The Ugandan army is very disciplined – Tumwine

By Moses Kidandi
The Government has explained that Members of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi and Francis Zaake have to foot their bills for the treatment of injuries they sustained during the recent clashes in Arua municipality.
The minister of Health Jane Ruth Acheing says the members of parliament declined to be cross examined by Government doctors and could not be refereed by the Government for treatment abroad.
Ruth Achieng explains that there was no need for the members of parliament to travel abroad but they declined to be treated by Government doctors.
In a joint press briefing at the Uganda media center,State minister in charge of security Gen Tumwine says while Bobi Wine allowed examination by Government doctors,Hon Francis Zaake declined to be examined by Government doctors which delayed the clearance for him to go abroad for treatment.
Gen Tumwine also has called upon young people to desisit from violence but encourage them to use the available mediums like radio and other media outlets to express their views. He is confident that Uganda has freedom of speech.
He added that the armed forces are disciplined and have continuously been an example to other forces around the continent.