Four arrested over the death of lions at Queen Elizabeth National Park

By Moses Kidandi/ Annah Nafula

Four people have been arrested in connection with the death of six lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. They include Ampurira Brian 26 years, Tumuhire Vincent 49 years, Aliyo Robert 40 years and Miliango David 68 years.

The four were arrested during a joint operation mounted by UWA, UPDF and Police in Kyenyabutongo village, Rusoroza Parish, Kihihi Sub County, Kanungu District and have taken the security team to a location where three heads of lions were found hidden in a tree and the fourth one was buried with 15 legs under the same tree. The suspects said they dropped one leg in the park. Three bottles containing chemical commonly known as Furadan and a two litre Jerry can of lion fat oil were recovered in a banana plantation. Two spears, one panga and one hunting net were found hidden in a garden at the home of Tumuhire Vincent.

The carcases of the lions were discovered at Ishasha sector on Friday last week .The suspects are expected to be arraigned in the courts of law.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has applauded the security agencies that have tirelessly worked to have the offenders come to book.

Uganda boasts of a population of about five hundred lions. The Queen Elizabeth lions are commonly known as the tree climbing lions that give tourists a life time experience during their tours.

UWEC resumes business as government eases lock down

By Edwin Muhumuza

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) is appealing to Ugandans to visit the National Zoo again following the resumption of business.

This latest development comes following the launch of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in a bid to ensure safety of visitors, wildlife and staff at the Center in the wake of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Among the SOPs include; washing hands, disinfecting shoes and vehicles accessing national parks at every entrance and maintaining distance of two meters between visitors queuing up at all entrances.

During their launch, Minister of Tourism, Wildlife& Antiquities Col. Tom Butime Ateenyi, said that the move is a revelation of the health plan for tourism enterprises through coherent and well coordinated guidelines supported by well coordinated medical evidence to manage the pandemic.

The tourism industry has recorded fast growth rate in Uganda and generated 1.6bn in foreign exchange earnings in 2019 and the sector contributed 9% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and at least 1 in every 10 jobs globally was related to tourism prior to the pandemic.

The loss in tourism business occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the loss of jobs, capital flight, failure to meet obligations and fees, coupled with deterioration of properties.

“In response we have consulted widely and developed business continuity and sustainability plan to address some challenges strategically and action areas to include, the health and safety plan, financial recovery plan and thirdly the enhanced destination marketing to signal the reopening of our tourism” Butime said.

In the case of UWEC, it was an opportunity to improve and innovate on the product offer for the past four months.

According to the Executive Director ,UWEC ,James Muhanguzi, prior to the pandemic, money had been released to put in place the required infrastructure, to revamp the facility.

In 2019, a record 370,000 people visited the zoo, majority being Ugandans but that has not been the case this year since the lock down in March this year.

The chairperson Board of Trustees, UWEC, Hon. Flavia Kabahenda, noted that the center is a hub for domestic tourism and Ugandans are so excited and looking forward to associate with the wildlife again and bring nature back to them.

The Assistant Commissioner in charge of quality assurance, Liaz Vivian appealed to all managers of tourism enterprises to establish COVID 19 task force committees led by a team leader and for larger ones to have departmental focal points to help them in ensuring that the COVID 19 task force activities are adhered to, a management plan, mobilize resources so as to buy sanitizers, social distancing masks, hall markings, infrastructure ,document people with varying temperatures, training and availability of information for both customers and staff.

In attendance were tour agencies, associations, hotel owners, freight forwarders, performing arts among other stakeholders.

UWEC commissions sculpture in commemoration of Zakayo

By Annah Nafula

Uganda Wildlife Education Center has today commissioned a sculpture to celebrate the legacy of fallen Chimpanzee, Zakayo.
While commissioning this sculpture, Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Tom Butime recognized Zakayo as a primate conservation ambassador in Uganda.

Butime also applauded UWEC for their commitment to world life conservation education and urged the institution to now pay attention to breeding species which are at risk of extinction in the wild.

UWEC Executive Director James Musigunzi said that Zakayo was an icon and testimony of UWEC’s conservation programs. He added that the late Zakayo attracted many local and international tourists to UWEC.

At UWEC, Zakayo is remembered for being a great father who protected his young ones and settled family conflicts.
In 2019, UWEC established a Zakayo Legacy day which is the 27th of October every year as a way to honor Uganda’s oldest known Chimpanzee who was a beneficiary of Exsitu conservation for 42 years at the model zoo. Zakayo died due to stomach ulcers at the age of 55.