Preparation of Kaweesi requiem mass underway

By Robert Segawa

Various dignitaries have started arriving here at Rubaga cathedral for the requiem mass of fallen police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi expected to kick off any time. Among the dignitaries are honorable ministers, ambassadors, religious leaders and senior police officers.

The mass is expected to be presided over by the Archbishop of Kampala Cyprian Kizito Lwanga

The body has already arrived at church being brought by Aplus funeral managers and later lifted by AIGPs amidst tight security.

After the service the body is going to be taken to Kyazanga in Lwengo district where he will be laid to rest tomorrow at 2pm.


UPDF officer escapes from police

By Robert Ssegawa

A  UPDF captain suspected of robbing a vehicle from local artists Irene Namatovu and Geofery Lutaaya has escaped from police custody.

Katonga region police spokesman Phillip Mukasa says Captain James Lukwago escaped from Mpigi police station where he had been detained.

Mukasa says police has mounted a search to re arrest the suspect.


Six bodies recovered from Lake Victoria

By Robert Ssegawa

Police in Mayuge have recovered six bodies of people who died  in a boat accident on Lake Victoria.

Abdul Nasser Mulimira the Mayunge police CIID says the accident happened Sunday night when the boat capsized as it crossed from Bugudde landing site to Malungu B in Malungu sub-county.

A total of eight people from the same family lost their lives.



By CP Fred Enanga

In the wake of recent thefts of and from cars in the suburban residential neighborhoods of Najjera, Kiwatule, Kigoowa,  Kulambiro , Kisasi , Bahai  and also Kibuye – Gaba , Lukuli- Nanganda and Namasuba Upper hill , the police has come up with additional safety tips to members of the public.

Police has noted that thefts of and from cars are generally for 3 purposes, temporary transportation, to strip the car of its valuable parts for sale, and to resell it upon disguising it as a legitimate car.

Some of the contributing factors include.

  1. Location – cars parked at single –family residences, on the streets and familiar neighborhoods are more likely to be targeted by criminals.
  2. Time. Thefts of and from cars in suburban areas generally occurs at night, when driving home, at main gate entrance  or while parked in the yards, as well as the fact that darkness provides cover for the thieves.

During day, parking lots are vulnerable to thefts because many people use them. In addition, some special events also draw large numbers of vehicles to an area thus generating high volume of thefts from cars.

  1. Types of cars. In general older models of cars are often stolen, more than recent models because fewer of them contain in-built, anti-theft devices and thieves learn that particular models of cars are easier to steal than others. However new models may be targeted, if they contain components in great demand.
  2. Items targeted for theft. These include personal items and car components, Personal items that owners may leave in their cars like mobile phone, car stereos and accessories that can easily be traded for cash.

The main emphasis is to understand the environmental settings in which the theft occur and design solutions. Some of the effective solutions to prevent thefts include.

a) Enforcement.

  1. Increasing patrols. This helps increase the risks to offenders and helps inform officers of risky locations in neighborhoods.
  2. Prosecuting offenders, especially repeat offenders
  3. Using “bait cars /motorcycles “to provide targets for thieves and a means for police to rapidly respond and apprehend offenders.

Tracking stolen goods, to discourage thieves from selling stolen property.

b) Effective response strategy.

  1. Promoting sales cars with inbuilt security systems.
  2. Promoting securely – designed neighborhoods where the police work with developers and planners in the design of the neighborhood
  3. Educating patrol officers about theft patterns supported by reliable data and knowledge. This enhances officer’s abilities to detect and prevent car crimes.

c) Security

  1. Improving lighting around homes and additional street lightings by local governments and urban authorities
  2. Removing vegetation and other cover, increases the chances of the thief’s discovery.
  3. Installing and monitoring video surveillance, increases offenders perceived risks of apprehension when cameras are visibly placed.

d) Education 

  1. Alerting car owners about theft problems and educating them about known risk factors and effective prevention.

We want in addition, to warn those carrying bags, especially while returning home from work, and or revelers from entertainment places, to hold it against their body or wear the strap diagonally across the chest.

This follows complaints of snatch thefts, from riders especially boda -boda riders, who employ rob and ride tactics.

To prevent a driver or ride-by bag snatch, pedestrians and passengers must stay vigilant at that stage of boarding a boda -boda or during price negotiations. They are also encouraged to use the opposite lane/street and face incoming traffic.

