Price fluctuation deters sugar sales at Kinyara

Kinyara Sugar Company Limited in Masindi district is stuck with more than 18000 tons of sugar because of distortions in the sugar prices in the country.

Kirunda Magoola, the Corporate Communications Manager Kinyara Sugar Limited, says the sugar stock has been piling since November last year.

He however, didn’t explain the source of the sugar being dumped on the matter. URN was unable to independently verify the claims.

Last month, Masindi District Sugar Cane Growers Association Limited-MASGAL resolved not to supply sugar cane to Kinyara sugar limited accusing it of reducing cane prices from Shillings 141,000 to Shillings 100, 000.

Magoola explains that the price Kinyara is giving to farmers is not the final one but advance payment pending the completion of their negotiations with the sugar cane farmers

Sugar cane farmers in Masindi district have for long been pushing Kinyara Sugar Company to increase the cane price.

Last year, Kinyara Sugar Company increased the price of sugar cane from Shillings 78,000 to Shillings 141,000 a ton.

However, the price has been lowered to Shillings 100,000 due to the fluctuation of the price of sugar.

Mao blames high sugar prices on corrupt government officials

By Robert Segawa
Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has accused the government of being behind the ongoing country wide hiked sugar prices. He says government officials are keeping sugar in their stores.
In a weekly press conference at the party headquarters in Kampala Mao has tasked  trade  Minister Amelia Kyambande to lead the opening of the sugar store campaigns as a short term solution. He adds that a  massive tax reform should be carried out to avoid recurrence of the shortage.
Mao observes that not only sugar prices have been hiked but also prices of other essential commodities like matooke, fuel, maize flour, and drugs which he  blames on high taxes imposed by the regime corrupt officials
It will be recalled that the minister last week announced the government’s directive to sugar manufacturers not to sell sugar beyond five thousand Ugandan shillings country wide.

Sugar manufacturers pledge not to sell sugar at more than 5000UGX

By Wasswa Deo

Sugar manufacturers have pointed out  that a prolonged drought  that lasted for over 9 months is the main cause of sugar shortage in the country.

They add that increasing regional demand caused by a gap over 300, 000Metric Tones and 40,000Metric Tones in Kenya and in Rwanda respectively a major causes of increase of sugar price country wide.

This gap led the two countries to import a lot of  sugar from Uganda sugar factories. The demand also led to harvesting of immature sugar canes.

This was revealed by the sugar manufacturers and distributors in the meeting organized by the Trade ministry.

In the meeting, distributors have pledged not to sell Sugar above UGX 5,000 per kilo if sufficient minimum supplies are maintained

Kakira sugar has also pledged to resume normal production  and postponed its regular maintenance.

Lugazi sugar works has also agreed to postpone its maintenance program from June to October 2017 so that normal sugar production is maintained.

Minister Kyambadde noted that the Ministry will continue to monitor sugar supply stocks from millers, distributors and retailers to ensure that the retail price of sugar does not exceed UGX 5,000 per kilogram.

MP Kafeero threatens to drag Akol to Court for defamation

Robert Kafeero Ssekitoleko, the Nakifuma County MP has given the Kilak North MP, Anthony Akol two days to retract his implicating to a bribery scam.
It comes after Akol addressed the media accusing Ssekitoleko for bribing 27 legislators with Shillings 1 million each and a bag of sugar to support his controversial Constitution Amendment Bill 2016.

The bill seeks to amend sections of the constitution to increase retirement age for judges; give Electoral Commissioners an open-ended term; allow individuals and political parties to challenge the outcome of presidential elections as well as outline the role of Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

While addressing the media, Akol claimed that the legislators traveled to Mayuge Sugar Factory under the guise of a trip by the Parliamentary Forum on Food Security, Population and Development, where the payments were made.

However, Kafeero says the allegations are aimed at discrediting his image and quest to table the bill. He says unless Akol retracts his claims, he will drag him to court for defamation.

According to Kafeero, his resolved to push the bill has attracted threats and intimidation from several legislators.

Efforts by URN to get a comment from Mafabi and Mugume were futile. Akol however maintains that he will table evidence before Parliament pinning Ssekitoleko.

The bill has attracted the attention of government. Recently, the Prime Minister; Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda said government will review the bill before taking a position.

Kafeero says he has discussed the matter with Dr. Rugunda but insists that he will spearhead the bill and government can make its input in Parliament.


Sugar is not that bad

You have probably heard so many weight watchers and medical personnel warning people against sugar . We all know too much of anything is bad but lack of something is not any better.

Apart from it giving taste to all our sweet dishes, sugar has health values that should not be over looked. According to Boldsky limitless living website, the advantages of sugar as follows:

Instant Energy Sugar is source of instant energy. When sugar goes into our blood, it gets converted into glucose which is the simplest form of sugar. Then the glucose is absorbed by the cells of the body and produces energy. If you are totally tired after a long day of physical labour, sugar cubes are the best way to give you energy. Some sports persons carry sugar cubes in their pockets so that they can get some instant energy on the field.


Low Blood Pressure People who suffer from low blood pressure are advised to carry sugar cubes with them at all times. Having sugar can raise your blood pressure immediately. If you are about to have a black out due to low blood pressure, swallow some sugar.

For Diabetics Diabetics have a fluctuating sugar level. If you are on insulin supplements and do not eat food for a long time, the blood sugar level in your body goes down. At that point of time, your body needs raw sugar to revive itself.

Sugar For Your Brain Your brain cannot function without sugar. Do you know why you have blackouts? It is because the sugar supply to your brain is cut off. So the health benefits of sugar include the proper functioning of your brain. However too much sugar has bad effects on your brain so always have it in moderation.


Cures Depression Sugar is an instant cure for depression. Sugar gives you a ‘high’. That is why they say that chocolate can help you heighten your mood. Sugar makes you feel good about yourself. But mind you, this ‘high’ is always short lived and you might end up getting addicted to it. Sugar Therapy Some medical practitioners believe that sugar can heal wounds much faster than medicines. Some nasty wounds can be healed with granulated sugar much faster than antibiotics. However, you cannot try sugar therapy on your own. You need the help of an expert medical doctor for it.


Doctors say if your body is deprived of sugar there are problems you are bound to face like low energy levels because sugar is one of the major sources of glucose, you suffer from seizures,clammy skin, headache, sleep disturbances etc

Sources of simple sugars include, sugar cane, apples, carrots, banana, yogurt, honey among others.

A little sugar  wont hurt if taken in the right proportions.