Maj. Gen. Kyanda cautions LDUs against indiscipline

By Sania Babirye

The Chief of Staff Land Forces (COS- LF) of the Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (UPDF), Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda has
urged Local Defense Force to improve the way they work so as improve their public image.

Maj Gen. Kyanda made the call during the ongoing refresher training at Kakiri Barracks by LDFs.

He also described cases of indiscipline by some LDUs as very grave act against the good image of the UPDF.

“In the UPDF, we have no space for any form of indiscipline; there is no amount of indiscipline that is small to us. A mere abusive language or annoying gesture to the civilians is too grave an act to do. You must work towards correcting these mistakes as you conduct your operations,” said Maj Gen Kyanda.

He further told the LDFs that they are part of the UPDF and members of the larger national security structure of Uganda and must measure to the expected disciplinary standards.

This course is intended to inculcate and uphold in you the time-tested UPDF ideology of a Pro-People Force,” he told the trainees.

He added that after the course, the LDFs will be able to execute their duties more effectively.

UPDF soldier sent to jail over murder

By Sania Babirye

A serving Uganda People’s Defense Force soldier attached to Air force Nakasongola District has been charged of murdering a senior army officer by the General Court Martial sitting at Makindye.

Corporal Max Omutoojo has appeared before seven members court chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti and pleaded not guilty to the said offense.

He has been remanded at Makindye Military barracks until the 25th of August for further mention of his case after state prosecutor captain Ambrose Baguma informed court that investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

Prosecution states that corporal Omutoojo on the 8th of May 2020 while at Nakasongola barracks with malice aforethought unlawfully caused the death of Major Sulaiman Wafula after he allegedly refused him to go to the village to do his personal work.

UWOPA applauds president for appointing female army spokes person

By Alice Lubwama

Uganda Parliamentary Women’s Association ( UWOPA) has applauded the president for appointing one of it’s executive member Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso to a key position as first female officer as army spokesperson.

The programs coordinator of the association Mary Harriet Lamunu says that the appointment of Byekwaso shows the level of trust the president has in women that they can deliver.

Lamunu however asks the president to appoint more women in bigger positions because they have proven to be good leaders.

She has described Byekwaso as a hardworking and down to earth person.

Byekwaso who is also army representative in parliament replaces Brig Gen Richard Karemire.

Army releases guidelines on burial of fallen Rtd. Lt General Kasirye Gwanga

By Sania Babirye

The army has released the burial details of the late Rtd Lt.General Kasirye Gwanga.

According to the Uganda People’s Defense Forces Spokes person Richard Karemire, Gen.Kasirye Gwanga will be buried tomorrow in a ‘scientific’ burial at Nkene village in Busujju county , Mitiyana district at 10:00am.

Karemire says a limited number of people comprising of mainly relatives will attend the burial as away of observing the COVID-19 standard operation measures , a cause that the deceased died fighting for.

The Army has also banned any kind of gatherings at the road sides because it will violate the social distancing directive and only state media; UBC station has been accredited to carry out the live coverage of the burial process. He also says that there will be a live stream on YouTube and Facebook to minimize congestion.

The army has advised neighbors to the late and other well wishers of Mitayana to respect the said measures because they will not be allowed to bury him emphasizing that the UPDF and other security agencies will be reinforcing the said measures .

Eight UPDF soldiers charged

By Sania Babirye

The Division Court martial, of the UPDF 1 infantry Division, has charged 8 UPDF and LDU personnel of different offenses to which some pleaded guilty to.

The seven member court, chaired by Col. Sam Mugyenyi, charged the suspects with offenses ranging from man slaughter, careless shooting while in operation, failure to protect war materials all deemed capital offenses by the UPDF Act.

The suspects include a LDU officer Asuman Juma Musuya who was charged with man slaughter after he allegedly .

According to court, on the 25th of Jul 2019, while cleaning his gun, Musuya failed to take necessary safety precaution leading to killing of his fellow LDU Atanansi Mumuli.

The accused, accepted the charges and was convicted on his own plea. He was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment,starting from the date of his arrest.

