Cabinet interest in polythene bags hindering ban reveals NEMA

By Alice Lubwama

The National Environmental Management Authority has blamed its failure to implement the ban on polythene carriers bags commonly known kaveera  to varying interests of the cabinet.

While interfacing with members on the parliamentary committee on natural resources, the Executive Director National Environmental Management Authority Dr. Tom Okurut noted that despite their efforts
to enforce the ban, there were varying multiple interests from cabinet which affected the implementation process.

Okurut further says that with the sensitization by NEMA and Uganda Revenue Authority most of the plastics factories had started to comply with the law.

In April 2015, NEMA had started on the operations to implement   the ban on kaveera but later it in June temporarily lifted the ban on polythene bags, on claims that it was consulting with manufacturers.

The inter-ministerial committee was set up to study the issue and report back to cabinet, but up to now the report has not come out.

The manufacturers of plastic materials  said  that  this ban would affect them since they  had  invested highly in recycling plants, asking government to allow them  establish more  plastic waste recycling plants in the country for waste management.