Police investigating gangsters traumatizing Nasana municipality resident

By Robert Segawa

Police is investigating a group of 15 gangsters who have been linked to the throwing of anonymous threatening letters in the areas of Kibbuloka Zone Nansana Municipality.

According to Uganda Police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye, police have received intelligence indicating that these criminals whose names have been withheld  are operating in areas surrounding Nansana, Bwaise, Kawempe Kalerwe and also the central Businesses Centre of Kampala.

Kasingye noted that these gangsters use different public Vehicles especially Taxis including UAU 956P, UAR 787C, UAS 618Q which operate on Hoima road.

Kasingye therefore cautioned the public to be aware of these Taxis and not board them as public means of Transport because thugs use them to commit crimes after threatening people who board them

Mean While Kasingye noted that the security situation is under control by Uganda police with all sister security agencies committed to making the country safe