has been doing to other suspects who committed assault.


This Police brutality must STOP

By Jackie Lumbasi

Tuesday 12th July had been a good day, here it was ending well with Former FDC presidential candidate Kizza Besigye being released from Luzira Prison and President Yoweri Museveni trending after stopping his convoy to make or answer a call……that was cool, though I felt cheated, I wanted to see a bit more of a loosened up president…perhaps seated on the ground….this one seemed over choreographed, whichever the case it made my day. I burst out laughing several times across the day viewing images on social media of people taking the presidential challenge trending as #M7Challenge.

I anticipated a rich bulletin that night, there’s nothing as boring as sitting in front of a TV on a dry day! News time comes, and there is President Museveni, a Besigye story, Sudan amongst other news.  I wanted to know how TV stations were going to utilize the image and video of the President seated by the roadside, I needed to get the latest on Sudan, on Besigye, I did not expect anything new, it would be him waving at his supporters from his car, of course there would be a mammoth crowd trailing his convoy of personal and military cars…providing security and controlling the emotional crowd. Nothing prepared me for the horrendous scenes I saw as the Besigye story was running, I guess during the day between staring at the #M7Challenge images, talking about Sudan and betting on how long it would be before Besigye is rearrested I missed a clip of police and military men seated on a pick-up truck holding long sticks and hitting people indiscriminately.

The sight of these men on trucks is not new, the sirens weren’t either, but hell no, them driving by, hitting people was unacceptable, despicable, it was heart-wrenching. Noooooooo! This wasn’t the end to Tuesday that I had envisaged!

I usually defend police because, frankly, there are times they have been provoked, I have had enough people tell me, no matter the degree of provocation the men in uniform should limit the force with which they ‘reprimand ‘ the public. Seated there watching news and seeing women men, boys and girls being beaten for expressing themselves really broke my heart.

Did the police see the trench behind these people, did it matter to them that out of shock and fear someone could fall into that trench and break a limb, or hit their head on concrete and die?

Assuming there was a stampede that turned fatal and people lost lives as a result, who would have taken responsibility?

The reason I was deeply-touched is because that could have easily been me; I am not a huge fan of Besigye but if he was in my neighborhood I’d stand by the road side to watch as he passes by and ponder the resilience and emotions exhibited by the crowds that follow him, my system wouldn’t allow to be locked up somewhere as a crowd forms or celebrates from the vicinity, I would automatically be part of that, even though passively!

I could have been that woman in red, my mum Grace could have been the elderly woman looking on in a green busuuti, your father could have been that guy carrying metal bars on his shoulder riding a bicycle minding his business but being pocked with sticks and harassed by men in uniform. And what was the crime of the motorbike parked by the roadside that one of the officers on the truck attempted to push?

Many ask why Police tops the list of Human Rights violators each time a survey is carried out; but with such atrocity meted out to a crowd of onlookers, we should stop wondering.

We might all know some well-intentioned and disciplined men and women in uniform; kudos to those! The rogue ones though, need to be identified and disciplined for tainting the professional image that others strive hard to portray!


President Yoweri Museveni has met former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and Rupia Banda of Zambia at his country home in Rwakitura.

President Museveni
Museveni and the two presidents take a walk at his country home in Rwakitura

The two former heads of state are part of a panel of International Observers led by the Head of the EAC team and former Tanzania President, Mr Ali Hassan Mwinyi who are in Uganda to monitor the Uganda elections.

Just as the two leaders arrived for the meeting, the Electoral Commission announced the Presidential results at exactly 4pm sending neighbouring villages into celebrations. The President paused to inform his guests that the celebrations were a result of the announcement by the EC of election results.

MUSEVENI: 20 million shillings for assaulted journalist.

At a press conference held in Rwakitura shortly after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni concluded his campaign trail in Greater Ankole region, NTV reporter Maurice Ochol raised the issue of ailing Andrew Lwanga a WBS journalist allegedly assaulted by a police officer on January 12, 2015.

With the assault case still ongoing in court, Ochol on behalf of the journalists’ fraternity requested for the President’s support towards the medical bills of Lwanga estimated at over 200million including travel abroad.

Dr. Richard Katungye, a medical officer with the Special Forces Command was dispatched on January 18th by HE.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to immediately check on Lwanga and assess his situation. Katungye travelled to Muyenga and met Lwanga and his family. He also examined all the medical records and decided to take Lwanga to Kampala Hospital and checked him in with Dr Mallon Nyati, an orthopaedic surgeon, a specialist in spinal cord surgery.

