Concerns on GMOs should be addressed urgently

By Daudi Zirimala

The consortium of Civil Society organizations have tasked members of parliament to ensure that concerns raised by the president concerning the GMOs are decisively addressed to establish a strong legal framework to regulate GMOs in the country.

President Museveni refused to assent his signature to the Genetic Engineering Regulatory Bill 2018 saying the bill must clearly spell out isolation measures such as green houses and isolation distances applicable for any person involved in genetic material research and production.

Now CSOs are saying that the discussions and considerations of the GMO bill should go beyond science given the potential implications to the households and national food security,people’s livelihoods biodiversity among others,therefore the decision parliament is about to make is a national decision and a determinant of livelihoods of people they represent today.

The rationale of the bill is to provide a robust regulatory framework based on international law and best bio safety practice for the safe development and applications of genetic engineering ,including experimentation and release of genetically modified organisms GMOs.