Teachers in Kitgum facing salary delays since July

Teachers in Kitgum Municipality are bitter over the various anomalies in the payment of their salaries for the last three months.

In July, Kitgum Municipality started operating independent of the mother district including the preparation and payment of salaries to civil servants among others.

Some of the teachers have not received salaries since July, some have pay-slips that indicate that money was deposited on their accounts but their accounts remain empty. For others, the money deposited is far less than they ought to receive.

Pamela Akidi, a diploma teacher for special needs section at Kitgum Public Primary school says she has received three pay-slips indicating a full payment of 537,000 shillings for each month, but there is no money on her account. She has gone for explanations several times with her bank statement in vain.

Akidi threatens to lay down her tools if this October a similar situation occurs. She says there is need for the Inspector General of Government to take on the matter.

Oyoo Ronald, a teacher of Kitgum Primary school has been paid 300,000 shillings since July far less than  his 537,000 pay. He suspects embezzlement of their money.

Beatrice Akoko, the chairperson Uganda National Teacher’s Union (UNATU) in Kitgum Municipality, notes that most of the teachers have been lowered to starting pay. She adds that the Municipal leaders did not warn them of this anomaly and have failed to heed to their cry.

She says whether they should seek alternative means to have this matter resolved will depend on the salary payments of this month. If it’s not rectified, they will communicate their next move.

Stephen Lokope, the Kitgum Town Clerk in his explanation observes that the irregularities have not only affected the teachers but other public servants as well. He says since the municipality became independent of the mother district this financial year, salary codes were accidentally altered.

Lokope believes that some of the irregularities could have been as a result of lack of Tax identification Numbers (TIN) among other reasons.

The irregularities have only been noted for teachers and a few other civil servants within the municipality.