Government will not give supplementary exams to pupils who missed out on their primary leaving exams.

Government  will not give supplementary exams to pupils who missed out on their primary leaving exams. While presenting a statement on the matter  before parliament this afternoon, the ministet of edication  janet museveni said  the 20 students from Iganga who missed their exams on their schools  were not registered and says that for those in Butambala and the ministry was still investigating.

Janet Museveni adds that by offering pupils additional exams cannot be done as this will set a bad precedent that will allow head teachers to fail to register students because they know they will have another opportunity.

She further noted that such exams should be done at the same time to ensure they are accessed in the same manner.

The first lafy also noted that they are enacting the UNEB bill that will give heavy penalties to head teachers that fail to register students and hope this will be able to discourage the practice.

The matter was raised in parliament on tuesaday tthis week by bunyore west mp james waluswaka  who requsted government to give supplementary exams to pupils who had missed PLE saying most of them were girls who would easily be married off by their parents.

Now hon Walunswaka urges the minister to reconsider her position, saying that if its an issue of costs members of parliament were willing to contribute to this noble cause to ensure these children do not miss out on their exams or else many of them who are girls amight end up in marriage at such young age.

UNEB releases more examination guidelines

By Alice Lubwama

With just a few  days   for  Primary Seven candidates   to sit for their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) , Uganda national examinations board has issued more  guidelines in a bid to fight examination malpractices.

This year the candidates  will only write their names and code numbers for schools  on their examination papers  but not the names of the schools in order to make it a little more  difficult for those who would like to manipulate the results according to Dan Odong the executive secretary UNEB.

Odong says  that some markers have been easily identifying the students they need to favor from the names of the  schools  written on  the examination papers and  this will increase the integrity of the  examinations.

PLE  will be  done on  November 5th and 6th, and the candidates  will start with Mathematics in the morning of November 5th and do Social Studies in the afternoon. Morning papers shall start at 9.00 am while
those in the afternoon shall commence at 2.00 PM On November 6th, candidates shall  sit for the Science paper in the morning and then English in the afternoon.

The examination body  has other  guidelines  which  the schools and candidates  need to follow in order  not to be disqualified  or that can led to the cancellation of the entire results.

Smuggling of unauthorized material inside the examination room, copying from one another or collusion, external assistance given by teachers, supervisors, invigilators and any other persons, prior knowledge of examination questions (leakage), impersonation (i.e. hiring somebody else to sit the examination,another person, rather than the duly registered candidate sitting the examination , improper behavior e.g. making noise, disobeying, threatening and attacking scouts, Supervisors, Invigilators etc.

English and Mathematics were worst done subjects as per 2017 results, and schools from the eastern region  registered a high failure rate by the candidates.

Leaders  from the worst performing  districts such as   Manafwa have given   Numerous reasons  for the performance including erratic transfer of teachers, interference of politicians and laxity of parents.

The teachers are accusing  several politicians, with no experience in the education sector, of punishing them unnecessarily, as  ,  Several parents in Manafwa agreed that they haven’t been  hard on their
children   encouraging  an attitude of laxity.

UCE examination leakage started in Iganga says UNEB boss

The recent leakage of Uganda Certificate of Examination (UCE) papers has been traced to Iganga district. The confirmation comes a week after media reports indicating that examination papers were circulating on social media long before they were done by the candidates.

UNEB Executive Secretary Dan Odongo says preliminary investigations have traced the leakage to storage station in Busesa. He adds that the area supervisor and scouts have since been arrested to aid investigations into the matter.

“The scout sent to guard the exam confessed that he was paid 1 million Shillings to give his keys to perpetrators of the fraud,” Odong told journalists in Kampala today.

According to Odongo, over 26 people from various districts have so far been arrested in relation to the examination leakage. Of the arrested; five were from Entebbe, five from Rwizi, four from Rwenzori west region, two from Serere, one from Amuria, nine from Kampala and one from Iganga.

They include private school teachers, a student, a director of a private school and bursar of a government school among others.

Odongo says the involvement of teachers is an “indictment of teachers who have made education a business.” He however adds that UNEB was still pondering the next course of action.

“Our scouts from other parts of the country have told us that examinations in their areas were going on well and were not affected by news of the examination leaks.”

“Until the impact is established, we shall not know what appropriate measure to take to handle the after effect of the exam. So for now we do not know whether we shall cancel the exam or reduce or increase the pass mark. We shall only know what to do after we establish what can be done.”




UNEB partners with UCC to shun examination malpractice through social media

In this period when Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) examinations have kicked off, the communication regulator the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) have come out to warn the public on perpetrating in online examination malpractice. The commission and other security agencies have received reports that a racket of unscrupulous individuals are using social media platforms like WhatsApp to commit examination malpractices and to fleece the unsuspecting members of the public of their money on the basis of fraudulent promises to offer them access to examination papers.

UCC warns in a blog post that “such practices are contrary to Section 19 of the Uganda National Examinations Board Act (Cap 173) and the Computer Misuse Act 2011.”

UCC is working closely with UNEB and other security agencies to track the authors of such messages and the general public is advised against participating, aiding and abetting any such illegal practices in order to avoid the risk of either becoming victims to such frauds or being arrested and/or prosecuted for aiding and abetting crimes under the Uganda National Examinations Board Act (Cap 173) and the Computer Misuse Act 2011.

The commission has requested the to report any examination related malpractice incidents encountered online for further investigation.






By Alice Lubwama

An NRM member who stood and lost in the last elections Dr. Elizabeth Nabatanzi Lugudde has asked the party chairman president Museveni to sack the NRM electoral commission chairman DR. Tanga odoi saying that he is competent.

Addressing journalists in Kampala today Dr. Nabatanzi said that Tanga does not deserve to stay in that office because of the shame he has brought to the party, when all the people cleared by his commission to stand on the party ticket are being thrown out of parliament without the required academic papers.

Nabatanzi says more NRM members who were cleared by Tanga’s commission are to be thrown out of parliament just like his opponent Ssozi Isaac Mulindwa of Lugazi municipality who lost his seat recently.

She pins Tanga for failing to listen to the petition she made against Ssozi , over academic papers after the NRM primaries.

Tanga denied the responsibility of verifying the papers of candidates, saying that it is the work of UNEB and National Council of Higher Education.


Minister Alupo directs UNEB to cancel center numbers for schools with malpractice issues

The minister for education Jessica Alupo has issued a directive to UNEB to cancel center numbers for schools that are persistently involved in examination malpractice. The minister made the directive while releasing the 2015 UCE examination results at Lugogo. She says the habit of malpractice is destroying the education system in Uganda. Results of2060 candidates from 86 examination centers were withheld due to malpractice.
Mathematics and Sciences were the worst performed subjects in last year’s UCE . Mathew Bukenya UNEB secretary says results for 2,060 candidates have been withheld due to suspected malpractice from 86 examination centers. He says over r 90% of malpractice for which some results have been withheld is in Mathematics & Science Most of the malpractice was done by teachers inside the Examination rooms. Female students performed better than Male students in English and CRE, while overall Male candidates performed better than their female counter parts.
Bukenya says there’s evidence that teachers speculated questions to be set and the students therefore ended up giving wrong answers.  Failure to read and interpret the questions by candidates contributed to the poor performance. Bukenya says absenteeism rose from 1.4% in 2014 to 2.1% in 2015. More boys were absent compared girls. Elnino rains and bad roads affected the movement of scouts, invigilators & transportation of examination papers to the centers.