Tight security as Kirumira faces court

There is heavy deployment of counter terrorism Police at the Naguru police headquarters. The deployment comes ahead of the judgment by the Police Disciplinary Court on the cases leveled against Muhammad Kirumira, the embattled former Buyende District Police Commander.

The Police Disciplinary Court is expected to pronounce itself on the accusations of corruption, unlawful excessive use of Authority and neglect of duty brought against the accused. Prosecution alleges that Kirumira committed the offences during his tenure as the Officer in Charge and Old Kampala Police stations in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

This morning, heavily armed counter terrorism police officers deployed strategically around the Police headquarters and blocked members of the public from accessing the premises. Only police officers were allowed entry leading to a scuffle with Kirumira’s relatives.

The counter terrorism team is under the command of Assistant Superintendent of Police, Grace Kentaro. She explained that non police staff will only be allowed into the building at 2pm since they have to guarantee the safety of the ongoing police disciplinary court proceedings.

Our reporter saw police officers grabbing some of the people including journalists who tried to push close the court premises.  Police Spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, told journalists that they received instructions to stop people from accessing the police disciplinary court, adding that he will brief the media after the court session.

The decision by police court to deliver judgment behind closed doors has not gone down with Kirumira’s family. His brother, Shafique Kawooya described the decision to block hundreds of people from accessing court room as unfair.

On Tuesday, Kirumira clashed with police when unsuccessfully attempted to force journalists in the country. He later declined to appear in the court for the judgement, saying he will only return after journalists and members of the public are allowed in the court.