Leila Kayondo asks to sing at SK Mbuga’s wedding

Singing diva Leila Kayondo might have given up on her ex-lover tycoon SK Mbuga and moved on since all her efforts to lure him back were fruitless, but truth is that she still misses his dimes.

Leila recently shocked her fans after she begged Mbuga to pay her to be part of the long list of artistes that are expected to entertain guests at his wedding party.

“I want to sing for SK Mbuga and his wife on their wedding day. You know I have a lot of wedding songs like Kankutijise that I would like to sing for them and they pay me some money”, said Leila Kayondo.

This revealed how much Leila misses Mbuga’s dimes and if given chance to date her ex-lover, the Relaxing singer wouldn’t hesitate to take the moneybags back.




Court dismisses case aganist city businessman

Court on Tuesday dismissed a case againist city business man Suleiman Mbuga who was charged with assault and causing bodily harm to his partner Leila Kayondo, also a local musician.

Makindye chief Magistrate Richard Mafabi dismissed the case after the two parties reconciled.

“…Court is satisfied that no one was coerced or put under any undue infouence to suppress this case. Proceedings in this matter are here by terminated and the accused (Mbuga) discharged. He is at liberty unless held on other charges,”


Mr. Mafabi ruled adding that “courts are encouraged to promote reconciliation.”

The magistrate also noted that the complainant, Ms Kayondo, took a step by making an addition statement at police to withdraw an earlier complaint she had filed. Last week, Mbuga was garanted a non- cash bail of Shs5m.

Prosecution stated on December 31 last year that Mbuga met Kayondo at Speke Resort Munyonyo in company of another man and the two lovers picked up a fight in which the former punched and slapped the musician.

On the night of January 1, Ms Kayondo reported assault case againist Mr. Mbuga at Kabalagala police station. The police failed to trace Mbuga at his home that night. She went for a medical examination, but said had been upset that police did not arrest Mr. Mbuga.

She posted on social media photos showing her injuries and seeking for help from GEN. Kale Kayihura, the inspector General of Police. Gen. Kayihura ordered Mbuga’s arrest on January 1st.

By Julient Kigongo|monitor.co.ug|PhotoCredit:chimpreports.com