Rapper Kanye meets Trump to express concerns about violence

Kanye West had a long-term plan when he asked to meet with Donald Trump … talk about life during the first meeting, and death on the streets during the next one.

Sources close to the rapper tell us Kanye has been thinking a lot about the violence in Chicago, and wants to use his name to make a difference. The rapper’s had a good relationship with Trump, and he’s decided to use it to help promote peace on the streets in Chi-town.

As we reported, Kanye didn’t raise the issue of violence in his Trump chitchat Tuesday … the 2 just talked broadly about life. But Kanye plans to deepen the relationship once Trump becomes Prez.

Kanye knows Trump has lots of people in his ear so he wanted a face-to-face to get on the radar now.

Kanye will have the time on his hands to pursue peace in Chicago … his concerts have been cancelled indefinitely while he stabilizes his life after his hospitalization.