Women 4 Women awards slated for June

By Gloria Nakiyimba
 “We should be promoting and supporting our female colleagues all around the world, to be able to bring out the potential women and girls who can serve society because women are half our population”  says Sedef Yavuzalp the ambassador of Turkey  to Uganda as female country diplomats reach out to reward women  who are committed to change and improve society.
The foreign envoys in the capital Kampala   unveiled the WOMEN 4WOMEN AWARDS 2018 to recognize and offer support to Ugandan women who have excelled in their work but have received little public exposure.
The ambassador of France to Uganda Stephanie Rivaol the, US ambassador Deborah Malac,   Susan Eckey of Norway,  Sedef Yavuzalp of Turkey together with  Rosa Malango the UN Resident Coordinator,  Clara Mira IMF resident representative , Christina Calvo World Bank country manager and Josephine Kaleebi CEO Junior ACHIEVEMENT Uganda, say the  winners of the Women 4 women Awards, will  be mentored,  get technical support for their projects and benefit from networking and scholarships.
“We would like to see many exceptional Ugandan women, unsung heroes, not the ones who have done it already, but one who are on their way up to places and we will help them to tell them they can do better, they can change society, they can have successful businesses, and they can have an impact and they can together build this net work that will help them” said Ambassador Rivaol.
Ambassador Stephanie Rivaol however noted that they will not be giving monetary awards. The awards are scheduled to take place on the 19th of June at the French Ambassador’s residence in Kampala
“We believe we can give better than money.   We can give confidence; we can give expertise, mentoring opportunities and build a network “she told the media in Kampala.
The women 4women awards are targeting extra ordinary women who have made it in areas of public affairs.
Women can apply for the awards on https://www.facebook.com/WRWAwards/.
The different categories of the awards include g human rights, politics, environmental protection, economy, arts and culture.
According the US ambassador to Uganda Debora Malac, it’s absolutely critical that women receive mentoring, receive opportunities just as their male colleagues do.
“We will provide mentoring opportunities, we will look for ways to create this network, to link these women   to learn from one another, but it is really about recognizing these women, show casing the important work they are doing,  in many case we assume  not necessarily  noticed by a lot of other people, and providing ways to help build their confidence that they can be successful, that they can achieve their dreams by working with one another “   Ambassador Malac  opined.
UN Resident coordinator who is also a member the panel of judges for the awards strongly believes that having a net work and supporting women is really important.
“Uganda is incredible country with incredible potential and the women I   have met along the way are so remarkable and we have to help create space so that every single woman can be recognized no matter who she is or where she works from”
The Ambassador of Norway to Uganda Suzan Eckey in her support for awards noted that there are many Ugandan young and old women who do tremendous work in their communities and in their positions in their homes.  She said these women deserve respect, and dignity which the awards seek to give the unsung heroes of this country.
Josephin Kaleebi the CEO Junior Achievement Uganda appealed to women to apply for the award.
We want to nurture a broader mass among women, we know how fast they can influence change, they can nurture quality livelihood and fairness” she told the media in Kampala.
The search for the extra ordinary women ready to take charge of Uganda’s future is  on now and submission of application for the  awards will end on June 6th.