Another LDU, Kirungi Sadik of Kira bn was charged with failing to protect war materials under section 122 of the UPDF Act.

He pleaded guilty of the charges and was convicted on his own plea.

Court heard that, on the 10th of Dec 2019, Kirungi Sadik’s firing pin and bolt were found missing from his gun, thus the offense.

The Defense lawyer, prayed for a lenient sentence since Kiringi was a first time offender, did not waste court’s time and was remorseful of his act.

On his part, the convict pleaded that he had a pregnant wife and was the sole bread winner for the family. He pleaded for a lenient sentence. In consideration of the above, court sentenced him to 6 months’ detention starting from the day of conviction.

LDU Ntabakirapose John, was charged with desertion, a capital offense under the section 146 of UPDF Act of 2005. He denied charges and was remanded until the 26th May 2020.

Similarly, Pte. Bogere Kigoma Pius, was also charged under the same section. He accepted the charges.

State prosecutor, Capt Pigan Mugisha pleaded to court that the convict be given a deterrent sentence.

On his part, the defense council Mrs. Kensiime Merian mitigated that Bogere was a first offender, he did not desert with a weapon and was the sole bread winner for the family.

She therefore, pleaded for a lenient sentence.

After a careful and lengthy deliberation, with consideration of mitigating factors, court sentenced him to 15 months’ detention from the date of his arrest.

Others charged were, Pte. Kabwana Jimmy, for careless shooting in operation against Section 125 of the UPDF Act, While LDU Olingi Joseph, was charged with obtaining registration by false pretense and denied the charges and was remanded until 26th May 2020.

UPDF medical services commended for preparedness to fight COVID19

By Sania Babirye

The UPDF Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi has commended the Chieftaincy of Medical Services for their preparedness to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

General Muhoozi made the remarks today as he inspected the Field Hospital set up to support national health services at the General Military Hospital Bombo.

Gen Muhoozi noted that Ugandans are extremely happy with the medical team’s professionalism exhibited in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.

“Our medical teams have played a critical role as part of the various response teams set up by the Ministry of Health,” Gen Muhoozi said.

He expressed gratitude to the U.S. government for its partnership with Uganda in professionalizing the forces.

The U.S. supported UPDF in building capabilities to rapidly respond to crises including pandemics.

The field hospital was donated to the government of Uganda under Africa Peace Keeping Rapid Response Program (APRRP) which started in 2015.

Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, Ghana and Rwanda are countries that have so far benefited from the program.

The Chief of Medical Services, Maj Gen Dr Ambrose Musinguzi thanked the UPDF leadership for continued support to the established medical centers whose services are also extended to the community.

Col Edward Dupont, the USA Defense Attaché in Kampala commended UPDF’s contribution to Uganda’s efforts against Covid-19 and noted that positive results are visible. He thanked the UPDF for putting to good use, the skills and equipment donated by the U.S. and pledged continued support.

The Chief of Defence Forces and the Defence Attaché thereafter visited Alex Niwanyine, the soldier who lost his eye during a curfew enforcement mission in Bibia. Niwanyine is recuperating well.

Others who accompanied the CDF to inspect the Field Hospital include; the Joint Chief of Staff Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, the General Headquarters Camp Commandant Maj Gen Jerome Kakari, and Brig Gen Richard Karemire the Defence Spokesperson among others.

UPDAF jet crushes into a hill

By Robert Segawa

Two people have been reported dead in a UPDF helicopter that crushed into a hill in Ndeese -Bulo village, Butambala district this afternoon during the drizzle.

Uganda People’s Defense Force spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire tweeted that a Jet Ranger A 302 on training mission has crashed.It had two crew members. Sadly no one survived.Investigation into the cause has started, Condolences to the families and the entire UPDF fraternity.

UPDF and Police from Bulo has cordoned off the accident scene to allow the investigation going on.

UPDF soldiers sent to jail over mobile money dealer murder

By Sania Babirye
Four people including two former UPDF soldiers have been found guilty and consequently convicted this morning of the murder of a mobile money dealer at Zzana in Wakiso district .

