Tumukunde demands that health minister Ruth Aceng resigns

By Sania Babirye

2021 presidential aspirant Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde says heath minister Dr.Ruth Aceng should resign for disregarding her own COVID-19 lock down standard operational procedures she recommended and preached to Ugandans on TVs and radio stations .

According to Gen.Tumukunde, Ugandans have a right to be angry at leaders who do not practice what they preach and its only through a new health minister that Ugandans will gain trust in the health ministry.

Tumukunde says that Uganda is on a lock down because of Dr Aceng’s recommendations but if one of Uganda’s most impressive, professional and disciplined minister was seen disregarding her own guidelines,how can she then expect other Ugandans to respect and observe them.

He adds that minister Aceng should resign as it has been seen in other countries including New Zealand and UK where health minister and junior minister resigned for breaching COVID-19 lock down guidelines as the only alternative that a responsible and accountable leader can do to gain back public trust.

Tumukunde further notes that as EC called for scientific campaigns, its sad that health minister Dr.Aceng held an open rally disregarding the scientific campaigns without wearing face masks or social distancing.

He says that may be NRM as a party is hiding under the SOP to impose restrictions on Citizens and opposition to freely participate in the coming elections

Tumukunde has joined other Ugandans to criticize health minister Jane Ruth Aceng after she was photographed meeting alleged voters without wearing a face mask.

Gen.Tumukunde says that it is appalling for a minister who introduced and championed the standard operational procedures including wearing of face masks and maintaining social distancing to combat the spread of COVID-19, to be the same person to Publically fail to practice the same measures.

In a press conference released Gen. Tumukunde says that its sad that on the 10th of this month, pictures and a video of minister Aceng surrounded by a group of people who were not wearing face masks or observing social distancing emerged when many Ugandan continue to observe the standard operational procedures .