Men accused of defilement released

By Sania Babirye

A group of men who have been in remand at  Luzira prison since 2014 for allegedly defiling girls between the ages of two and three have been set free.

This is after prosecution informed Kampala high court judge Jane Francis Abodo that the Director of Public Prosecutions no longer has any standing charges against the suspects due to Lack of evidence.
Prosecution has explained that some victim’s families  have no interest in the cases while others can not be traced after shifting to other unknown places.
The suspects led by a one Ismail Lutalo ate said to have committed the offenses in the districts of  Kampala and Wakiso.
Failure by families to have child defilers prosecuted and punished  is one of the leading causes of child defilement in Uganda coupled by the weak laws and punishments given to the perpetrators and amicable settlements between the suspect’s and the victim’s families.
Eastern region continues to be the leading region with the highest cases of child defilement and domestic violence.

Sironko mudslide victims receive food relief from Government

Government has finally delivered 500 bags of maize flour to mudslides victims in Sironko district. The maize flour was delivered to Sironko district headquarters on Tuesday evening.

The flour is meant for distribution to hundreds of families affected by the August 28th, 2017 mudslides in Bufupa Parish in Masaba sub county.  The mudslide claimed the life of one person. Nine other people are still missing.

The mudslides also destroyed several crop gardens, livestock and houses living several residents in the dire need of relief. Vincent Woboya, the Budadiri East MP, says the district will come up with a program for distributing the food relief to the intended beneficiaries.
Herbert Mulekwa, the Sironko LC V chairman, says the district disaster committee has already completed its assessment. “On Wednesday, I had to work hard to make sure that vehicles carrying food were able to reach the mudslide victims,” he said.
Alex Banga, the Masaka Sub County LC V Councilor has welcomed the relief support. He however, says there is need for most support for the mudslide survivors since some of them are still occupying schools and churches.
Eunice Nandudu Maku, the Masaba Sub county Female Council has thanked government for supporting the mudslide victims. Mary Nabafu, one of the mudslide victims, says they had lost hope thinking government had ignored them.


Bundibugyo residents on their guard against attacks

Residents of Kirumiya village in Ntoroto Sub County in Bundibugyo district have armed themselves to repulse any attacks against the community. The residents are armed with bows, arrows, machetes, knives and spears.

This follows an incident on Wednesday in which 8 people were killed in Kitere and Kirumiya villages. The dead included five people from the Bamba community and three from the Bakonzo. The Sub County is predominately Bakonzo.

On Thursday afternoon, more than 50 residents from the Bamba community armed with traditional weapons, turned up at Kirumiya trading center to listen to Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police.

Kayihura was visiting the scene of the Wednesday attacks. When Kayihura asked them why they were armed, they told him that they were defending themselves from any further attacks by the Bakonzo.

Steven Musokyi, the LC1 chairperson Kirumiya, says they will not sit back as they watch their colleagues being killed. Musokyi says that more than 450 residents have been armed.

He adds that some residents have since Wednesday fled their homes and fear to return.  David Mbusa, a resident of Kirumiya says that they decided to arm themselves because the security officials are doing little to contain the violence.

Mbusa says that residents told the police about an impending attack but Police didn’t take any action. Kayihura appealed to the residents to return to their homes, since security in the area has been beefed up.

He said the army and police will be deployed in the mountains, where the attackers descend from to carry out attacks in the community. Kayihura also assured the community that the police will carry out investigations to establish the cause of the attacks.

Lydia Tumushabe, the Rwenzori Region Police Spokesperson says that 40 people have so far been arrested in connection with the attacks. She says that the suspects will be screened and charged in courts of law.