Rwanda, Uganda agree to form a military Adhock to monitor boarder security

By Gloria Nakiyimba and Annah Nafula

Uganda and Rwanda have today signed the extradition treaty during the talks that happened at the Gatuna- Katuna boarder.

The treaty constitutes the legal frame work will handle cases of justice including those related to alleged subversive activities practiced by the nationals in the territory of the other party.

It has also been agreed that within one month Uganda will verify allegations by Rwanda about actions from its territory by forces hostile to government of Rwanda and if allegations are verified Ugandan government should take all measures to stop it and prevent it from happening again.

The two leaders have also agreed to form a military adhock commission to monitor boarder security and the facilitators will convene within 15 days a summit in Gatuna-Katuna for the reopening of the boarders and normalization relations between the two countries.

Both Kagame and Museveni extended their gratitude to the presidents of Angola and DRC,João Lourenço and Félix Tshisekedi respectively for their commitment in the search for a peaceful solution in the framework reconciliation process.

There are reports that Kagame, accuses his former ally of backing rebel groups and dissidents who want to bring down the government in Kigali while Uganda claims that Rwandan soldiers entered its territory in the southwest district of Rukiga and shot and killed two suspected smugglers last May.

It is now a year after the border was a closed to Uganda, it is undeniable that business in this once busy border town has immensely slowed down, prices of commodities in on the Rwanda are high while manufacturers on the Ugandan side continue to feel the pitch since goods now go through Tanzania to reach Rwanda.

Minister Oryem says Uganda is ready to offer Bashir asylum

By Alice Lubwama

Uganda is closely monitoring developments in Sudan following the toppling of president, Omar el Bashir.

The state minister for foreign affairs in charge of international affairs Henry okello Oryem told journalists at parliament that although Uganda was keenly watching developments in Sudan but, it fully respects the decision taken by citizens of Sudan.

“We will respect whatever form of government that they fully desire and that they will get.” He added

The minister said that his prayer was that the country is not torn apart as result of t the power shift.

“We are monitoring the situation in Sudan and hoping that the Sudanese people will determine the future of their country.The government of Uganda is now interested in the resolution
of the situation as long as it is peaceful for Sudan and their neighbors. We hope that Sudan will continue being intact as one country and will not fall apart because of these problems”, he said

The minister also said Uganda is willing to offer Bashir Asylum considering the role Bashir played in revamping the South Sudan peace settlement, he surely deserves so.

“If President Omar el Bashir applies for asylum in Uganda, it is a matter that can be considered by the President of Uganda.” said minister Okello

The Chairperson of the foreign affairs Committee Hood Katuramu said that it was imperative of Uganda to ensure that peace prevails since Sudan was one of Uganda’s key partners.

The minister also commented on the Uganda-Rwanda relationship as asked by Ngora county MP David Abara, Oryem said that Uganda had no major issue with Rwanda that why it’s boarders have remained open to everyone.

The minister further noted that Rwandese of every trade were free to access the country without any hindrances.

Rwandese embassy in Uganda spearheads campaign against genocide

By Moses Kidandi
Rwandese ambassador  has urged Ugandans  to embrace the campaign  against the genocide ideology and promote reconciliation and development.
Ambassador Frank Mgambaje said that this year’s  genocide  commemoration event will be observed under the theme;“remember -unite-Renew” . It will be exactly 24 years since the egenocide happened in Rwanda. The event wil be held on Saturday 7th April.
The Rwandese Embassy in Uganda has launched activities to observe 24 years since genocide occurred that led g to the killing of over One million Tutsis and moderate Hutu’s.
Maj Gen Frank Mugambaje ,Rwanda’s High commission to Uganda says that activities include  prayers, fundraising for the construction of a Genocide museum in Uganda ,general cleaning at the mass graves at Golo in Mpigi District and a public debate on the dangers of genocide,taking Rwanda as a case study.

Police intercepts 23 Rwandese for illegal entry into Uganda

By Robert Segawa

Police in Kabale have been intercepted 23 Rwandese Nationals for illegal entry to Uganda.

