Will Arsenal make it to last 16 teams in champions league?

For Arsenal fans everywhere, the world suddenly seems a far better place. Watching your side beat one of the world’s best teams tends to have the effect. It’s not just that Arsenal were outstanding in their 2-0 win against Bayern Munich . More importantly for Gooners across the globe, the result has put their misfiring Champions League campaign back on track.But has it?

After losing the first two games of the group, we looked at the record of EVERY team in Champions League history to prove that Arsenal’s chances of qualification had dropped to less than 10 percent .Still that must have all changed after their epic win against one of the world’s best teams, right? Arsene Wenger’s men are now on three points after three games. In Champions League history, there have been 110 teams with that same record – and only 25 of them have made it out of their group.

So the question remains will arsenal win the three matches to qualify in the last 16?

Source: Mirror