The Triplets in a joint dance project with famous Kasese dance group

Sitya loss kids dance group “the triplets” are reaching for the finest in their business.  On Sunday, the group manager,Kavuma Dauda posted a photo of famous Kasese dance group and captioned it,

“Dear friends fans and families
After release our video Yamba help
Let introduce to u the IDU Dancers from Kasese Uganda
We have come up with a project
Dance collaboration
How do u see.”

The post indicated that the Triplets were not taking a break after the release of their last project dambed ,yamba. They were instead working on a dance project with the  Invincible Dance Unit ( I.D.U). IDU is no doubt a well respected dance group that has been to some of the most celebrated dance competitions in East Africa called Sakata Mashariki. The group narrowly missed a win to a Kenyan dance group.

It is all good that the Triplets are associating with some of the best dancers in the country and we cant wait to see the outcomes of this union.

VIDEO: Sitya Loss Kids dance to Justin Beiber’s Sorry.

The Triplets, famously known as the Sitya Loss Kids lost one of their own Alex Ssempijja in an accident on Monday, November 30 2015. BIG Talent Entertainment mourned after his passing. Alex featured in the famous Sitya Loss award-winning video

This catastrophe has not kept the Triplets, down. Conquering the pain of losing a friend and team mate, they have now reactivated their dancing mood. There is no better way to do a comeback than dancing to Justin Beiber’s Sorry. A song off his album Purpose released 2015.

‘Sorry’ dethroned ‘Hello’ by Adele from No. 1 top the Billboard Hot 100 a position it had monopolized for 10 weeks dating to its debut atop the Nov. 14 chart. “Sorry” debuted the same week at No. 2.

Patricia the girl who was in the accident with Alex has since recovered and she features in the video. The video released on YouTube, maintains the Ghetto Kids’ theme of a rural setting, showing the everyday life of the average African child.

By Tukundane Yonna

Photo & Video courtesy of YouTube