UCE results out, 1825 results withheld

By Deo Wasswa
Uganda National examination Board has today released Uganda certificate examination results for the 2018.

According to the results, Female candidates have performed better than males in English language. In other large entry subjects, male candidates show better performance, with the difference more marked in mathematics and sciences.

Overall improvement in performance has been seen in English language, Islamic religious education and physics. Mathematics and biology have also shown improvement at the distinction level. However Christian religious education, history, geography, agriculture and chemistry showed some decline in performance and chemistry was the worst done subject.

With this performance, UNEB has noted that there is still a challenge in overall pass levels for science subjects where nearly half of the candidates have not archived the minimum pass 8.

A total of 330,721 candidates appeared for the 2018 examination compared to 320119 candidates who appeared for the examination in 2017.

Speaking during the release of the examination at statistics house in Kampala, the UNEB chairperson Mary Okwakol has noted that as result of extra measures that UNEB took to improve management of the UCE examination in the field, the number of cases for the which results are withheld has reduced drastically, from 4525 in the year 2017 examination to 1825 in the year 2018.

According to her, all cases of the 2017 withheld UCE results were investigated and the candidates were given fair hearing by the examinations security committee of the Board. “I am pleased to report that of the 4525 candidates whose results were withheld, 1977 were cleared and had their results released. Regrettably, results of 2548 candidates were cancelled’’. Okwakwol said.

The UNEB has also maintains an examination center at Luzira Prisons for the inmates to assist the Uganda prison services in their efforts at rehabilitation of offenders. The center registered 43 candidates, 40 candidates sat and 7 obtained division 2, 20 were in division 3, 11 in division 4 and 1 failed.

Minister Alupo directs UNEB to cancel center numbers for schools with malpractice issues

The minister for education Jessica Alupo has issued a directive to UNEB to cancel center numbers for schools that are persistently involved in examination malpractice. The minister made the directive while releasing the 2015 UCE examination results at Lugogo. She says the habit of malpractice is destroying the education system in Uganda. Results of2060 candidates from 86 examination centers were withheld due to malpractice.
Mathematics and Sciences were the worst performed subjects in last year’s UCE . Mathew Bukenya UNEB secretary says results for 2,060 candidates have been withheld due to suspected malpractice from 86 examination centers. He says over r 90% of malpractice for which some results have been withheld is in Mathematics & Science Most of the malpractice was done by teachers inside the Examination rooms. Female students performed better than Male students in English and CRE, while overall Male candidates performed better than their female counter parts.
Bukenya says there’s evidence that teachers speculated questions to be set and the students therefore ended up giving wrong answers.  Failure to read and interpret the questions by candidates contributed to the poor performance. Bukenya says absenteeism rose from 1.4% in 2014 to 2.1% in 2015. More boys were absent compared girls. Elnino rains and bad roads affected the movement of scouts, invigilators & transportation of examination papers to the centers.