Parliament’s store keeper convicted of stealing a DVD set

By Sania Babirye

A civil servant working as a permanent staff at parliament has had his 8 month jail sentence for stealing a DVD video recorder squashed by the high court in Kampala.

Ochen Peter who was a store keeper had been convicted of stealing the said DVD worth 800,000 shillings and ordered to serve 8 months in Luzira prison and ordered to refund the said money.

However, being dissatisfied with the lower court judgement, he appealed both the conviction and sentence maintaining that he was innocent .

Ochen had stated that on the alleged day of 2nd May 2019 when the alleged theft took place, he was at Mulago hospital caring for his son who had been admitted at the hospital.

Ochen had also presented admission letters and a discharge form that showed the admission and their discharge on the 7th of May five days after the said theft took place.

However, the lower court dismissed his evidence saying that he was the one with access to the store were the said theft took place.

And today, high court judge Yasin Nyanzi was in agreement with Ochen that evidence adduced showed that he was indeed at Mulago hospital nursing his son who was had testified in court that his father was at hospital that day taking care of him and could not leave his sick sin at 11pm in the night alone at the hospital to go to Parliament to steal the said DVD .

Justice Nyanzi has also faulted the security at parliament of failing to at least show Ochen at parliament premises that day as alleged.

In conclusion, Justice Nyanzi observed that Ochen was never at Parliament that day and that indeed state failed to link the convict to the scene of crime.

He is also concerned with the convict that he was not the only person with access to the said room since other people including his supervisor had access too.

He then squashed both the conviction and sentence and set Ochen free ordering that being a public servant, the said illegal conviction should not have a baring to his job .

Mourner remanded for stealing condolence worth UGX10 million

By Sania Babirye

A Kampala resident who stole the 10 million shillings of condolence money to the family of the late Mary Luwumu in Kitugum district has been charged and remanded to Kitgum government prison.

The suspect is identified as 27 year old Daniel Lubowa a resident of Kawempe division in Kampala district.

He has appeared before Kitugum grade one magistrate John Paul Obua and charged with theft and trespass and denied the offenses.

He has now been remanded to Kitgum government prison until the 9th of September when hearing of his case is expected to commence.

The suspect was arrested last Saturday and detained at Kitgum central police station.

The said envelope containing 10 million shillings had been delivered by the prime minister Ruhakana Rugunda on behalf of President Museveni to the deceased’s family.

The money was allegedly with one of the deceased’s daughter and the suspect is said to have targeted the victim at her most vulnerable moments when her mother was being lowered into the grave and tried to stole the envelope containing the money at st.Paul church.

Employer steals sugar, abandons boss’ truck

By Sania Babirye

A driver who was sent to Lugazi sugar factory to fetch 250 bags of sugar and later stole 225 and abandoned his boss’s Fuso track on the road with only 25 bags has denied being an employee of his accuser.

Mwesige Samuel 30 years old is a businessman in Kyotera and testified before Buganda road court that he had informally employed a one Senyonjo Deo as his driver and was known throughout out the town as his driver.

He further stated that on the the 3rd day of January 2019, he sent Senyonjo to Lugazi sugar factory to buy the said sugar of 50kg a bag but on the 4th day of January 2019, while he was still sleeping received a call from another employee of his claiming that he had seen his Fuso parked in a trench near the road in Mpigi on Masaka road.

And that when he tried to call the suspect, his phone was switched off.

He further testified that he contacted police and was given three officials from the flying squad who helped to track the accused via GPS three months after hiding in Lukwanga in Wakiso district.

Upon arrest, the suspect is alleged to have confessed to have stolen the said sugar and sold it off with his sister to someone on William street but claims that the money was however stolen from him by a one Kakaire who is also a suspect.

However during cross examination, Senyonjo tasked his alleged boss to prove that he ever employed him which documents he did not have.

This forced Senyonjo to ask court to dismiss the said charges against him in grounds that his alleged boss can not prove that he ever employed him.

The said stolen sugar was valued at 32milion Uganda shillings.

But his boss also insisted that the suspect was indeed his driver and that there is also evidence yo show that he indeed did drive the said Fuso into Lugazi sugar factory loaded the said sugar and signed out with his driving permit before turning around and stealing it.

The suspect had disappeared after he turned his phone off but he was arrested when he bought a new sim card and inserted it in his old phone leading to Flying squad officials tracking him and arresting him.

The victim who deals in general merchandise shop also told court that he has since never recovered his sugar.

Matter was further adjourned to 14th of june 2019 for further hearing.

