UPC party condemns recent acts of violence

By Daudi Zirimala

The Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) is concerned about the rising level of Violence in Society which is A threat to Peace And Development.

According to the party spokesperson Micheal Osinde of late, Uganda is experiencing a new wave of violence that causes a lot of concern and caution where some citizens are also picked from their homes or places of work in a violent manner and they undergo a lot of torture.

UPC calls upon Government to play her constitutional role to protect and promote human rights and re-assure her citizens of their safety and security.

The concerned Security Agencies should also conduct inquiries and investigations in the above captioned matters and bring the culprits of such acts to book.

Osinde says at this stage as we are getting closer to the General Elections of 2021, the country should be calm and heightened tensions should be avoided.

Uganda Peoples Congress therefore condemns all acts of insecurity, the senseless mob justice, abduction and torture of victims and the rabid anger as well as violence meted to judicial officers carrying their lawful activities in Courts of law. It is UPC’s contention that these and many more incidences of threat, insecurity and violence should cease and be contained by Government.