“My assessment was that after one year of no proper operation, his situation deteriorated. I took Lwanga to Dr. Nyati who said an operation on his back is possible, so we booked him,” Dr. Katungye said.

According to Dr. Katungye, Kampala Hospital gave a full list of all the requirements for the operation and Lwanga’s needs at Kampala Hospital totaling to Shs 10.4million. After briefing the President, he directed State House to release Shs 20million towards all expenses during and after the operation.

The money was released last week and Lwanga will check in on Tuesday February 9th, 2016 and the operation will be done on Wednesday 10th, 2016.

Nabusayi L. Wamboka thanks the journalists who brought the issue of Lwanga to the attention of the President and for the President’s quick intervention in saving the life of Lwanga.
We wish him a very quick recovery and pray that justice will be done through the court process.


Museveni offers to help battered WBS journalist

President Museveni has offered to support WBS journalist Andrew Lwanga, who was assaulted by Old Kampala District police commander Joram Mwesigye, to undergo treatment.

Mr Lwanga was reportedly assaulted by Mr Mwesigye on January 12, 2015, on Namirembe Road near Florida Bar and Guest House in Kampala while covering a demonstration by a group of unemployed youth, damaging his nervous system.

He has since been bed-ridden and out of work. He neither sits nor stands for long hours.

Ms Jennipher Lwanga, the victim’s mother, says his son’s condition is worsening everyday. She says doctors have informed her that the nerves of his son’s body were greatly affected by the lashes. The family has made consultations on the victim’s condition and that a specialist in the United States can rectify the problem at $50,000 (about Shs174 million).

President Museveni, who seemed oblivious of the widely publicised battering case, last Sunday directed his staff to follow it up after a fellow journalist brought up the matter during a press conference in Rwakitura, Kiruhura District. “Who is that (journalist)? My staff please follow up this one. I would want to support that person,” the President said.

Mr Mwesigye has since been interdicted and was charged with assault and malicious damage. Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court will on February 4, hear from the last State witness in the trial.

Mr Mwesigye is also accused of damaging two video cameras belonging to Mr Lwanga and Mr Joseph Ssettimba near Shell Petrol Station in Bakuli, a city suburb.

Mr Ronald Galiwango, a cameraman from NTV and a third prosecution witness, in his recent testimony before the court, said he saw Mr Mwesigye brutally assaulting journalists.

He stated that first he saw Mr Mwesigye holding an electric cable and latter a stick, the objects he used to assault journalists. Mr Galiwango said all along he was using a video camera to record the incidents.

In a video footage, Mr Mwesigyewas viewed moving out of a car with a black cable and started dispersing some youth who were marching in a procession holding placards.

In the process, he lost stability and fell down.
Upon standing up, Mr Mwesigye used the black cable with hooks to whip a group of people who included journalists within his reach, forcing them to run in different directions.
Mr Mwesigye then put the cable aside and he is viewed picking a big stick from a police officer. He used this stick to hit Mr Lwanga twice on the head.



Residents of Rubanda west in Kabale district have warned president Museveni against appointing non performing members of parliament as ministers. They told the President not to campaign for such people calling them failures.

President Museveni, who was accompanied by his daughter, Natasha Karugire, was campaigning at Nfasha playground in Bufundi Sub-county, Rubanda West Constituency in Kabale District, where he also promised to establish an iron ore smelting factory and extend hydroelectricity power lines to benefit the people in this rural community.

About 50 million metric tones of iron ore are located in Muko, Rubanda county in Kabale District, and can generate 550US dollars (about Shs1.8m) per processed tone, and would last for about 45 years.

The factory shall be using gas extracted from the Albertine region as a source of power instead of using coal which is imported from outside the country, Mr. Museveni eplained.

Museveni said, “It was a lie that an iron ore processing factory was to be put in Mbarara. It will be established here in Muko, Rubanda County, where the raw materials are found. In case our gas from the Albertine region delays, we shall import from Tanzania” he added.


The president further stated that we have been using scrap metal to get iron bars but this time we target getting iron bars from our own iron ore mineral. A factory for processing wolfram shall soon be constructed in this area since the wolfram raw materials are readily available.

At the same event, residents booed Economic monitoring minister Henry Banyenzaki in a show down in the area for being a non performing MP. But Banyenzaki blamed his political opponents saying they had paid what he called hooligans to embarrass him before the president.

Mr. Museveni addressed another rally at Bubare playground in Rubanda East Constituency before he inaugurated the construction of the Can Batuma memorial Airfield in Bubare Sub-county.

||NTV Akawungeezi|