Uganda Wildlife Authority guarantees tourists security in western Uganda

By Moses Kidandi
Uganda Wildlife has assured the public that despite the tension in Kasese district, Queen Elizabeth National park is still safe for tourism.
The Kasese clashes have led to cancellation of bookings by some tourists fearing for their safety and increase in insurance costs. A large number of mountain climbers who were slated to hike the Rwenzori Mountain have cancelled their scheduled adventures.
Officials at the Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) say that the Kasese unrest has already had a serious effect on the tourism sector a major foreign income earner and biggest contributor to Uganda’s gross domestic product GDP).
UWA spokesperson Jossy Muhangi says many tourists are making thorough inquiries on visiting Uganda during the festive season but are scared of the tension in Kasese.Muhanji says the entire National park is safe and tourists are free to visit.