A short thread on how too many men think listening to women is unimportant. So Im in line to catch a flight. Ahead of a man,behind a woman/1


Woman leaves line to grab something. Returns 30 sec later & stands behind me. I offer her her spot back, when the guy behind me speaks up /2


Guy Literally yells “HEY YOU CANT CUT IN LINE LIKE THAT! ITS RUDE!” It made her jump in surprise. I jumped too. I look back & he’s angry /3


She replies calmly & measured b/c if she yells back he might escalate even more, “I didn’t cut in line. I was—” Him: “NO YOU CUT! I SAW!”/4


She insists, “I literally just left for a sec & was waiting for 20 min befo—” HIM: “WE ARE ALL WAITING LADY! NOT JUST YOU! YOU CANT CUT! /5


I spoke up, “Ma’am why dont you and I switch.” She whispers thank you & moves in front of me. The guy is upset. I turn to him & say once /6


Me: “She was here. I can vouch.” Him: (suddenly totally calm)”Oh why didn’t she just say so?? How am I supposed to know that?” Me: /7


Meanwhile the poor woman is visibly shaken. Smh Men, close your mouth & listen to women. It’s basic human decency. 8/8


Just wanted to add, he refused to listen to a word she said, but the second I opened my mouth he was all ears. That’s ridiculous. /9


It’s like a man who hits on woman, realize she’s w/a guy, & then apologize to the guy. The man respects the guy she’s with more than her /10


Or a single woman saying “I’m married” to a guy hitting on her b/c she knows that’ll deter him more than her saying “I’m not interested.”/11


So my message to guys is to be aware, check yourself, & check other guys who keep their mouths open & ears closed when speaking to women /12


This story isnt remarkable—but its common. Guys: take personal responsibility on gender equality. Its literally the least we can do. 13/13