ANT objects to having ballot papers printed in Uganda

By Sania Babirye

Alliance for National Transformation says it is objected to the idea of having ballot papers especially those for president and members of parliament printed from Uganda.

Addressing the media this morning,at their party headquarters in Kampala, Dan Mugarurwa the chief of ANT’ electoral affairs says the ballot papers should be printed by people who are not attached in way with the ruling government, yet they question the objectivity of those being sought of.

Mugarura says a competent organisation from outside Uganda that has the integrity and that all party’s should be given an opportunity to follow up the said printing to certify its authenticity just like it was in 2006.

He says that having ballot papers printed outside the country makes them less easily forged compared to those that printed internally.

But. Dan Mugarura also said that they will be moving from their Party headquarters in Kampala to Kyambogo on Monday at 3pm to have their presidential aspirant and party president Mugisha Muntu nominated on Monday next week.

He says that although they had agreed with EC to have about 50 people escort their candidate for nomination from the 10 that will be allowed to enter inside the nomination offices, its party members are currently in a meeting with EC to agree on the number of supporters and Members that will be allowed to escort them.

He adds that they expect about to move with 4-5 cars during that day unless otherwise.