Youth drag NRM to court

By Sania Babirye
A group of NRM youths led by a one Hamza Kajimu have petitioned the constitutional court seeking to declare the Party’s five executive members appointment by president Museveni solely as null and void.
In their constitutional petition, the youths  contends that  president Museveni’s powers to solely  appoint key and executive members of the party contravenes several provisions of the party’s constitution and the national constitution in totality.

  And as a result, these want the constitutional court to relieve the party’s Secretary General Kasule Lumumba,Deputy Secretary General Richard Todwongo, treasurer Rose Namayanja and her deputy of their duties by declaring their appointments null and void.
Hamza say that although he first sought redress on the matter internally through the party Secretary, he was ignored  forcing him and others to seek court redress.
These claim that  the party constitution gives powers to President Museveni to  appoint the top executive members but this denies them the chance of voting their senior party leaders.
They also say that the amended provision contradicts the supreme constitution of Uganda that calls for voting of any party  leaders to promote free and fair elections which are the fundamental principles of Democracy and rule of law.
They are now seeking the constitutional court to pronounce itself on the contradiction between the party constitution and that of Uganda after the party amended the provision of electing senior party leaders by giving President Museveni  as the party chairman sole powers to appoint them.