However, in the event that your bag is snatched let it go, as it may be impossible to fight the instinct to hold on, since one can seriously get hurt or dragged on the road.


By Robert Ssegawa

Police in Mbarara is holding a police officer attached to special operations unit SPC Isaac Ssegawa over car robbery.

Ssegawa who normally drives the infamous police black van transporting Dr Kizza Besigye during city demonstrations was nabbed from Mbarara town.

His arrest come after some thugs were earlier arrested with stolen vehicle spare parts identified him as their god father who steals cars and sells them for spare parts.

Rwizi region police spokesperson Vicente Ssekate said after getting information we used the suspects to trick him that they had more business to transact when he come police arrested him.

Ssekate adds that police began special investigation after a Updf officer one Peter Tumwine lost his UAE 822P from Mulago referral hospital.



By Robert Ssegawa

Police is holding two men suspected of killing a police presidential guard at Chez Johnson Hotel in Kampala Tuesday night.

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson says the deceased Churchhill Kuyama was found dead in Room 122 and it is suspected that he was poisoned.

Onyango has identified the suspects as Alex Chubei and Ann Akampulira who were picked up yesterday from the hotel. He says they are being detained at Wandegeya police station as investigations are conducted.



By Robert Ssegawa

A number of operative who have been arrested has increased to 39 after the arrest of UPDF Cpt. Ojara attached to Bombo barracks with other 8 arrested from Kyengera in on going operation between police and military.

These come after the arrest of Col Dan Opita who are allegedly involved in sub missive related act.

Gen Kale Kayihura while addressing the Media about the attack in Gulu Central police station where six guns were recovered from the attacker said during the fire exchange UPDF Copal Moses Edema killed.

A total of four UPDF soldiers, 2 police officers and civilian were injured and pick up number UAF 350Q used to transport the attacker was impounded.

Gen Kayihura also refutes claims that this attack are rebel related clarifying that this is organized criminal gang.

Kayihura asked the district police commander and his force for their alertness vigilance and effectiveness and also the UPDF 4th command for their timely robust and effective reinforcement.


By Robert Segawa

Police in Kayunga is holding 12 year old boy for stealing two million shillings from his 80 years old grandfather.

Moses Kauju 12 year was dragged to police by his grandfather Joseph Musobozi a resident of Gayaza village in Kayunga district.

Musobozi told police that he kept the cash under the mattress for two weeks after selling his two cows to start constructing his house.

When a police officer slapped the boy he confessed that he took the money and used it to buy a bicycle at 800,000. He told the police that he given the balance to his friends and other school children who in return also bought things to eat.



By Robert Segawa

Police has heavily deployed across the country following the intelligence reports that forum for democratic change members will continue with defiance campaign to destabilize swearing in scheduled on 12th may 2016.

According to Polly Namaye the deputy police spokesman says that police got information that FDC mobilize people from Kabalore, Isingiro , Ntungamo, Kisoro and Kasese who will travel to Kampala to destabilize swearing in.

She warned youth not to engage in defiance  activities and unlawful assembly because security is on high alert.

Namaye adds that police will not allow anybody to continue defiance because court issued interim order blocking all defiance activities including prospection from Najjanankumbi to Nakivubo blue ground, and Tuesday players..


Bomb scare.

On March 1, 2016, we received information that three abandoned bags had been identified in different parts of the Central Business District of Kampala City – one was at the Constitutional Square and the other two were along Namirembe Road – and were feared to contain explosive devices.

We dispatched our Counter Terrorism Officers to verify whether they contained explosives or not. The officers, on reaching the scenes, searched the bags and found they contained stones, wires and documents purporting to contain results from the Presidential Elections, labelled from “The Red Top Brigade”.

A preliminary assessment of the situation surmised that the staged scare is most likely one of the unconstitutional means that some groups are trying to use to cause civil instability, and to push for demonstrations and violent strife on the streets of Kampala.

Nevertheless, in light of the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks by groups such as the al-Shabaab militant movement, the staged scare will not be treated lightly.

The areas affected this morning were closed temporarily but have been re-opened, allowing traffic and business to resume normally.

We thank the members of the public who promptly alerted the police to the scare, and commend them for being upright and responsible citizens.

We urge all members of the public to remain alert and vigilant to all elements that threaten public safety and order, and to reject all attempts to ignite violence and unrest in Uganda. All police communication channels remain open for reports and updates as follows:

Police Hotline: 0800199699

Patrick Onyango
Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson