ULS accuses security agencies of violation of human rights

By Sania Babirye

The Uganda Law Society has called upon the security agencies including the Ugandan police, the army and other sister agencies to follow the law while keeping law a d order,

Speaking Immediately after human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo being granted bail, Pheona Wall said that the rule of law and human rights must be respected even when someone is charged with any offense.

She noted that as ULS, they are not happy with the shrinking space for human rights defenders in Uganda and other Ugandans and how they are arrested.

She adds that as advocates and human rights lawyers, they are not immune to prosecution is they commit any offense but the due process must be respected.

She says that things like illegal detention in ungazatted safe houses, blind folding of suspects and denial of bail or representation are some of the human rights violations.

She says that all arrests must be done according to the law.