25 years in jail for incest

Acid attacker sent to jail

By Sania Babirye

A 34year old house wife has been charged and remanded to Kigo government prison on charges of attempted murder after she allegedly hired people to pour acid on a man she had defrauded 25 million shillings from by falsely promising to take him abroad for employment abroad.

Doreen Ndaula a resident of Gangu Makindye in Kampala has been remanded after she pleaded not guilty to the said offense before Makindye court chief magistrate Prosy Katushabe.

She has been remanded until the 22nd of this month for trial after state prosecutor Lydia Nakato informed court that investigations into the matter are complete.

Prosecution states that Ndaula on the 3rd of June 2020 at Gangu Makindye attempted to murder Collins Kawuki whom she defrauded 25million shillings promising to take him abroad for jobs whereas not.

According to evidence before court, the accused person after failing to take the victim abroad hired two men who pored acid on him.

She was arrested on Wednesday after the victim identified the car the hired hooligans used to pour acid on him.

The two men were traveling in the said car however after pouring the acid on the victim, they were forced to abandon the car because it failed to start and the victim was able to identify it as that belonging to the suspect who was also his friend.