Car thieves committed for trial

BY Sania Babirye
The high court in Kampala has committed to the high court two men who are on charges of aggravated robbery.

The two include 31 year old Ssekide Patrick and 27 year old Okechi Patrick.

These are said to have dragged a one kibuka John with chloroform and robbed him of vehicle registration number UBD 226B before leaving him unconscious in a pool of blood.

State prosecutor Pamela Orongot has formed Nakawa court grade one magistrate Odwori Ponsiano that she has instructions from the Director of Public Prosecution to have the accused committed for trial in the high court since investigations into the matter are complete.

These are charged with aggravated robbery contrary to section 285 (8) and 286 (2) of the penal code act and also causing bodily harm to the victim.

Prosecution states that on the Ssekide Patrick and Okechi Patrick with others still at large on tge 31st of July 2018 at Nambole South Kira Municipality, in Wakiso district robbed Kibuka John of motor vehicle Registration number UBD 226B Mitsubishu canter and at immediately after the said robbery caused grievance harm to the said Kibuka.

According to the evidence which prosecution intends to produce through the trial include the fact that a one Nabirye Faith is tge owner of the said vehicle and that she had employed Kibuka John to drive the said vehicle for Harsh security ltd on the 30th of July 2018.

That on the 31st of July 2018,Kibuka John was called on his mobile phone by unknown people asking to hire a vehicle for transportation of household items.

And that on that same day Kibuka proceeded to Nambole and met one of the suspect Ssekide Patrick who entered in the passenger seat and they drove to a residential area near a gate and only recalls waking up in hospital.

The victim was rushed unconscious to Ziwa Memorial clinic in Bweyogerere by a bodaboda rider who found me unconscious in a pool of blood and later when he regained consciousness, they called his wife who reported the matter to police.

The suspects were arrested after police analysed Kibuka’s telephone data and traced the line and other phone call numbers belonging to both of them.

Police also recovered the said vehicle which they had changed the number plates to UAU 918D and was being hidden in one of their garage.

Okechi upon arrest admitted to have been supplying Ssekide with fake number plates on stolen vehicles, however, Ssekide denied ever stealing the said vehicle and claimed that it belonged to a one Swaleh whom he could not locate.

These have further been remanded to Luzira prison until when High court will set a date for hearing of their case.

Parliament driver seeks for UGX 15M for eye surgery

By Sania Babirye

A driver with the Uganda Parliament is at the verge of losing his eye if he does not get immediate medical attention after he was attacked by robbers.

Emona Francis revealed this before high court Judge Tony Vicent Okwanga after court concluded hearing of a case in which a one Wanyama Felix aka Pingu is charged with hitting him with an iron bar and leaving his left eye damaged during a robbery.

The suspect is also said to have robbed Emona’s UGX15,000 during the incident before hitting him on the head and left eyes which left him bleeding profoundly.

Wanyama is facing two counts including aggravated robbery and causing actual bodily harm using a deadly weapon, charges he denies.

Prosecutions states that on the 15th of July 2015 at 1pm in the night, in Kiwungu zone Mulago in Kampala district, Wanyama used the deadly weapon and robbed Emona Francis’ UGX 15,000 and at immediately or after uses a deadly weapon to hit him causing grievance harm.

Evidence further shows that on that fateful day, Emona was coming from Entebbe airport on official duty and when he reached Kampala, he decided to drop the government vehicle at Mulago police post for packing.

Emona is said to have taken a bodaboda to his home but got off and as he was walking to his home, the suspect came behind him and hit him on the head and left eyes as he heard his wife struggles to open for him the door.

When Emona fell on the ground, the suspect searched his trouser pockets and took the only UGX 15000 that was in his pockets.

His wife later rushed him to Wandegeya clinic before he was referred for eye surgery at Mengo hospital.

Emona says he suffered a lot of injuries in his eyes and he still feels so much pain from the stitches he has so far received and that he is also partially blind .

He adds that his doctors have recommended surgery and is currently looking for UGX 15 million to pay for the surgery .

Car cleaner convicted for stealing client’s money and land title

By Sania Babirye

A 20 year old car cleaner who stole 20million shillings and a land title from a client’s car has been found guilty and consequently convicted.

Tayebwa Anthony has been found guilty and convicted by Buganda road court grade one magistrate Robert Mukanza.

While convicting him, the magistrate ruled that prosecutions had adduced sufficient evidence to prove the offense of theft.

Now prosecutions has asked court to hand Tayebwa a deterrent custodial sentence to deter the would-be offenders since theft at washing bays is so rampant in the country and the fact that the convict wasted courts time by taking court through a full trial without being remorseful.

