UWOPA applauds president for appointing female army spokes person

By Alice Lubwama

Uganda Parliamentary Women’s Association ( UWOPA) has applauded the president for appointing one of it’s executive member Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso to a key position as first female officer as army spokesperson.

The programs coordinator of the association Mary Harriet Lamunu says that the appointment of Byekwaso shows the level of trust the president has in women that they can deliver.

Lamunu however asks the president to appoint more women in bigger positions because they have proven to be good leaders.

She has described Byekwaso as a hardworking and down to earth person.

Byekwaso who is also army representative in parliament replaces Brig Gen Richard Karemire.

Safeboda champions campaign against gender based violence

By Deo Wasswa

His excellence the ambassador of Sweden in Uganda Per Lindgarde has urged Uganda government to fast track the passing of all pending bills that are meant to protect women and girls from all forms or violence.

The ambassador cited bills like sexual offense, sexual harassment regulations and marriage bill.

Lindgarde was speaking during a dialogue where Kampala City Council Authority and UN women engaged safe Boda riders in Kampala on supporting safe cities and public spaces for women and girls.

This was part of activities to mark 16 days of activism against the gender based violence.

At the same event, officer Caroline Kushemereirwa head of family and children protection unit in Kampala extra encouraged boda boda riders to stop giving lifts to young girls and women for their self interests.

Justice Batema asks parliament to pass the sexual offenses bill

By Alice Lubwama

High court judge David Batema has asked parliament to enact the sexual offenses bill in order to criminalize minor acts like sexual harassment.

While launching a report on girls and young women experience of sexual harassment by plan international Uganda in Kampala today, Justice Batema said that once sexual offences are criminalized the courts will give punishment which will deter others from such harassment.

The report shows that women and girls don’t report cases of sexual harassment to the authorities because they are not believed and fear to be judged.
The report also indicates that 84% of cases on sexual harassment reported to the authorities such as police do not get adequate responses.

Speaking at the same function the country director plan international Uganda Grey Lavender said that the research was done across a number of cities in the world with the aim of creating safer cities for girls and women.
He said that the safety of women and girls in Kampala city is still wanting with reports of young women and girls being kidnapped and abducted.

He now calls government to invest in providing gender sensitive education and training to police around issues of street harassment and how to respond to sexual harassment cases an initiative his organization will support.
Lavender also called for more investment in street lighting and security cameras to support the girls and women get evidence of sexual harassment on the streets.

Mbale NRM Women edorse Museveni’s sole candidature

By Moses Kidandi

Women of the ruling National Resistance Movement in Mbale district have endorsed the sole candidature of the president Museveni as their flag bearer in the 2021 elections.
The endorsement comes barely two months when the Central Executive committee and the NRM MPs recommended that President should not be competed against in the NRM flag bearer elections.

The NRM women in Mbale through their leadership of the women league and Women council reached the resolution during their meeting at Mbale district Headquarters that Museveni be their candidate for 2021 elections and beyond as the Members of CEC resolved in Chobe.

Mwesigwa Harriet a member of the women’s league in Mbale District who read the resolutions to the chief guest said that the NRM women are in conformity with the resolutions made by CEC and confirmed by the NRM legislators.

In their resolutions, the women also asked for a visit to the president and that Mbale host next year’s international women’s day celebrations.

Hajati Jamila Naleba, the chairperson Mbale District women’s league said that Museveni’s government has fronted the women’s needs in all avenues and cant allow to see him just leave.

She adds that women have been able to enjoy the liberty and freedom in museveni’s regime unlike the previous regimes.

Lydia Wanyoto Mutende, the chairperson of the NRM National Women’s league said that the women seconded the motion because they have achieved in the NRM government under the stewardship of President Museveni.

Robina Nabanjja, the Commissioner of Parliament commended the women for endorsing the resolution saying that Museveni will not go anywhere since no one brought him.

She castigated the opposition for fighting against them saying that they are not ready to lead the country.

President Museveni will stand for the sixth time in 2021 general elections if at all NRM delegates conference clears him as a party’s only presidential candidate.

Recently the National Association of Districts and lower local government councils under the Uganda Local Government Associations gave a green light to president Museveni sole candidature

Women’s rights advocates say a lot needs to be done

As Uganda joins the rest of the world tomorrow to commemorate the international women’s day, organizations advocating for the rights of women and children, say that although women in Uganda can cerebrate some achievements in terms of development, but a lot needs to be done to get them out of poverty.

Tina Musuya the executive director of center for domestic violence prevention note that women are still seen as second choice to men which has limited many to develop.

Musuya say that unless women have equal rights to property, they will never get out of poverty since it’s only their labour used on land.

“It is assumed that when bride price is paid in many communities, she is also part of the property of the man , that means she doesn’t have equal ownership rights, now the issue of women’s right to property is a big challenge.

Musuya also note that many women still experience interment partner violence, including sexual abuse, being beaten and others left with the burden of providing for all needs of the family even when their partners are working.

On leadership positions, she noted that women are still few in leadership positions and calls them to strive more and at least have 50% representation in the leadership roles.

The woman activist further said that although many women have tried to work but many are sexually abused from their work places.

The executive director High sound for children Hadija Mwanje also said that the rate at which men are denying their responsibility is high, where by many have left the burden of providing for the children to women.

Mwanje say that the focus should also go on the boy child in order to prepare them grow as responsible fathers and husbands.

Women root for more leadership positions to rid Africa of corruption

By Edwin Muhumuza

Legislators meeting in Kigali, Rwanda want African governments to give women more leadership positions as a solution to corruption. They say women tend to behave more honestly than men and are concerned about fairness in their decisions.

