Winnie Byanyima expresses worry that Besigye could be poisoned in prison

Winnie Byanyima, wife to former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye says they will hold government responsible if her husband is poisoned while he is on remand at the Luzira maximum Prison.

Besigye was sent to Luzira last week on charges of attempting to forcefully remove President Yoweri Museveni from power after losing to him in the February 18th elections.

He maintains that he won the election much as the Electoral Commission and Supreme Court declared and later ruled that incumbent President Museveni won the elections.

According to prosecution Besigye unlawfully declared himself winner of the February 18th presidential elections, incited the public to defy lawful authority and mobilised the masses to attend his swearing-in as president of Uganda which was illegal.

Byanyima, who visited Dr Kizza Besigye two times this week, says she was very worried of her husband’s safety. She narrated that her husband told her that when detained in Moroto some people with masked faces attempted to get inside his room after he switched off the light.

She says such act in a police cell and many others in their home at Kasangati indicates that they are living selfless life and don’t know what will come or happen to Besigye and the family since government has even increased watch on their family.

But Uganda Prison service spokesperson Frank Baine maintains that Besigye is fine and secure than when he was still remanded at their facility at Moroto because in Luzira they almost have everything including a hospital since it is a national prison facility.

During the hearing of his case at Nakawa Court, Besigye said his life was in danger and that some strange people had appeared around his cells at night.

Besigye was first detained at Moroto Prisons before he was sent to Luzira on government request. Later he was formerly charged with treason at Nakawa Magistrates Court in early morning court where the public was prevented from attending by the police.

Though Besigye is in Luzira prison, reports say heavily armed anti-riot police and military has been deployed around Besigye’s home in Kasangati which the residents and Byanyima describe as another abuse against the rights of the people.