The state also wants court to order Tayebwa to compensate the victim Nabboth Tumusiime 19200,000 since only 800,000 shillings was recovered out of the 20 million and the land title was also not recovered.

Prosecutions states that on the 9th of August 2018 at Magic washing bay in Kampala district, Tayebwa stole the said items from Tumusiime’s car that was left in his care for washing.

Tayebwa is to be sentenced this afternoon.

Two plead guilty for stealing ducks

By Sania Babirye
City hall court grade one magistrate Patrick Talisuna has convicted two people for stealing three ducks belonging to their neighbor worth 160,000 shillings.
The convicts have been identified as 2e year old Gloria Munguli  and 23 year old  Timothy Eyenga both residents of Kyebando kisalosalo a Kampala suburb.
These were convicted on their own plea although one of them (Timothy) alleged to have stolen only one duck.
According to evidence before court, the convicts were arrested  early this month after they had cooked and  were about yo start enjoying the stolen birds that belonged to a one Isaac Mubiru
They have been  remanded to Luzira prison  until the  30th of this month when they re-appear  for sentencing.

Lands minister Amongi accused of grabbing land

By Sania Babirye
An Indian Family has dragged the minister of Lands Betty Amongi to the Land probe commission accusing her of using her position as minister to steal their Family property  valued  at 5 billion shillings in Kampala that belonged to their departed parents.
While appearing before the seven member team chaired by justice Catherine Bamugemeire, a one Tashak Partel testified that before the  expulsion of Indian nationals, his grand parents were the registered  proprietors of plot 29 on Acacia avenue which was later entrusted to the Departed Asian custodian board .
Partel explained that in 1995 his family returned back to Uganda  an upon return, his mother Mandakini Manubai Partel re-possessed the said property in which she appointed him as the care taker of the said property.
He says that as a care taker,he rented the property out  to a telecom company -Midcom Ltd but in December 2017, he received a letter from a company called AMOBET investments Ltd asking his Asian family  to vacate the property because it was a government property since it had never been repossessed.
 He adds that in top of that on the 15th of February this year, minister Amongi  using the Ministry’s letter head  wrote to his lawyers of Bitangaro and company advocates summoning  him  to appear at the headquarters of the  Ministry of land Headquarters  to be grilled on allegations that there were forged documents including a land tittle and a certificate of re-possession of the property.
Partel has further revealed that he instructed his lawyer to ascertain the legality and ownership of AMOBET  company  in the registrar of companies and they later discovered that minister Amongi owns 66% of AMOBET company  while a one Cate Odongo owns the remaining 44%.
He has now told the land probe commission that the minister is using her influence to steal their property.
The allegations comes after the minister failed to appear before the commission ladt week to explain the alleged corruption in the land fund in which senior citizens including John Nagenda informed the commission that conmen are being compensated by the land fund instead of the rightful beneficiaries including him for their land given to government.
However Justice Catherine Bamugemeire insisted that the minister will be re-summoned to appear in person to explain the corruption allegations.

Kyambogo VC warns new students about conmen

By Robert Segawa
Kyambogo University management has warned newly registered students about conmen who are intending to extort their Tuition fees .
Vice chancellor prof.Eli Katunguka while addressing the journalists at Kyambogo said that the university has so far received over 75 complaints from new students whose tuition has been robbed. He says the conmen disguise themselves as people trying to help students in the clearance process.
Katunguka calls upon parents to be involved in the fees paying processso as to avoid such problems.
Kyambogo university has admitted more than 14000 students and only 5th -Aug-2017 they are starting then continuing students starts on 12th August.
He calls upon to always keep peace whenever at campus to avoid habits such as striking.

Hospital authorities in Kisoro worry about recurring thefts

The rampant cases of theft at Kisoro Hospital in Kisoro district have raised concern from the hospital and district authorities.

At least four cases of theft have been registered in the hospital since this year begun. Dr. Michael Baganizi, the Director Kisoro Hospital, says thieves target offices and make off with valuables despite the presence of two security guards.

Expedito Byensi, the Chairperson Kisoro District Health Committee, says the latest theft at the Hospital occurred on March 28th, 2018.

He explains that unknown thugs broke into the HIV clinic in the night and made off with two computers, two printers and other vital documents.

Byensi wants the District Security Committee to intervene and step up security at the hospital.

Charles Okoto, the Kisoro District Police Commander, says he will start deploying officers at the hospital.

Hajji Shafique Ssekandi, the Kisoro Resident District Commissioner accuses some health workers at the hospital for conniving with thugs to raid the facility.