In a unanimous decision, the seven member General court martial chaired by Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti has ruled that state had adduced sufficient evidence to prove that private Bob Anichan , private Dennis Mangusho , Stanley Mulunda and Issa Ntale did murder Nalwadda Harriet and her employee Moureen Nakabubi on the 10th of June 2019 at Zzana cell in Wakiso district and robbed them of 6.8 million shillings .

While convicting them, Lt.Gen.Gutti stated that they have Carefully evaluated the evidence of the 16 prosecution witnesses including their convicts who pinned them over the said murders.

The army court has also relied on the evidence from the investigating officers, crime scene and eye witnesses that proved that the convicts who are also former convicts of similar crimes did murder and rob the victims using two illegal SMG guns

Last week the four convicts chose to stay silent as their defense and left it to court to analyze the prosecution evidence adduced against them to prove whether they are guilty or not.

Despite being convicted today, the group still have pending charges before the same court.

Prosecution states that on the 10th of June 2019 at Zzana cell in Wakiso , private Bob Anichan , private Dennis Mangusho, Stanely Mulunda and Issa Ntale shot dead Harriet Nalwadda together with her employee Moureen Nakabubi before proceeding to murder Edward Walugembe another mobile money dealer of Nateete Church zone in July.

UPDF soldiers accused of murder ordered to defend themselves

By Sania Babirye
Four suspects including two Uganda Peaple’s Defence Force soldiers have been ordered to defend themselves for the murder of a mobile money dealer in Zaana in Wakiso district.

This is after the General Court Martial sitting in Makindye chaired by Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti ruled that a case to answer had been produced against them.

Some of the evidence the seven members team unanimously based on included that of 16 prosecution witnesses including spouses of the suspects who incriminated them and testimonies of various eye witnesses among others.

The army court ruled that they have carefully evaluated the said evidence and found it substantial in linking them to the said murder and the accused must prove their innocence.

These have now been ordered to start their defense on the 9th of this month but three of tge suspects have informed court that they have chosen to stay silent as their defense.

This means that the suspects will not give any testimony or present witnesses to prove their innocence but court will base on the evidence adduced by state to rule on whether they are guilty or not.

Only one suspect will take the stand to defend himself.

They are charged with murder and aggravated robbery of 6.8 million shillings that belonged to Nalwadda , 400, 000 shillings and a Samsung phone the property of Mwesigwa Kigongo which they allegedly robbed on 14th of May 2019 at Nateete .

The group was already found guilty of robbery and being in possession of two SMG riffles and according to state, they used the same gun to commit the said crimes after serving their sentences.

These were charged and remanded to luzira prison on the 22nd of July this year.

Prosecution states that on the 10th of June 2019 at Zzana cell in Wakiso , private Bob Anichan , private Dennis Mangusho, Stanely Mulunda and Issa Ntale shot dead Harriet Nalwadda together with her employee Moureen Nakabubi before proceeding to murder Edward Walugembe another mobile money dealer of Nateete Church zone in July.

The Ugandan army is very disciplined – Tumwine

By Moses Kidandi
The Government has explained that Members of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi and Francis Zaake have to foot their bills for the treatment of injuries they sustained during the recent clashes in Arua municipality.
The minister of Health Jane Ruth Acheing says the members of parliament declined to be cross examined by Government doctors and could not be refereed by the Government for treatment abroad.
Ruth Achieng explains that there was no need for the members of parliament to travel abroad but they declined to be treated by Government doctors.
In a joint press briefing at the Uganda media center,State minister in charge of security Gen Tumwine says while Bobi Wine allowed examination by Government doctors,Hon Francis Zaake declined to be examined by Government doctors which delayed the clearance for him to go abroad for treatment.
Gen Tumwine also has called upon young people to desisit from violence but encourage them to use the available mediums like radio and other media outlets to express their views. He is confident that Uganda has freedom of speech.
He added that the armed forces are disciplined and have continuously been an example to other forces around the continent.