Wife pinned for killing husband

By Sania Babirye

A house maid has pinned her boss of murdering her husband.

Hearing of the case started today before Kampala high court judge Jane Francis Abodo in which a one Diana Nabbengo is charged of murdering her husband in 2016.

And today, the former house maid whose names have been withheld by court testified that she saw the suspect murder her husband in cold blood.
The maid who is the state’s first witness told court that on that fateful day, Nabbengo a resident of Kazo Lugoba zone in Kawempe division Kampala district stubbed her husband and after, she instructed her to lie on her behalf in case the authorities questioned her over the matter.

She stated that after her boss stubbing her husband, she instructed her to lie that her husband was stubbed by thugs who had entered into the house to rape the maid.

And that in that process of the male boss rescuing the maid, the thugs stubbed him to death.

Further hearing of the case has been adjourned to tomorrow. On the 29th of April 2019, the high court cancelled Nabbengo’s bail after state completed investigations into the matter and was ready to begin trial .

Nabbengo had appeared that day before the office of the registrar for her usual bail reporting and extension but was surprised when she informed that her case is ready for hearing and 8 witness were ready in court to testify against her.

And as a result justice Jane Francis Abodo cancelled her bail and read to her the murder charge.

She however pleaded not guilty and was remanded until today to start trial.

Prosecution led by Fatinah Nakafeero states that on 24th August 2016 at Kazo Lugoba zone Kawempe division in Kampala district, Nabengo with Malice aforethought killed her husband Hannington Musasizi Asimwe.

The mother of two who was also pregnant at the time is alleged to have stubbed her husband in the kitchen.

Evidence shows that on that fateful day, the suspect was at home with her husband. two kids and their house help.

And that since it was one of their child’s birthday, she sent both the kids and the maid away to buy a birthday cake and when they left, she went and found her husband in the Kitchen and stubbed him.

Evidence also shows that after the stabbing, she locked her injured and dying husband in kitchen, changed the blood stained clothes and went to her work office to disguise the murder.

And that she later returned home with a special hire and took her injured husband to Mulago hospital for treatment.

Evidence further shows that while in hospital, her dying husband who came out of coma shortly informed his sister that it was his wife who had done this to him and immediately after the dying declaration passed on.