Several studies suggest that women are less corrupt, and that companies with a higher number of women in decision making perform better in terms of resource management and maintaining a zero tolerance level for corruption,” said First Lady, Mrs Janet Kagame, who opened the 11 th Pan African Parliament Conference on the Rights of Women.

She said that women’s leadership as proactive and social agents of change is the game changer in the fight against corruption in Africa.

Alhagie Mbow, a legislator from The Gambia, reinforced the assertion that women’s leadership is crucial in combating corruption and bolstering African economies.

The latest research by Virginia Tech says that a greater representation of women in government is bad news for corruption,” he said adding that, “If we want to eliminate corruption in this continent, we need to empower women more by giving them positions of leadership. Women empowerment is not just about giving women basic positions but positions such as being heads of state, ministers of finance, ministers of energy, because these are positions where they can make an impact.”

The study, published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization by Virginia Tech in June 2018, spanned 125 nations worldwide, and established that corruption is lower in countries where there are a greater number of women in political leadership.

Responding to the findings, Uganda legislator Hon. Babriye Veronica Kadogo, observed that indeed corruption is a cancer affecting development because it affects all sectors. She noted that women are affected the most because corruption affects service delivery especially in the areas of health, infrastructure, education, water, sanitation, and other social sectors, which mainly affect women and children.

The legislator however sought to be provided statistics to support the proposition of the piety of women in leadership.

The discussants have talked about women not being corrupt but they have not given us statistics,” she said adding “What is the percentage of women compared to men who are corrupt because if the statistics indicate 40 per cent then it is high. And who are those women who are corrupt? The majority are rural women and that means it’s the elite and those women here that are corrupt.”

With regard to corruption being exacerbated by low levels of women’s empowerment, Kadogo said Uganda has programmes of empowering women, especially those in rural areas to equip them with capital and entrepreneurial skills.

During the debate on the gender dimension in the fight against corruption, members pointed out that the increasing incidences of electoral corruption had the potential to undermine the effectiveness of women in the fight against corruption. Some legislators also questioned the assertion that women were less corrupt arguing that they participated indirectly through agents or benefited from proceeds of corruption.

Conference Recommendations

Hon. Anifa Bangirana Kawooya, who is also the 3 rd Deputy Chairperson of the Pan African Parliament Women’s Caucus, presented to participants the conference recommendations and way forward, which included among others that African parliaments should advocate for gender mainstreaming in all governance and developmental initiatives in order to ensure that women are given leadership positions and that women empowerment is given priority. That African Union member states should be encouraged to ratify and domesticate AU instruments on gender equality and the fight against corruption. They also recommended to African countries to introduce values of anti corruption in their school curricular.

Drunk Congolese soldiers shoot several people to death, leave scores injured

17 people have died and several others are missing following sporadic shooting by drunken Congolese government troops in Beni town in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The victims drowned in water trenches as they tried to flee fearing a rebel attack. Most of the dead include children and women. Paul Kapitula, the Chairperson of Civil Societies in Beni, says the drunken soldiers were dressed in plain clothes when they started shooting in the air prompting residents to flee in panic in fear of an attack by suspected Allied Democratic Force-ADF rebels.

He says the shooting occurred during a heavy down pour, which made residents think the rebels had taken advantage of the rain to trap them in their houses. According to Kapitula, 10 children are still missing. Nyonyi Bwanaka, the Mayor Beni, says all those behind the shooting were picked up.

Bwanaka urges residents who fled to Mangina and Butembo areas to return, saying the situation is under control. Colonel Olivier Hamuli, the North Kivu Province Army Spokesperson, says they are investigating the motive of the shooting by the soldiers.



Top eight famous ladies who look stunning with short hair

Well it seems like cutting hair is the thing everyone is doing to be stylish lately. Here at Capitalradio.co.ug we bring you the top ten Holly Wood ladies who will make you think you haven’t made the wrong choice.

The idea that these eight beauties looked stunning with short hair should encourage a sister who is trying all types of oils, braids and prayers to have her hair look as long as Kratica Sengar (Arti in popular Indian series married again) . Yes, it is true that you can find a gorgeous hair style to suit your short hair .

  1. Michelle Obama,  she is may not a Holly Wood celebrity but we can’t avoid noticing her. Her stylish yet simple bob has been a force to reckon in the fashion circles today.michelle
  2. Halle Berry, she is an American singer whom we know, not so many people have ever seen her wear a different hair style. Halle always looks stunning with her short hair.


3. Lupita Nyong’o, she rose to fame after casting in a popular movie, 12 years a slave. Since then Kenyan Lupita has been a red carpet darling and of course she loves to keep to keep her hair short and natural.


4. Rihana , this pop singer from Barbados has never been afraid to try out new stuff. Rihana’s will always look gorgeous with short hair.rihana

5.Amber Rose, she is a model, fashion designer and actress. Amber cuts her hair unreasonably short. Most women would find her style so daring but she always looks great in it. The star revealed that she cut her hair because she admired Sinéad O’Connor’s video and song ‘Nothing Compares 2 U.’


6. Nichole Ari Packer, wife to Holly Wood gorgeous star Boris Kodjoe . Nichole is an actress and co-host of the show Boris and Nichole. She looks lovely with her short hair do.


7.Grace Gealey, She stars in popular TV series, Empire as Anika.


8. Anne Hathaway, the actress is mostly remembered for her role in popular movie, Bride’s wars as Emma Allen.

anne hathway

We hope you got a style or two to try out. Good luck.