Events promoter Bajjo in trouble over viral Facebook video

By Robert Segawa

Police has said the People Power supporter and music promoter Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo Events will faces treason charges.

Mukasa also known as Bajjo Events was on Saturday arrested by security officers who were dressed in police uniform attached to the Special Forces Command an incident that raised a debate.

However, the police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said the Special Investigations Division of the police is investigating Bajjo over a video in which he was recorded threatening to overthrow President Museveni before the next election in 2021.

According to Fred Enanga, Mukasa aka Bajjo has this morning handed over to special investigation unit Division in Kireka for more investigation on the video’s the accused shared on social media as he threatened to overthrow the elected government before 2021 election.

“The investigation will lead to charges of treason and threatening violence against Mukasa” said Enanga .

In the video that was shared on social media platforms, Bajjo is seen threatening to oust President Museveni’s government before 2021 and warning the army against standing in their way during the oust.

Enanga explained that being a lawfully elected President of Uganda,Museveni enjoys all privileges,adding that it is an offense for anyone to threaten ousting him using force.

“We warn the public against spreading the video’s which is more inciting and harmful to the country.” He added that investigations are ongoing but noted if complete, the file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for perusal and will appear in courts of law as soon as done.