Ugandans wasting time in watching soccer and sleeping -Report

By Alice Lubwama
A new report released by Uganda Bureau of Statistics on “time use in Uganda 2017-2018 “has indicated that Ugandans spend a lot of time in unproductive work in a day compared to productive work.

According to this survey , it has been discovered that Ugandans spend 13 hours of their time in unproductive work out of the daily 24 hours available.

While releasing this survey, Dunstan Aguta a statistician with UBOS said that many Ugandans spend most of their time in activities like sleeping, watching football , resting and others.

In terms of gender the survey show that women spend 6 out of 24 hours in unpaid care work including cooking and looking after children, while men spend only 5 out of 24 hours in unpaid care work.

Aguta however say that the trend is not good for a country like Uganda that is aspiring to reach the middle income status.

The survey was conducted between 2017-2018 in 122 districts engaging 3364 with a response rate of 96%.