According to Elly Matte the Kigezi region police spokesperson the Rwandese Nationalist were intercepted using baby coach bus registration number UAM 897M after crossing to Uganda using porous borders of Bufundi and Rubaya sub county in Kabale district.

Matte added all the Rwandese had no identification, they don’t know their destination to Uganda and the master mind behind their travels is no where to be seen.

Matte has however warned bus companies to desist from associate with illegal immigrants saying that they risk having their business crossed.

Burundi, Tanzania and Rwanda named some of the unhappiest countries in the World

Norwegians have more reason than ever to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

After ranking fourth for the last two years, Norway jumped three spots and displaced three-time winner Denmark to take the title of “world’s happiest country” for the first time. Denmark dropped to second place this year, followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and Sweden (which tied for ninth place), according to the latest World Happiness Report, released Monday by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations.

Denmark has won the title three of the four times the report has been issued, while Switzerland has won the title just once. The United States came in 14th place, dropping one place from last year. Other superpowers didn’t fare better than Northern Europe either.

The secret to Iceland’s happiness? It’s in the water. Germany came in 16th place for the second year, while the United Kingdom moved up four spots to 19th place and Russia moved up seven spots to 49th place. Japan moved up two spots to 51st place, while China moved up four spots to 79th place.

People in the Central African Republic are unhappiest with their lives, according to the survey of 155 countries, followed by Burundi (154), Tanzania (153), Syria (152) and Rwanda (151).
Happiness is many things
Happiness isn’t just about money, although it’s part of it. Real gross domestic product per capita is one of the key measurements, said the report.

Others include generosity, a healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices and freedom from corruption, the report’s authors argued.
They said it’s a better measure of human welfare than analyzing education, good government, health, income and poverty separately.

“The World Happiness Report continues to draw global attention around the need to create sound policy for what matters most to people — their well-being,” said Jeffrey Sachs, the report’s co-editor and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, in a statement.

“As demonstrated by many countries, this report gives evidence that happiness is a result of creating strong social foundations. It’s time to build social trust and healthy lives, not guns or walls. Let’s hold our leaders to this fact.”




Micheal Ross plans a big show in Rwanda after sealing deal with Big Rwandese music label

Local R’n’B singer Michael ‘Ross’ Kakooza has signed a huge deal with a Rwandan music label.

The ‘Ndakwikundira’ singer recently entered into contract with Promoafrika, a record label based in Kigali.

According to the singer, they signed a promotional contract that will see the Kigali-based label handle all the necessary promo and bookings for the singer in Rwanda.

Following his new deal, Michael Ross who  last performed in Rwanda last year, is expected to stage another concert there very soon.





Rwandair to resume operations in South Sudan

By Gloria Nakiyimba

Rwandair is set to resume operations in South Sudan on Wednesday 20th July.

Rwanda country manager Ada Mugenyi says the first flight to Juba is scheduled for 3:30 this afternoon.

Rwandair suspended Juba operations after fighting broke out between enemy forces of President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riak Machar two weeks ago.

Rwandair is partnering with Capital radio to give a lucky couple their dream honey moon in season four of the Big wedding (#TheBigW16).

Rwanda senate approves Paul Kagame for third term

Rwanda’s senate has  unanimously approved a draft constitution to allow President Paul Kagame to seek a third term in office, the head of the senate said, clearing the path for a referendum that is not expected to face much opposition. Kagame is the latest long-serving ruler in Africa to attempt to extend his hold on power.

Similar moves have already sparked violence and instability in Burundi and Congo Republic. So far there has been no unrest in Rwanda.

Kagame, who has been in power since 2000, won widespread praise for his role in ending a genocide in 1994 of some 800,000 people, most of them Tutsis and moderate Hutus, and for his rebuilding efforts after the conflict ceased. But while praising Rwanda’s economic and social development since then, rights groups say the government severely restricts freedom of expression and does not tolerate dissent, charges the government denies.