Transporters’ association launch new campaign to promote road safety

By Daudi Zirimala

The Transporters under their umbrella Regional Lorry Drivers and Transporters Association have embarked on a campaign of training drivers on road safety countrywide.

Speaking to our reporter the chairperson of the transporters, Byron Kinene said that road accidents in Uganda are individual responsibilities which requires trained drivers curb such carnage.

Kinene said that the traffic police and the ministry of transport have recommended Grabben FPL Driving school to train drivers and instructors about road safety since majority of the long distance drivers are half baked which have contributed to high number of accidents in the country.

Similarly the Uganda Peoples Congress UPC has proposed to government to create an autonomous regulatory body to regulate licensing board and carry out road safety audits in the country.

According to the party spokesperson Micheal Orachi Osinde, its essential to carry put these audits on all roads, most especially those under construction and those at the design stage to reveal areas which are prone to accidents.

Osinde noted that once this regulatory body is put in place it will be able to suspend operations of Bus Company and monitoring aspects of return trips by drivers that cause accidents as well as monitoring the licensing board.

He therefore calls upon government to revert to the old system of transport to reduce on the road carnage.