Zaake torture case ruling deferred

By Sania Babirye

The High Court in Kampala has differed the ruling on a case in which Mityana MP Frances Zaake Butebi is accusing four senior police commanders of torturing him while in detention for distributing relief food to his voters in April 2020 at the beginning the COVID-19 lock down to a later date.

The ruling was expected to be delivered today by justice Esta Nambayo but the court deputy registrar informed Zaake who was present in court that the said ruling was not ready and a new date would be communicated in he near future to all the concerned parties.

On the 26th of August 2020, Justice Esta Nambayo threw out an application by the attorney general seeking to dismiss the said torture case .

This is after state attorney Johnson Natuhwera , informed court that he was not in position to avail the deponent ; Moses Mugisha to be cross- examined on the contents of his affidavit which Zaake and his lawyer are claiming to be not true but just hear say evidence.

Zaake was later charged with defying a presidential directive on COVID-19 at the Mityana magistrate court which the DPP has since dropped for lack of interest.

is application, Zaake names the Wamala Regional police commander, Bob Kagarura, Alex Mwine; the Mityana district police commander, Elly Womonya; the commandant Special investigations unit and Abel Kandinho; Head CMI as being responsible for torturing him after he was arrested on the 19th of April 2020 from his home at Buswabulongo village in Mityana district by both Military and police officers.

Hon. Zaake further claims that after being taken at Mityana police station, the said senior security operatives slapped, kicked and sprayed in his eyes un unknown substance which almost destroyed his seeing nerves .

He wants the high court to issue an order to compensate him in form of damages after the said police officers violated his human rights while in police custody.

Zaake also wants the high court to stop criminal proceedings slapped against him for distributing food calling them unconstitutional.