Civil society backs government on merging commissions and agencies

By Daudi Zirimala

The Civil society organizations in the country have welcomed government decision to merge agencies and commissions saying this will save 2.2 trillion shilling meant to facilitate these agencies.

According to the executive director of civil society budget advocacy Group (CSBAG) Julius Mukunda, government should provide a strong road map on how restructuring is to be implemented, timelines detailing the activities to be undertaken in rationalizing the agencies, commissions and Authorities.

Mukunda says that a task force should be put in place to oversee the implementation on this rationalization process with clear terms of references and educate the public about the importance of merging these agencies.

He  worries that government has not provided any anticipated consequences and their management to reduce the risks involved in the process for example unemployment levels to be caused, variations in performances expected to stem from the rationalization.