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Town clerk remanded

By Sania Babirye

The Principal Township Officer of Kalungu District LG, Ddamba Joel has been a arraigned before the anti corruption court and charged with corruption and abuse of office after selling off government land to a businessman in Masaka district.

Ddamba was arrested the 12th of October by the office of the IGG after being on the run for the last 5 months to answer the charges of abuse of office and conspiracy to defraud.

46 year old Ddamba is charged together with a 49 year old businessman in Masaka district Moses Kalisa with loss of public property, abuse of office, corruption and conspiracy to defraud.

These have pleaded not guilty and remanded to Kitalya government prison until the 29th of this month after they pleaded not guilty to the said offences.

On the 24th of July this year, Buganda road court issued a warrant of arrest for Ddamba to be arraigned before anti corruption court grade one magistrate Ebert Ashimwe to answer to the said charges but to no avail.

Prosecution led by the IGG’s led by Hilda Talibba states that the Ddamba in 2013 while employed as a senior assistant town clerk of Katwe Butego division in Masaka municipality town council by virtue of his office fraudulently disposed off the division land comprised in plot 46-52 Kampala road, land at Mutuba Musisi Garden, Masaka municipality at Uganda shillings 150 million shillings to a one Moses Kalisa without the approval or knowledge of the division/municipal authorities in breach of the procurement laws and guidelines an arbitrary act prejudicial to the interest of his employer.