Woman sues Norvik hospital over alleged sexual abuse by an employee

By Sania Babirye

Norvik Hospital Ltd has been dragged to the high court by a patient who claims to have been sexually  assaulted by one of the  male laboratory technician .

Sharon Nalule claims that in October 2017 while  at the hospital , she was seen by  Dr. Simon Nuwagaba , a gynecologist who  recommended  that she carries out a urine test.

Nalule claims that when she went to the Laboratory she met a male Lab technician who conducted a test which was never requested for by a  doctor.

Nalule says the lab technician ordered her  to remove her knickers , lie down on a bed and later pushed his hand hard in her private parts while  pretending to look for urine.

She further explains that after the incident  she went back to see Dr. Nuwagaba and explained to him about the painful test she had undergone which shocked the  doctor  too.

She says that when Dr. Nuwagaba asked the lab technician he first  denied the incident but when they revisited  footage from the CCTV camera he accepted the shameful act and asked for forgiveness when the camera showed him talking and entering Nalule  in the examination room for the second time.

Despite the hospital’s human resource manager and Dr. Nuwagaba’s efforts  to intercede for the lab technician Nalule is demanding 300 million shillings in compensation  for the  alleged sexual abuse that she went through at the hands of  one of the hospital’s employees .

She says that she feels offended and was hurt by the uncontrolled sexual desires of the accused whose actions subjected her to over bleeding and pain.

Court is yet to pronounce itself on the matter.